Home State is known for their Texas-style breakfast Tacos. Next door to it there's a wine bar called Bar Covell, which lets you bring your tacos from next door and eat them while you have a glass of wine. Don't order more than two breakfast tacos if you don't want leave there with your pants unbuttoned.
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Best spot for breakfast, lunch and people watching on Regent's Canal in East London.
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Showroom of furniture and accessories from the 60s to the 90s.
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If you find Quarries park and playground you have to keep walking, over the hill towards the creek and then down to the creek trail to find this secret place. It's a labyrinth made from blue stones and is maintained by a voluntary group of mystical new druids or something, for all to use. A great place to find and walk the path, focus your thoughts and clear your mind. Best when it is a frosty morning, like in this pic.
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After a day of skiing in Steamboat resort or out in the surrounding backcountry, take the car or a shuttle bus to the natural hot springs just outside Steamboat downtown. It’s a gorgeous and incredibly relaxing outdoor natural spa where you can bath in differently heated pools. Jump in between the hot pools and the cold river for some extra blood circulations. They also provide massage and you can stay over night at the springs. However, I recommend staying in downtown or by the ski resort and go up to this beautiful spot for a couple of hours in the afternoon or evening. I went there during winter and I’m sure it’s as amazing during the rest of the year. 
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Dylan's Candy Store is located in the heart of the Grove. You can find the any kind of candy you can imagine. I always feel like a little kid in that store and attack the teeth gummy.
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The second coffee shop has to be Kaffeine. Having only recently come across this one, I was certainly impressed and they may even have the best coffee I've had, since a short stay in Portland, Oregon.
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While I am in Taipei, Taipei Fine Art Museum is one of the places that I go most frequently. Well, not only because it’s not far from where I live by scooter, but also because it’s really cheap! (The entrance fee is about 60p.) And, of course, despite the political scandal, the exhibitions are always diverse and interesting, and it has great library in the basement. On top of that, after my solo show, some of the staffs and I became friends. So, 60p for great exhibitions, free books and hanging out with friends, why not?
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Basheer Design Books is a unique design book store specializes in selling design books and magazines on Architecture, Interior, Graphic, Advertising, Fashion, Illustration, Photography, Multimedia, Movie, Art and much more.
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My favourite commercial gallery in Melbourne, Utopian Slumps represents a group of early to mid career Australian and New Zealand artists. Exhibitions are always intriguing and the opening nights are great for people watching.
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Growing up I’d go to Staten Island a lot due to how close it was to my hometown. It wasn’t until I went back as an adult that I realized the uniqueness of this place, the outdated but also artistically beautiful aesthetic of the island, and appreciated it more. Plus the food (lots of diners and Italian food) is great and people watching is also pretty interesting.
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Britta Fuchs is an Austrian graphic designer and art director, currently based in Vienna. She creates unique visual expressions, with a focus on corporate branding, editorial design and printed matter. 
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Photographer based in Hamilton, Canada
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Currently based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
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Tom is a freelance book cover designer based in Brighton, England. When he's not working in the studio he can be found outside somewhere on his bicycle, pretending he's a kid again.
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Enrico Magistro, born in 1980, is the owner of Quadro together with his sister Elena. He studied Marketing and Graphic Design in Milan and London and has always worked in the plumbing market since her first steps in her father's company. In addition to brand management and communication, she deals with products and collaborates with designers to create increasingly solid and aesthetically functional collections.
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I am a illustrator from Barcelona
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Raul de la Cerda (1988), Mexican industrial designer. Trained as a designer in Mexico, Paris and Madrid, looking to have a proper understanding of design, to produce new proposals in products and spaces, always starting from a concept without forgetting his identity, his context and the essence of each project. In 2012, he became independent and started a design firm with his name, Raul de la Cerda. He has won several awards, like the first place in the category of "utilitarian object" in the National Silver Price "Hugo Salinas Price 2015". He has been in several exhibitions at fairs and museums like Desgin Week Mexico, Abieto Mexicano de Diseño, Salone del Mobile (Milan), Salone Satellite (Milan), Cervantes Academy (Madrid), Zona Maco (Mexico), The London Design Festival (London), The Franz Mayer Museum (Mexico), among others. His inspiration is life, the continuous curiosity about things, travel, art, his family, the people around him, his country; Mexico, his history and the passion and the desire to have to do things different.
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Swedish/Venezuelan photographer based in Stockholm. She divides her time between editorial/commercial work and portrait photography. Her early devotion for unconventional beauty and capturing the more authentic characteristics in her subjects has shaped Patricia Reyes’s aesthetic.
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Photo & Production Director, Patron of the Arts
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Peter Schäfer is a Designer from Germany, who currently lives in Paris. A city like a tight, snobby sinkhole with an ancient absorbing charm of generations of legendary artists, energetic places, fantastic Pain au chocolat and fashion.
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Freelance illustrator and designer made in Italy, based in NYC.
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19, Photographer & skateboarder
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