An art center with artist studios set in a old colonial style ex asylum, some say it’s haunted, but from my experience it was haunted with great art ! Attached is also a yummy garden cafe perfect for lunch 
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The biggest and most famous flea-market in Kiev. I love this place. In the market you can find any unexpected things like player on plates, antiques, dishes, trash-toys, old cameras, brands with profile of Hitler, Soviet cards, wheel of car, pirate porn video and many, many others.
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Riverside Cliff is a place discovered last week. Its basically a huge mountain where people go dirt bike riding and hike, but I love going there to shoot. Its breathtaking when the sunset starts to hit.
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My friend, Yamada’s house. He is an editor for some big magazine company and he has so many mangas and also has a wii and an xbox360, which is a total paradise for me.
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Residence and Royal Gardens.
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El Rey Court is a recently renovated motor court motel on Route 66 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Originally built in the 1936, it has been gorgeously transformed by a young couple from Joshua Tree, CA. The bar, La Reina, was named as one of the top 9 mezcal bars in the USA.
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The power station is a ghost like ruin that stands on the banks of the Thames. Its right next to the train tracks rolling out of London to the rest of the south of England. I pass it every time I go back to where I grew up and every time I arrive back in London. It has become symbolic with arriving and departing, a constant in my life. I used to joke and refer to it as my lover - seeing me off and welcoming me home.
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My all-time favourite place. Whitewashed ex-smokehouse where Fergus Henderson pioneered the resurgent interest in offal dishes. The restaurant is brilliantly unfussy, retaining lots of the smokehouse’s original features, and the food very British, making St. JOHN something of a London institution. The restaurant has a winery and bakery.
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Visit us and we will take care of your film :)
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This secret garden, positioned behind San Miniato al Monte, just a few steps away from one of the most beautiful look out points Florence has to offer, Piazzale Michaelangelo. Here is a quaint whimsical hideaway. Coming from my small town roots, completely surrounded by nature; finding this miniature grove was a gold mine. Here, you will find trees, things I immensely love and miss; this slice of nature here gives me a refreshing taste of purity and comfort.
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Posted by Monique Wool
Andrew Tarlow's Diner is a neighborhood institution and pioneer of gratuity-free establishments in Brooklyn. This place serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner in an old converted dining car under the Williamsburg bridge. A seasonal menu of fresh, New American style food that changes daily.
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Los Angeles-based artist Eric Yahnker seems to have a very odd and dark sense of humour which is reflected in almost all of his works of art. His mixed media and collage masterpieces combine traditional and classic images with some twisted humor and caustic wit. He received his B.F.A. in animation from the California Institute Of Arts and studied journalism at University of Southern California. Eric Yahnker lives and work in Los Angeles, California.
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My name is Lavinia and I am a jewellery maker based in Florence and temporarily living in Shanghai doing an artist residency. I’m fascinated by the artificial or natural patterns i see around me and my pieces emerge through the repetition of elements, as combined with three fundamental aspects which dialogue together: movement, flexibility and weight.
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Catherine Wakim was raised in São Paulo, Porto, Fortaleza, and Vermont. Studied at Concordia University - BFA in Design 2010 During the last two years she has been making things in the areas of communication, design, art installations and visual research in Montréal, New York City, Barcelona and Toronto. Catherine spent summer/fall 2011 interning at Bruce Mau Design. She's currently residing in Vermont. Past contributions include ::: The Future Laboratory, Carolina Herrera, World Policy Journal (MIT Press), David Byrne: Bicycle Diaries, MDC Partners. A current contributor on a series of Art and Design volumes on Experimental Aesthetics, a project led by Dr. Howard Moskowitz.
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Dani Padgett is a Californian currently residing in Firenze, Italia studying fine arts and photography. Dani’s photographs are haunting portraits of understanding of one’s self and the cages we build and thus must destroy. Shooting completely in film, Dani’s photographs resemble the fog wrapped around the San Francisco bay and explore different shades of beauty that look like a whispered secret.
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Hi there! I love creating unique visual solutions spanning graphic design, art direction, editorial and digital design
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Michel Charlot is a Swiss industrial designer born in lausanne (1984). After graduating from the Ecole Cantonale d‘Art de Lausanne (éc a l) in 2009, he worked for Jasper Morrison ltd. In 2011, he set up his own practice, and started developing products for companies such as NAVA Design, L&Z, Belux and Vitra. He aims at creating cost driven intuitive products in a constant quest for efficiency in conception, production and design. Since january 2013 he teach industrial design at École Cantonal d‘Art de Lausanne (éc a l) in Switzerland. Actually living and working in Porto.
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Italian illustrator who moved to New York because of love. Since then she has been working as a freelance illustrator with: The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Planadviser, Plansponsor, Jamie Magazine, Skelton Design, The Center For Urban Pedagogy, Now What, Maxus, Weber Shandwick, Accurat and S'well bottle as surface and pattern designer.
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Art Director / Designer based in San Francisco
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Jessica is a Creative Director living and exploring in San Francisco, CA
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My name is Annelie Carlström and I work as an illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden. I love books, fashion, art and animals! And my lovely daughter Rut. 
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I am half Spanish, half English, and I lived in Iceland for five months. I don't like soggy bread and I really love roast dinners and tea. By day I try to be a creative copywriter, visual poet and voice over artist but most of the time it's just me juggling my life around. When I was little, I was told not to talk to strangers but now It has become my favorite hobby.
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Founder of Blaze Type, Art Director/Type Designer
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Adrian Westaway Co-founder & Director of Technology and Magic at Special Projects Adrian is an inventor, engineer and experience designer on a mission to make the human-technology interaction meaningful and delightful. As co-founder of Special Projects he harnesses technology, inclusive research and magic thinking to devise design propositions that feel familiar yet wondrous. A self-taught magician since the age of 11 and full member of the Magic Circle, he relentlessly pursues his conviction that “designers should use magic thinking and try to introduce surprise, delight and fuzzy feeling in the things they create.” After becoming the first ever James Dyson Fellow in 2007, and a Fellow of the Royal Commission of 1851, in 2010, for his work on interactive lighting systems, Adrian built a playground in Peru, had whisky with Derren Brown as a student in Bristol, and tried to make his teachers disappear. His contagious passion for magic and engineering made him a beloved tutor and lecturer in Design & Innovation at Queen Mary University and the Royal College of Art, in London and a visiting faculty member at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. There he teaches ‘Magic and Design’, a nomadic workshop where students are introduced to methods of using design and technology to create enchanted products and experiences.
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Graphic designer and art director, living in Brooklyn, NY. Currently the Deputy Art Director at the New York Times Magazine.
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