If you like beautiful architecture and want to escape the city for a few hours, head north of the city along the coast. Bellevue beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Copenhagen area, on the northern outskirts of the city. The Beach is a sandy beach, approx. 700m long, and feature characteristic blue-striped lifeguard towers and a geometric kiosk, all designed by the Danish architect and furniture designer Arne Jacobsen in the 1930s. The beach is used by everybody – from young families to nudists, they all share the same space (this is Denmark after all).  If you take the coastal road up to the beach you will pass the Skovshoved Petrol Station designed by the same man. The functionalist style Petrol Station built in the early 1930s is still in operation. Whilst the pumps still functions as a petrol station, the building now functions as a cafe. The roof of the station is oval-shaped, hence the nickname ‘The Mushroom’, and is illuminated at night to highlight the beautiful designed building.
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This neighborhood theater is one of the oldest movie houses in the U.S. It opened up in 1915. I love to see movies here, especially screenings put on by Cinema Project. They are a collectively run, non-profit that screens amazing avant-garde films from the past and present.
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This is hands down, the coolest mid century furniture selection you can find here in A Coruña. Pepita de Oliva Studio is an independent shop characterized by its reassuring and relaxing atmosphere. A perfect place to lose a couple of hours in the midst of wonderful design and art pieces. The girls there are always very kind and it's never too crowded.
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Built in 1880, Denver's City Park is over 300 acres of trails. paths, ponds, and lakes, and is also home to the Denver Zoo, and the Museum of Nature and Science. It's a great place to play a game of soccer/football, go for a run with the City Park Running Club, go for a morning walk, or enjoy jazz Sundays in the summer. Modeled after English pastoral gardens and Central Park, City Park has winding paths, wide open spaces and great views of downtown and the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
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Its name means something like "naked mountain", and it's so true, there are almost no plants growing on it. Placed also close to El Medano village but on the opposite side compared to Montaña Roja, there are a few tiny beaches hidden inside it and also another one in its outer side, closer to the road. Once again, the powerful volcanic appeal... Those hidden bays are a great place to spend the day naked and laying on the sand, specially when there's no one else around and you feel like the king of the place ;) I grew up in El Medano, that's maybe why I appreciate the surroundings that much.
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Wonderful South Indian cuisine. All vegetarian and vegan and gf friendly. Definitely try the Mysore coffee as well.
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Posted by Zara Arshad
A hutong is a type of narrow street or alley most commonly associated with Beijing. Since the mid-20th century, the number of Beijing hutongs has dramatically decreased as they are facing demolition to make way for new roads and buildings. More recently, some hutongs have been designated as protected areas in an attempt to preserve this aspect of Chinese cultural history. I love walking around the hutongs when I need a break from the office (my current office is located in a particularly interesting hutong neighbourhood); they are a great exemplar of ancient urban planning and architecture, and breathe "the old way of life".
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With age, I’ve been more reluctant to engage in the cyclical social gymnastics of a high-octane evening. Just give me a pint and a pinball machine and I’ll be a content little monk, cussing at gravity and the wiles of analog engineering. Aside from triggering rebellious teenage memories, the Orange Monkey pool hall is also situated in one of the rare industrial complexes in the city.
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Nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon is about ten miles long and up to 3,600 feet deep. It's a great place to realize how small you and your problems actually are. There are several lookout points as you drive through the canyon. In the designated areas you have to pay for parking but once you pay for this first one, you should be golden for all other parking areas. It's a bit of a drive to get into that area, so I highly recommend bringing some sandwiches and snacks to have lunch while taking in the view.
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Great place for a coffee break, lunch or just enjoying the marvellous patio.
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Candles, incense and fragrance oil to lighten up your place, this place carries tons of it. You might be greeted by the slightly unusual owner, sitting behind the counter smoking a cigarette. It's an authentic little store.
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Known as Nacho. Design Director at Hello Innovation. Typography geek, tastemaker, inventor, musician, Seinfeld fan, Rosario Central fan.
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Britta Fuchs is an Austrian graphic designer and art director, currently based in Vienna. She creates unique visual expressions, with a focus on corporate branding, editorial design and printed matter. 
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Designer, Manchester.
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Lebanese graphic designer, illustrator and animator in Edinburgh.
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Artist, game maker, designer and collector 
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Gergely is the founder of HYPEANDHYPER, an eastern european magazine on design, urban life and aesthetics, based in Budapest.
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Condé Nast Brazil correspondent / Creative Content Strategist at Frank Studio Milano
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Illustrator, Artist, Designer
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Graphic designer and art director based in Berlin
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Alagoano based in São Paulo.
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Artist, illustrator and sometimes muralist  based in Los Angeles 
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Teguh Hartanto and Su Tomesen are visual artists based in Jogjakarta. Teguh's mainly works with the media painting and screen printing but he also does street art with graffiti and stencil. He works spontaneously; the outcome is unpredictable and surprising. For him, the process is more important than the result. Su's work consists of videos, photographs and installations, and she travels a lot. Working in the context of a residence abroad or on location is a means of putting her (European) position, ideas and being into discussion. She has been artist-in-residence in Belgrade, Amman and Johannesburg, and worked for an international video art project in Port-au-Prince, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.
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I am an animator based in NYC.
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