Gallery Rossana Orlandi was opened in 2002 in a former tie Factory in the Magenta neighbor, Galleria Rossana Orlandi has been forecasting along the years new and upcoming designers and establishing the premise as one of the most revered platform for avant-garde Design and Lifestyle. Started her activity focusing on the rising dutch design wave with designers such Piet Hein Eek, Maarten Baas and Nacho Carbonell the research has moved widely around the world creating a catalog which reflects the most innovative scenes from Europe to Asia to America. The space is articulated in a not traditional way mixing together, showroom, a retail store, offices and a courtyard for events and meeting with no boundaries between the different activities.
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One of the only things I enjoy about taking the subway these days is seeing the defaced ads on the L train. Whether it's random chance, high schoolers or street artists the result is always good.
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This is a very delicious Sandwich place in my neighborhood. I normally order the #5 - Bell' americano. It's a great sandwich. Also try the wonderful cookies.
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The view from my window of the concert hall and downtown LA is a great experience as an outside perspective of the city life at night.
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Get the perfect ingredient for your selfmade springrolls in the middle of the craziness of Chinatown/Little Italy! An experience you should not miss!
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Coming here as a child and even now the collection is utterly astounding I can spend hours in the fossel and mineral room. Plus the architecture of the building is completely unique and breath taking.
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Best Coffee in the city, Hands down! Multiple locations all over the city. Each have their own distinct Atmosphere. The Park location borders Trinity Bellwoods Park. If you want to stroll with your coffee. Keep your eyes peeled for the albino squirrel and watch your step with the slack liners in the park. The staff at SJCB are talented and not preachy about coffee education. It's just good, consistent beverages and assorted pastries. No wifi. Not a place to set up an office for the day. Toronto has lots of those.
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Food mall in Moscow. More than 200 stalls, shops and restaurants serving food from all over the world.
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Morgenstedet is vegetarian restaurant located at the free town of Christania, serves the best soups in town and other excellent organic food. Despite it’s name ”the morning place”, it’s also open in the evening.
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Chateau de Rentilly is located in the east suburb of Paris, 30 minutes away. In a nice park, you can discover a masterpiece of the artist Xavier Veilhan, he covered the castle with mirrors ! The architecture becomes spectacular.
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The Bun House is one of my favourite places in Peckham. It’s a local pub and art project space. The sense of community and the warm heartedness of everyone, especially Mick (the owner!) are truly genuine. Various events, performances and exhibitions populate the project room, the pub’s drinking zone and the outdoor rooftop terrace at the back.
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Signature cocktails like "concrete", with actual chalk on it, food is good and the places has a small backyard garden. Recommend to try the food, as they are small tasty plates.
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Giulia is an animator, art director and illustrator.
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Vero Escalante is a stylistic illustrator, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied fashion design, she loves rabbits and tropical fruits. The style Vero has is very fresh and experimental. Some of her clients throughout the years were Adidas, Coca-Cola, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, The Ritz-Carlton, Pinterest, just to name a few.
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Pablo lives and work in Paris.In 2011, after an internship in Steven Harrington's Studio, he cofounded Super Groupe, a graphic laboratory where illustration and it's applications lead.Through multidisciplinary such as video clip, motion design, animation, installation, Pablo's images are directly influenced by pop iconography, where you can meet dinosaures, street brawls and damsels in distress. He is also the third man of Solide, graphic design studio.
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Freelance illustrator & graphic designer ✌🏻️ I love geometric shapes, vivid colors and tuna makis.
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Parasto Backman is the founder of Studio Parasto Backman, a Stockholm based graphic design studio. She mixes commissions with self-initiated projects and her clients include art galleries, theaters, publishers, museums, fashion brands, film production companies etc. A central part of Parasto’s work process is about illuminating power structures in order to broaden the palette of graphic design and create space for other forms of expression, logics and references within the field. To go beyond Eurocentric traditions of thinking and making is her consistent baseline in all kinds of project attained. Since a few years back Parasto is also a Senior Lecturer of Visual Communication towards Graphic Design at Konstfack University of Arts, Craft & Design in Stockholm.
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French Type Designer — 22yo — like books & hardcore techno
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Milan-based Illustrator
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Sawako Kabuki graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic Design from Tama Art University, and later completed her master's after working for a porn video company. Her films have been selected and awarded at festivals in more than 20 countries such as Annecy, Ottawa, Rotterdam, Zagreb and SXSW. She is known for her distinct directorial personality in hand-drawn animation.
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Viktor Hübner (*1988, Germany) received a master of fine arts in photography at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2019. He won several grants and honors, including the Rosanne Somerson Scholarship, a RISD Fellowship and a Fulbright scholar.  Hübner’s artistic practice unites a natural curiosity for other human beings and their fate. Wherever he goes, he often ends up in interesting or weird situations with people. These experiences are spurred when he starts to actively observing them and building up relationships. For his project 'Distanz', he hitchhiked from Jordan, through Israel, back to Germany traversing nine countries in only 82 days. Using a minimal amount of otherwise distracting gear and the goal to be a participant-observer to whatever situation he encountered. 'Das Leben ist für uns.', is based on a visit to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Northern Iraq and the war against ISIS in 2016. The body of work gives a temporary glimpse of the facets of the PKK, their ideology, aims, and influence. It includes extensive audio material and transcribed text to give an insight into the ideology of the party. His ongoing project 'The Americans I Met' is a photographic and oral history project that collects portraits of, and conversations with, people that Hübner encountered during a series of hitchhiking trips across the United States. His journey represents an exploration of what it means to be American at this moment, and of the issues that affect Americans, both personally and politically. Hübner’s motivation as a witness is simple: He believe in the importance of history. As a young boy, he was fascinated by the history of mankind and dreamt of becoming an Archeologist. This dream ended when he understood that he is simply not the person who sits for hours in a hole brushing away layer by layer of dust. Instead of recovering artifacts from dust, he records small layers of contemporary history through his words and lens.
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Louisa is the founder of Luminous Books in East London, an artist curated bookshop specializing in second hand fiction, philosophy, art and curiosities. Luminous also stocks a range of artists’ books, limited run zines and hosts regular literary events, combining music, films and readings alongside pop up projects throughout the city and two Luminous collections at the ICA Bookshop SW1 and Andor Bureau E8. Louisa studied Fine Art Sculpture at Brighton University before moving to London working in both new and antiquarian bookshops including Foyles and as Book Buyer for the ICA Bookshop. Luminous is a specialized bookshop full of personal preoccupations, a love of the object of the book, printed matter and of visual thinking.
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Model, entrepreneur, author and chef.
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To avoid any confusion: MAFF is not the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, even though we’re huge fans of dogs and food. MAFF is a committed Antwerp-based design studio founded by Claudio Pascariello and Elke Treunen. We are great and easy to work with. No fussing, we do what we say and say what we do. Small projects, big projects, events, you name it. We love to surprise our clients with smart and creative solutions. Have a look!
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