The best free activity in Philly. Take a walk up the ramp at 5th & Race Street to the middle of the bridge and look forward to see Camden, NJ, our sister city. Look back to see Philadelphia. Cooler by 10 degrees than the rest of the city in Summer and a beautiful breezy spot to take in the landscape in crisp Winter light, the middle of the BFB never disappoints.
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My favourite library when I was a student, I still love to wander and look up to its Renaissance sculptures. 
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Where 1984 of George Orwell got its inspiration from, the craziness of a real ministry of propaganda. 
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This is truly the most magical space in Buenos Aires for me.
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I never heard about Havel until some friends and me checked out the google earth for a trip at the weekend. We went there in the german winter, oh the winter. I loved this place because is a small city island with a lake (which was frozen at that time) and with lovely houses and an old mill. I have never been there in the summer but i can imagine how wonderful would be.
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Posted by Nika Kupyrova
An art space as an alter ego of a yoga studio in an inconspicuous apartment block next to The Donau river. Sophisticated architectural resolution in concrete and wood encourages this unusual symbiosis as does the curator Flora Peyrer-Heimstätt’s relentless site-specific approach and attention to detail.
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If you want to eat a good cake this is the place! They have so many cakes to choose from but the best one is the white chocolate cheesecake. 
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When the freaks come out to play. When you want to take a stroll through these historical streets. Go to a trendy cafe. Browse through the racks of vintage boutiques. Meet a cute stranger. Avoid the occasional creep. Take a cute selfie with the backdrop of this vibrant bohemian street scene. Walk into a gallery and fall in love with the artwork of talented upcoming artists. Eat unusual tasty ethnic foods. Just take in the charm of this diverse multicultural site. This is the perfect stroll on a warm summer day.
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Zaryadye Park is a new type of public space created by an international team of architects, engineers, landscape designers and other experts. Here the concepts of nature and technology, education and entertainment, history and modernity are united and complement each other.
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The cocktails there are very good and refined. The food is great too. This place is very successful so it’s not always easy to get a place especially during fashion weeks.
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I enjoy losing myself into the green hills and woods that surround the city and overlook the Garda lake.
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Great selection of beers downstairs, with eclectic & lively resident DJ. Amazing pizza and a candlelit eating/sitting area upstairs. Bonus garden terrace out back.
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Writer and co-founder of The Skirt Chronicles.
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French artist and designer, based in London
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Jeng lives in São Paulo, Brazil where he listen to music, have good times and works with graphic design. he enjoys tv cartoons, airlines visual identities, postcards, antiques, the wind and taking pictures with old cameras with expired films. he also would like to have luminous deep sea fishes in his fish tank that it's on his room.
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Multidisciplinary designer from Sydney, Australia. Focusing on film, theatre, textiles and typography.
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Copenhagen based graphic designer
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London based illustrator
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Chef in Brooklyn
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Shimmy writer/director and part-time DJ. Loves travel Hates being in one place too long 
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Graphic designer based i Copenhagen
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Illustrator based between New York and Seoul
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Janet Hansen is a designer at New York book publisher Alfred A. Knopf. She also works with clients including New Directions, The New Yorker, and the New York Times. She currently lives in a little old craftsman home in Montclair, New Jersey with her husband and two whippets.
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Sarah Kahn is a french art director and designer based between Paris and New York. Her work mixes commissioned projects for a wide selection of clients in arts institutions, cultural events, brands and magazines. Inspired by the worlds of visual arts, sociology, innovation and kids universe she is constantly experimenting new perspectives and artistic collaborations.
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