Hidden away besides the river: a magical garden centre with a cafe and incredible restaurant. I like it so much that my wife and I got married here.
Petersham Nurseries, Petersham Road, London, United Kingdom
Current city: London
Other cities: New York
London-based web designer and developer.

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A station, a stop or two away from London sits a shop that is only open once or twice a year – its specialty are books but it also sells things.
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The best things in London can be spied from this seat. Fact.
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Light, warmth, gorgeous smell of sourdough, coffee, good breakfast. Read your newspaper, catch up with friends, stuff your face with a cinnamon roll. Heaven.
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My No.1 favourite graveyard in London! Calming, overgrown and a little bit spooky :)
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This is a great place to eat. Love the burger....especially the fries they are sooo good! 
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