A slice of Scandi in the heart of London. Great for lunch, with all the meatballs, salads and classic Scandi foods you could want, along with a great little deli shop too.
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Cozy cafe with excellent coffee
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Nice place for a cake and coffee.
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Montecarotto is located in the middle of the Marche hills, covered in nature, vegetation, and agricultural land. The surrounding area is famous for producing many products, mainly wine and olive oil.
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The oldest still-operating restaurant in New York City, still in the family of the original founders. At Christmastime, it's decorated to the nines. Go with a big group: portions are large and the wine flows liberally. Look for the little buttons on the walls: in the old days, the mafia would hang out in the back room, and if diners saw the cops come in, they'd press the buttons so the mafia guys could run out the back.
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Good choice for a long walk along Vistula river.
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Sometimes it is great to look at surreal looking things to set the imagination going. This is an slightly old-school museum with traditional ways of presenting the wast collection, but I personally like that. This museum is a part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark, and has a permanent exhibition ‘From pole to pole' which show animals from around the world. The collection manifests that there is so much to know about the world and who we share it with, and it really sets your mind working. Get inspired by geometric patterns on seashells, colours of birds or scales of reptilians. The museum has many important remains of recently extinct birds in storage, including the eyes and internal organs of the last two great auks, several specimens of the pied raven, and one of only two known complete skulls of the dods that were taken to Europe in the 17th century.
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For Didierea Trolli, Cyphostemma bainessii and other astonishing creatures from the family of the succulents, take a stroll through the six glasshouses, situated a bit outside the city center along the lakefront.
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The South Gardens at the AIC are magical––go in the middle of the summer when the whole gardens are lush, the flower pots are overflowing, and the leaves have came in on all the trees to form a sun-dappled canopy. Make sure to look at the Fountain of the Great Lakes––each woman in it personifies one of the Great Lakes of the region, and when the water is turned on, their seashell basins flow into one another in the same direction of the real lakes.
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The St Bride Foundation is the home of the St Bride Library, an incredible resource of printing history, in the form of books, printed ephemera, and tools from the trade. It also hosts many fantastic talks each year – check their website for details.
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The best cookie in the city
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A rocky seaside with an impressive boardwalk and a dense forrest with eerie tunnels and war relics used by the british in World War 2. Shifts your mind on a sunday. 5min walk from labrador mrt station.
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Having recently graduated from the University of Brighton, with a First Class Honours in Graphic Design, I have just moved to London to start my new role as a Graphic Designer at Announcement Creative/ The Anonymous Partner.
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Michael is an interdisciplinary Designer & Art Director based in Copenhagen, with a focus on brand identity, and communication design. Originally from Montreal, Canada — I've been lucky enough to work at agencies as Character SF, ManvsMachine, Koto, and Pentagram, developing concept-driven work for brands like Apple, Facebook, Google, NFB, Nike, San Francisco Design Week, and Squarespace. He is currently available for new partnerships & freelance opportunities.
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Illustrator, programmer and interactive technical designer. Currently co-directing at 2pt Design.
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NYC-based curator/writer.
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Born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan, Aoi Yamaguchi has been trained to master calligraphy learning under Master Zuiho Sato from the age of 6, She is a recipient of numerous awards and supreme prizes at competitive public exhibitions. She uniquely transforms Japanese calligraphy into physical artistic expression through conceptual performance. She has performed with contemporary dancers, models, and traditional and contemporary musicians all over the world. Currently residing in Berkeley, California, Yamaguchi continues her work on her conceptual calligraphy installations, exhibitions, workshops and performances as she continues to push the boundaries of traditional Eastern classics and contemporary artistic expression.
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Allie is a freelance illustrator, artist, and designer based in San Francisco.
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Designer based in Bristol, UK.
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Agnes Thor (b.1986) is a photographer and artist of Swedish heritage, now living and working in New York City. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and Mörel Books in UK published her debut book Aurora Borealis in 2010.
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Visual artist and designer
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Illustrator & Animator based in Kingston Upon Thames, UK.
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Designer based in Vienna
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Arantxa Rueda is an artist & illustrator living in Barcelona. She specialized in collage and her style is characterized by minimalism, sensitive, femininity and mixed technique.
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