It's rare for tourists to go to the Tohoku (Northeast) Region of Japan except for Sendai (the capital). I've been there a couple of times for a design residency. It's good to use Rikuzentakata as the base. I highly recommend Hakoneyama Terrace. It has a nice view, they serve good food and the accommodation is good.
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Probably the cosiest place in town! Warm 'Berlin style' wallpapered living room build around a half circle bar. They host poetry, bingo & acoustic evenings in the front room, and great film, concerts and dress up parties in the hidden mezzanine back room.
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Learn the lineup... Enjoy one of the best club experiences in Amsterdam.
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Posted by Kevin Casado
An oasis in the middle of Zurich. To relax, eat, work or a cosy meal for two – a visit to «Lotti» is a must in Zurich. Don't miss it.
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n Buenos Aires, the late-afternoon slow-down just means it's time for ¨merienda¨.
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Our favorite spot in Oakland for (natural) wine.
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In a landscape of clubs that all play virtually the same EDM or hip hop music, The Pyramid Club is unique in its choice of soundtrack. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, The Pyramid is open from 8pm-4am for an 80s Dance Party on their main floor that is totally punk rock. Downstairs on the lower level, they switch it up with themes ranging from “Back to the 90s” to “Let’s Dance David Bowie.” It’s also way kinder to your budget than most clubs—the drink specials are pretty much the best you can do in New York.
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cute beach near barcelona
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One of the nicest spots in Barcelona to work/study while having some great coffee.
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Beautiful place to walk around and explore where the city meets the country.
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Art deco brasseries in the 1st near by the Comédie Française
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Creating social media for entrepreneurs in creative industries by working personally to tell their story + showcase their style.
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Alina Rybacka is a graphic designer specializing in visual identities for interiors and exhibitions, as well as designs for printed materials, posters, websites, books and many more.
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Freelance illustrator & graphic designer ✌🏻️ I love geometric shapes, vivid colors and tuna makis.
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Furniture Designer
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Mauro d'Agati began working as a professional photographer in 1996, from the outset covering many Sicilian jazz festivals, art manifestations and theatrical events. He has always been motivated by the exploration of Sicilian, especially Palermitan, social phenomena. He has undertaken work for numerous italian and International publications including Geo, Stern, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Das Magazin, Vision China, El Pais Semanal, Le Monde, GQ, L'Espresso and Internazionale. In 1999 he published his first book Softly walking, consisting of Black and white images illustrating the everyday life of Massimo and Gino, a gay Palermitan couple. In may 2009 he published the book Palermo Unsung, in july 2010 Alamar and Napule Shot published by Steidl Verlag. Follow Sit Lux et Lux Fuit, Steidl 2012, and Marzia's Famliy, steidl 2014.
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Graphic Designer from Tel Aviv working in NYC. Founder of Talmor & Talmor & Talmor
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Kris is an animation director and designer from Austria, with an MA  from the Royal College of Art. She has a passion for collecting and  crafting beautiful objects, which she uses in her films. Kris lives and works in a beautiful old farmhouse in Hertfordshire.
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designer | animator
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I am a painter from philadelphia.
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Neil Atherton is a Paris-based photographer and curator from the UK. He has called Paris home for over a decade and still speaks French with an English accent. His personal photography is based almost uniquely on the use of out-of-date film and explores the physical effects of time on memory. He has a large camera collection of ‘70s rangefinders and compacts from the ‘80s and organizes the biannual photography festival Mois de a Photo-OFF.
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Jakob Nielsen is a designer, creative director, writer, entrepreneur and... father. Based in Stockholm, Sweden.
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Founder and creative director at Mr. Henry
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Giulia Garbin is a London based Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Characterised by her attention to detail and passion for traditional print processes, she believes in the importance of craftsmanship within both digital and traditional design.
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