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Erin, nomadic being inspired by the unknown. Based as a freelance photographer for 5 years in Mexico Erin has recently returned to explore her homeland of New Zealand. Erin’s work applies environmental portraiture with landscapes and habitats to break the stereotypes which surround her subjects.
Current city: Christchurch
Other cities: Mexico City
Erin, nomadic being inspired by the unknown. Based as a freelance photographer for 5 years in Mexico Erin has recently returned to explore her homeland of New Zealand. Erin’s work applies environmental portraiture with landscapes and habitats to break the stereotypes which surround her subjects.
Entering Santa Fe, Mexico City. Santa Fe is one of Mexico City's major business districts, located in the west part of the city, consisting of countless high-rise buildings that tower over Latin America's largest shopping mall. Built over existing landfills, several layers of sand was poured over millions of tons of garbage before constructions began. Many original residents of the outlying suburbs were evicted and forced to the outskirts seen here.
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If you are visiting Mexico City you must use the metro to get a true insight into daily life in the capital city, but be prepared as it is hectic as! Sometimes feels like the entire Mexico City population is in your carriage during rush hour. Used by around 4.4 million passengers on an average weekday, it has 195 stations and more than 226km of track on 12 lines. Trains arrive every two to three minutes during rush hours. At M$5 a ride, it’s one of the world’s cheapest subways and will get you across the entire city. Best option for people watching and striking up conversation with people you may not otherwise talk to.
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Posted by Erin Lee
Passion of Christ in Iztapalapa. Iztapalapa, is the most populous of Mexico City's 16 boroughs, an urban sprawl on the eastern edge of Mexico City, home to nearly two million people and one of the city's lowest-income areas. Every year a huge numbers of additional visitors, an estimated 2-4 million spectators gather to watch the annual Passion of the Christ procession. The area has been plagued by high crime rates and instances of domestic violence for years therefore, the prestige and scale of the Passion procession are a much-needed source of honour for a community that is so often portrayed negatively in the news.
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Posted by Erin Lee
Mami Slut is one of the only dance parties in Mexico City with a mission to have decent music at queer friendly parties, Latin beats. Started by DJ Travieza and La Mendoza, the monthly celebration at Bahia Bar has become a premier gathering point for queer folks looking for a safe space to grind to reggaeton, cumbia, dembow, and basically anything other than the house music and Madonna songs that dominate the city's gay parties.
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Plaza Garibaldi, home to Mexico City’s mariachis. Located along one of the city’s main avenues, Eje Central a few blocks from the Fine Arts Palace. At all hours of the day and night, mariachi bands can be found playing or soliciting gigs from visitors to the Plaza, or on the main avenue trying to get picked up and taken to house parties to play. A must see if you are in the city centre.
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I was born in the mid 1980's and grow up in London. From always having a fascination with mechanical objects and relentlessly playing with lego as a child becoming a still life photographer seemed like a natural progression. There is something enormously rewarding about creating exactly whats in your head. I try and make my images on first glance look completely perfect but on closer inspection its revealed there are many imperfections, if you look closer at the 'Wrapping Paper Series' you can see all the joins and creases. I think this makes it look and feel like a photograph and not CGI.
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Photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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A French and American dual-citizen, Margaux is definitely Parisian, but shares a bit of her heart with the Big Apple as well. She’s a songwriter, a singer, a musician, a photographer and a muse. Much more than your average clothes-horse, she’s the kind of girl all photographers and designers want to work with. Her simple yet elegant taste does not betray fanciful creativity of her aristocratic heritage. After the 2013 release of her French album with Capitol Records, she’s coming back refreshed with the ability to collaborate with the people she loves without any restriction to express herself freely.  www.margauxavrilphotography.com 
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Malerie Marder grew up in Rochester, NY and studied at Bard College completing a B.A. in History and Art. She received her M.F.A. from Yale University where she was awarded the Schickle-Collingwood Prize and The John Ferguson Weir Award. Her solo exhibitions include Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, Salon 94 and Greenberg Van Doren in New York; Blain|Southern, Maureen Paley, and The Photographer’s Gallery in London; Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam. International group exhibitions include Everyday Epiphanies: Photography and Daily Life Since 1969, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Desire, Gagosian Gallery and Deitch Projects, The Moore Building, Art Basel, Miami; The Naked Face, National Gallery of Victoria,Melbourne; Shoot the Family, ICI, New York; Sight/Insight, Concoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; the 2004 California Biennial, Orange County Museum of Art; and Blackbox, Edinburgh College of Art in collaboration with the Edinburgh Film Festival. Her work is in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the National Gallery of Art, the American University Museum and the Concoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, The Seattle Art Museum, and the Hessel Museum of Art at Bard College, amongst others. She is represented by Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York.
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art director / creative based in Budapest. instagram @balintbenkoe
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