Italian Cuisine, great Restaurant with huge very lovely Backyard, selfmade bread and supergood Brunch on the Weekends!
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Healthy vegan alternatives to the classic Italian style pizza. Plus Lovely vegan soups and salads!
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Book store on Broadway Market
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This is the oldest market in Florence, it takes place in Piazza Santo Spirito the 3rd sunday of the month (except for August and December) from 8am to sundown (which can be from 4 pm to 7pm depending on the season). All the people that sells in this market are local farmers from Tuscany and the products on display are all made using natural or ancient methods without the use of synthetic products. The products admitted to Fierucola are characterized by their simplicity & originality, inspired by agricultural and artisan traditions, especially those who are disappearing. Everything is produced in small scale, following the seasons. You can find a vast array of things here, from spices, vegetables and fruit, cheese, bread, vegan products, jam and preserves, hand made shoes, dried flowers, wire and straw basket, plants and textiles, flours, fermented beverages, miso, jewelry, pottery and wooden toys for kids. If you don't like this kind of shopping, this event still deserves a visit if you like to do people-watching. This is the place where you'll find most of the florentine people on sunday morning.
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Flowers in September is one of the most beautiful sensations I have in Montevideo. I love the atmosphere...near the beach or in the parks... the wind flowing and mixing the colors... reds, yellows, blues. This is the most inspiring moment for me in the city and my photography integrating subjects with nature is all I do in my work....
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Straight underneath the bridge lies this charming little island that houses some of my favourite restaurants, such as the Sandbar and the yellow Bridges. Among all the things here you can also find a theatre, a brewery, a public food market and of course the Emily Carr university.
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Promenade along the water, two cinemas face to face linked by a riverbus, bookshop, bars (specially BarOurcq 68 quai de Loire), restaurants, theater barge…
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Posted by Brad Ogbonna
Dumbo, which stands for 'Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,' is a neat neighborhood in Brooklyn that is at an awesome vantage point of Manhattan. There are cool rocks on the shore of Brooklyn Bridge Park that are fun to relax on and sneak alcoholic beverages.
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Best place for a run or walk. Great view of the city once you reach the top.
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I've been coming to Blue Ribbon for many years, primarily for lunch, go simple with the house salad or all in with the Omakase
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Nestled just north of the city, Dyrehaven is a vast, surreal landscape of meadows, castles, and gnarled fairy-tale like forests — Inhabited by a seemingly infinite population of wild deer. Lovely for runs, strolls, woodland adventures, and the like.
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Based in the water is the biggest eyecatcher when you visit Groningen. Again, a great architectural building, but this one has a-symmetrical shapes. The Groninger Museum is not only a museum but also a restaurant and an innovative info centre.
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Art Director in London
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Graphic designer. Based in London, from Buenos Aires.
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Designer based in Bristol, UK.
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Nicky Lobo is a design and architecture writer who works and plays in creative communications strategy, writing, editing and events.
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Boutique Wholesale and PR Agency Owner
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Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien 
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Grace Danico is a Filipino-American illustrator, designer, and archivist from Los Angeles, California. She art directs Acid Free, a quarterly magazine published by the Los Angeles Archivists Collective, and curates a regular Spotify playlist called Take Care. You can typically find her watering her plants, singing karaoke, or DJing every first Monday at Blind Barber in Highland Park and first Friday at Melody Lounge.
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Brazilian Fashion designer living in London
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Designer - Jewelry designer from Colombia
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Swedish photographer Erika Svensson was born in 1981 in Vänge Sweden. She currently lives and works in Copenhagen.
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Melbourne based filmmaker and composer with a penchant for big emotions and big landscapes.
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Simona Sharafudinov is an artist living and working in London. Born in Eastern Europe, emigrating to London at an early age she has been a Londoner for over two decades. 
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