The old 'Hauptbau' part of the museum hosting the permanent collection and massive staircase.
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When they have exhibitions here, its really nice to look around. They also have a very cute little cafe there. I went to see the art school have their final work on display of ceramics and graphics and it was so nice.
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Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, a.k.a. TEA, is a place where you can find art in many ways. The architecture of the building itself makes it already an interesting place. There are good art exhibitions of many kinds all year long, and they change constantly. But the arts are also present in the books contained in its library, which is a perfect place for studying or reading (free Wi-Fi included) at anytime, as it opens 24h. There's a cafe in the same building too, with acceptable prices and menu.
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Vintage lovers! The Planetarium of Milan, Civico Planetario "Ulrico Hoepli", is a building located at the entrance of Giardini di Porta Venezia. It's a beautiful structure designed by Piero Portaluppi and commissioned by the Italian-Swiss publisher Ulrico Hoepli. Also the interior design is beautiful, there you can find a planetarium which projects and represents the image of the stars and their movements in the sky. The Planetarium also has a library which is a section of the Museum of Natural History, near by. They also organize educational activity concerning astronomy as talks, events and even concerts. 
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I read that the design of Central Park's curving spaces was a Romantic counter to the geometry of Enlightenment-era gardens. I heard this design was influenced by landscape painting, where its foreground, middleground, and background constantly shift as you walk the paths. I find new pockets and features every time I'm there. One of my favorite spots is with the Central Park Dance Skaters, a group that roller skates in circles all day to vintage electro funk. These characters generously lend you the feeling of being in your own 1980's New York film.
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Perfect place to have sex.
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“La pointe de la Jonction” is the place where the Arve and the Rhone meet. Both banks have paths, lined with poplars of Italy. A long wooden platform facilitates swimming in the Rhône and relaxation in the sun. This equipment is part of a set of developments enhancing the banks of the Rhone. In swimsuit or dressed, people enjoy festive drinks on beach chairs, they listen to good music, they are happy to be there, by dozens when the sky is covered, by hundreds when it is discovered, the most courted terrace of Geneva living at the rhythm weather reports. Big musical program (concerts amplified or acoustic and more than 50 DJs), with some of the best in Geneva. All styles of music will be represented (salsa, cumbia, regga, rock, funk, soul, jazz, house, techno...). DJ sets and concerts will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm to 7pm.
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I'm here once a week, bouncing round the park with my dog Martha, generally yelling her name trying to stop her eating poo or lick little kids faces, usually one after the other. There are so many parks and woods and mountains in and around Vancouver, but for some reason this place just works for me - maybe there is less of a fear of being eaten by a bear or bugs?
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If you want to try something outside the city center this is a really beautiful small gem. They cook delicious seasonal food and have a nice selection of cheese and charcuterie for your wine. Best to book table beforehand. 
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You would have seen the Brutalist towers and curves from afar. Upon entering the estate where the cultural centre is, you quickly realise the scale, the beauty and charm of this labyrinthine project. Barbican Centre's programming is top of the league across art, theatre, dance and music, both contemporary and classical, art forms. This place is an architectural and cultural institution boldly redefining the UK's cultural landscape.
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Perfect place to breath on Sunday, make a picnic when spring arrives, fishing, etc... Since 2007 and development work, the Rhone offers many little nice spot to hang out with friends.
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Armando Veve is an artist now based in Philadelphia, PA where he is focusing on a new body of work.
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I'm a graphic designer and creative director of Numeroventi. Artist residency and studio in Florence. I travel about 5 months a year and in my suggestions i JUST cover good cafes where to work, parks and Natural bars.
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Mari Kanstad Johnsen is an artist and freelance illustrator based in Oslo. She has a Bachelor in Visual Communication from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo as well as an MA in storytelling from Konstfack in Stockholm. Lately she has been involved in illustrating children books.
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Graphic Designer & Illustrator. Creator and Curator of Women in Print. Milk no sugar.
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Aaron is a graphic designer basing in Taipei and now having a career break in Antwerp. He deals with details subtly, yet his visual presentation is highly provocative and ambitious and has brought novel imagination and shaped a new landscape in the sinophone pop music industry, as well as publishing and performing arts. He is a member of AGI.
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Illustrator and art director from Brazil, living and working between Barcelona and London.
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Daniela Spector studied photography in Miami and escaped the heat and Pitbull by fleeing to New York where she honed her skills in photography and set up shop. A curious photographer, her work crosses genres with a satirical and formalistic approach.
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Photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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YuJune Park is a designer, the Associate Director, and an Assistant Professor of Communication Design at Parsons School of Design. She served as the Program Director from 2014–2017. Her work has been recognized by the AIGA, the I.D. Annual Design Review, and the Art Director’s Club Awards. She holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University and a BFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. YuJune has worked for and collaborated with several studios including Base Design, Graphic Thought Facility, Rockwell Lab, and Pentagram for a variety of clients including the Museum of Modern Art, Milk Studios, the Davis Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition to teaching, YuJune speaks widely on design education and typography, most recently at Typographics, Northside Festival, and AIGA/NY.
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Swiss based Graphic Designer
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Contemporary, yet timeless. Minimal, yet warm. Graphic, yet calm. Calculated, yet intuitive. The characteristics defining the work of interior architect Frederic Kielemoes, seem to be an interplay between opposites. Yet, his designs are pleasant, balanced spaces with a richness in materials, colours and detailing. His portfolio has a strong focus on residential interiors, but also includes exhibition stand designs for respected brands. Frederic is a collector and long-standing admirer of Belgian Geometric Abstract Art, with key artists such as Gilbert Decock and Marc Verstockt. In their formal language, basic shapes such as the circle and the square are strongly present. Frederic's designs often start with a similar sensibility, before they get sculpted into refined, threedimensional environments.  His choice to work in a modest office with one other interior architect is a deliberate one. Frederic prefers to work in close contact with his clients on the one hand, and the contractors and craftsmen on the other. To hone his knowledge, he can regularly be found on site and in workshops. "My aim is to understand the limits as well as the endless possiblities of materials and techniques, to come to the most elegant solutions." 
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Vincent Meertens is an Amsterdam based designer with a passion for both online and printed media. He is particularly enthusiastic about projects that have a positive impact on culture and community.
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Born and raised in Melbourne, Chatri na Ranong is a graphic designer who currently lives and works in London.
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