Very cozy Italian pizzeria and restaurant with a Trieste twist.
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Very nice and cozy pub in the heart of Cologne’s Südstadt. Apart from the magnificent Kölsch (“offering a smooth journey of sensations that may be unremarkable individually but are extraordinarily pleasant as an ensemble”—The New York Times) they have a great program of life music and local DJ's.
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I've been coming to Blue Ribbon for many years, primarily for lunch, go simple with the house salad or all in with the Omakase
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The Latex Club could be considered, in a good way, as the dark version of its neighbor Picadilly. Entering this club is like tele transport yourself into the Tron movie universe, where darkness and luminescent circuits surround you to the rhythm of techno and industrial music sessions. I recommend this club especially for the lovers of good electronic music, due to its resemblance with Berlin club nightlife. Every Friday Latex transforms into Club Gordo. It’s the same space but it hosts different sessions that they define as “Advanced music, techno and dark house. Nothing fresh. Nothing commercial”. The interesting thing about this party is it’s DJ's secret lineup and their warning: “No photos. No videos. Yes to anything else”
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A treasure trove in the The City of London. The Archive of London. Strongrooms hold kilometres of shelving; boxes of matter that has somehow been catalogued and categorised in a traceable manner by the public, for academic, genealogical and other research. This beautiful book is from a box on Epping Forest. On the same visit, I looked through photographs of Blitz singsongs in Bethnal Green Underground station, 1980s anti-Thatcher / pro-GLC gig posters and paper concertina optical models of the Crystal Palace.
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Cosy place and simply the best coffee in town.
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I find myself walking through Powell Butte quite often. I love its old apple orchards, flat meadows and incredible view of Mt. Hood. On a clear day, 5 mountains can be seen from the park. The place is an extinct volcano and Portland's second largest park after Forest Park.
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I live in a city near the river... with sand. It's like a beach all around Ciudad Vieja to carrasco. This is the view from my old apartment near Montevideo's port, were little boats and yachts lay at night.
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Parking in the shade. Serves good food. Not expensive but definitely don't go in August.
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J+A is a hidden and unpretentious café/ bar just off busy Clerkenwell Road - with outdoor seating!
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Posted by Marietta Varga
First snow at Budapest XI. district, Gazdagrét. -  2018 - 
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I´am a Multidisciplinary Designer — Argentina based working worldwide
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I'm an NYC-based digital designer, illustrator, and art director.
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Illustrator living and working in Antwerp, Belgium.
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Visual Artist based in Paris 
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I am a freelance designer and maker from Vancouver, Canada
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Vancouver-based artist Howie Tsui's culturally divergent practice owes much to the shifting backdrop of his formative years spent in Hong Kong, Lagos and Thunder Bay.
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Claudia is a Swiss graphic designer based in London. After graduating at the University of the Arts Zurich she moved to London, to begin her professional practice at the publishing house Unit Editions in the field of editorial and book design. She joined the SPIN design team in 2012. In recognition of her contribution to SPIN’s continuing creative development in 2017 she was made Design Director and a Partner of the studio. Claudia works alongside SPIN founder, Tony Brook and the design team on visual identities, installations, books, motion graphics and websites.
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Photographer living between Berlin and New York
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Art Director in London
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Vero Escalante is a stylistic illustrator, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied fashion design, she loves rabbits and tropical fruits. The style Vero has is very fresh and experimental. Some of her clients throughout the years were Adidas, Coca-Cola, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, The Ritz-Carlton, Pinterest, just to name a few.
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Hi!  I'm Paula. I'm a film photographer based in Valencia and proud co-founder and CEO of Malvarrosa Film Lab. 
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Born 1983 in Mainz (Germany), lives in Berlin (Germany). He was raised in Sao Paulo (Brasil) and Mainz (Germany). After finishing high school, he attended university. Initially studying architecture, he changed focus and ultimately completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2014 at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule and has since participated in several international shows. He has lived, travelled to and worked in South America, Europe, South East Asia, Western Africa and North America. Thomas Friedrich Schaefer had the opportunity to observe different social and familial environments within distinct communities. Since moving back to Germany, he has tried to assess his memories and his past within his images. He recently finished a long-term photographic project creating and documenting elaborately staged environments that play on the essence of fragmented childhood memories. The project required him to construct staged rooms using technical skills which he obtained early in his studies while studying architecture and engineering. Thomas continues to stage images in his studio in Berlin. His work includes hyper-realistic sets that provide the narrative framework to moments of interpersonal relationship. What seem like irrelevant and forgettable moments take on an importance and poignancy. 
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Photographer based in Hamilton, Canada
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