Casa Protea is a plant collectors studio based in Barcelona. A gathering place for plant lovers run by Jesús and Pancho.
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Probably the cosiest place in town! Warm 'Berlin style' wallpapered living room build around a half circle bar. They host poetry, bingo & acoustic evenings in the front room, and great film, concerts and dress up parties in the hidden mezzanine back room.
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Cozy and comfortable Thai restaurant with excellent curries and noodle dishes. Lovely spice blends and great service. They have excellent coconut ice cream as well.
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The world's tallest tower, Burj Al Khalifa, I think is architecturally the nicest building in Dubai. It has a bar on the top floor called Atmosphere which gives access to the highest point of the city.
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I’m not sure what I like best about this deli: the speck which was so good that I ‘accidentally’ ate the whole package of it before I got home, or the fact the staff are always so friendly even when I ask for my order in my terribly rusty Italian.
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Kastrup Sea Baths is a architectural pearl and a truly magical place, all year around. The Kastrup Sea Baths is free of admission and open to the public at all times. Design by White Arkitekter (
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Saturdays are the perfect days to visit Chiado and look for a rare or second-hand book calmly exhibited on the booksellers’ stalls all day long. From 10 am to 5 pm, a bit of Portuguese history can be found here, from comic books to recent releases, illustrated postcards and special editions.
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It feels like you wake up in a fairy tale house or another may name it as an alternative for marry poppins' place. If you want to escape from city and rest for a couple of days and re-charge, this village and house might be your secret spot. If you are a photographer! , this is a beautiful place for a possible photo shoot - for a project with a good budget
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Zola is a Neapolitan style pizza joint hidden inside a Kreuzberg backyard. This is a killer pizza place, one of the best in Berlin without a doubt. 
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When I first visited NY in 2010 the New Museum left a permanent impression. I love the architecture and the concept of the piled-white-shoe-box look-a-like building at the edge of the Lower East Side neighborhood. The exhibition program is appealingly different, and the bookstore in the foyer is not to be missed!
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Picadilly is the right club if you want to have fun without any hint of pretension. It’s the funniest club in Valencia without a doubt. It has a gay-friendly ambient and an interior design that reminds of the 80’s discos. It has 3 rooms and you can listen to a big repertoire of hits from any decade. It goes from Abba, Eurythmics, Madonna and Donna Summer to nowadays hits from the underground and mainstream music. One of the rooms is a “silent disco” with a very curious approach. You get a pair of inalambric headphones as you enter the room, and you can choose up to three different sessions to listen to. It's a very comic situation because if you take the headphones off you can see the rest of the people dancing and singing the session they have chosen, being in a room without music.
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Liz is the Founder and Director of Print Club Ltd, an online source for limited edition, fine art silkscreen prints.
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Joana Filipe is an Interior/Exhibition Designer and Creative Producer. She lives and works in London.
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Art Director / Designer based in San Francisco
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Corriette Schoenaerts is an artist who works primarily with photography. She works in the fields of autonomous, fashion and commercial photography refusing to draw any finite distinctions between these fields.
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Hilary Greenbaum is a New York-based graphic designer and design writer. Currently a staff designer and columnist at The New York Times Magazine, she studied design at the California Institute of the Arts (MFA 2006) and Carnegie Mellon University (BFA 2001). Her work has been recognized by the Society of Publication Designers, the Type Directors Club, the Art Directors Club, the AIGA, the Society for News Design and the Output Foundation.
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I am a photographer from Belfast and recently graduated from the Documentary Photography course at the University of South Wales in Cardiff.
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Vero Escalante is a stylistic illustrator, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied fashion design, she loves rabbits and tropical fruits. The style Vero has is very fresh and experimental. Some of her clients throughout the years were Adidas, Coca-Cola, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, The Ritz-Carlton, Pinterest, just to name a few.
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Graphic Designer, based in Mannheim, Germany
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I am the Seoul-based illustrator and art-therapist. Under the name “MOON” I’ve illustrated for many company from all over the world and I've taught children to do art-therapy. In 2013 I got certification for being an art-therapist, here in Korea, and I've taught many children in order to heal their inside for 2 years . After graduating University in 2017, having hard time to know myself, I finally decided to become an illustrator. So here I am : )
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I am graphic designer from Moscow, Russia
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Graphic Designer living in Manchester
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MKT Yego Mobility 🛵 Co-FounderMosaico Coworking 🔹 Women Techmakers Lead Valencia 👩🏻‍💻
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Product & Furniture Design 
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