Economy Candy is an old-fashioned family owned candy store in the Lower east side. With glorious aisle after aisle of candy stocked as high as the eye can see including innumerable brands you never knew were still in production – its a treat for the eyes as well as the belly. Every time I get inside I'm looking for Willy Wonka.
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I was part of a ping pong game here once that resulted in a broken window, which was surprising, because it was the ball, not the paddle that broke a window. I guess it was either a very strong ping pong ball or a very weak window. I've never heard anyone in Atlanta refer to this bar as anything other than "Church." They do some live karoake, limited song selection as the musician is playing live. Ping pong and choir robes are upstairs, lots of different kinds of bars within walking distance.
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To really reach/understand a city you must live there or, at least, acting like you do. Nothing makes you feel more like a Milanese D.O.C. than stopping by Frida's on a Sunday morning to buy some flowers. Located in Brera this tiny shop has an extraordinary colour palette of flowers and plants. After that we just take a walk in the neighbourhood holding our bunch of Brassica Oleracea and our day is made.
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A rocky seaside with an impressive boardwalk and a dense forrest with eerie tunnels and war relics used by the british in World War 2. Shifts your mind on a sunday. 5min walk from labrador mrt station.
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My favorite Chinese food spot. The best Peking duck! Ignore the C health code rating in the window, they must have made a mistake ;) Also, It's BYOB with no uncorking fee, go crazy.
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The best place in summer!
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Lovely relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful courtyard. Great variety of Breads, and Delicious pastries.
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Sister restaurant to Civerinos.
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If you like Kobido massages : try Faucheur Paris. Othilie, Margaux and their mom, Aline, have a gift !
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Posted by Nick Law
Appreciate the 'bar hidden away behind a bookcase' thing is pretty naff but the cocktails here are unreal (try the Hot and Cold), and it's inside Milroy's Soho, one of the most legendary spirits stores in the city
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I have tried so many Pasteis Nata but this is still my favourite place. 
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The graphic designer Rudolph de Harak created a three-story digital clock installed on the exterior of 200 Water Street. The clock consists of 72 square modules with numerals that light according to date, hour, minute and second.
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Founder & CEO of Everpress. Living & working in East London.
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Designer and Creative Director
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French Type Designer — 22yo — like books & hardcore techno
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Grace Helmer is a Brighton-born, London-based illustrator and artist. She has put her paintbrushes to work for a range of clients, such as Apple, Google, Octopus Books and HarvardX. Natural forms, people watching and a sense of adventure inspire Grace’s playful and colourful work. Her compositions capture the feeling of discovery when you visit somewhere for the first time, and celebrate the beauty in the everyday.
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I wear many hats – most of which can't be showcased on one platform! I do the most all the time and challenge humans to do better and be better. I believe art heals, listening is important, traveling is essential and one shouldn't be judged for their love of adult onesies. Just sayin. ;)
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Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee is an artist, researcher and writer. Her practice is guided by the iterations of slow violence and the dynamic between the ‘near’ and ‘elsewhere’. In attempting to disarm instruments of knowledge production, her practice shies away from reduction and completion. Steering away from essentialisms, she is interested in once-forgotten micro and muted narratives. By revisioning fractured traditions, she engages with visual and textual interventions to navigate the nuances of perception and retention. Lee also runs XING, a research platform centered on the poetics and politics of Southeast and East Asian art practices. Assuming form of a shapeshifter, it morphs between localities and temporalities; with(in)flux. A domain of not-yet possibilities, the platform attempts to dismantle matrices concerned with the region from non-dominant perspectives.
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Artist and creative director for Niños Héroes, based in Mexico City
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Creative Director and Graphic Designer based in Barcelona.
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Illustrator and doll maker based in London.
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I'm a artist in East London.
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Illustrator/Artist based in Berlin
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