Best place to have a coffee in this town. Jacobsen og Svart is a Coffee Roastery, focused on making the most attractive coffee in the market by direct trade, handpicked and fair-pay to the farmers. Great pastries made in-house too.
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Award-winning restaurant and creative hub. Introducing great chefs from a variety of countries and cuisines.
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This is a great day-trip in the summer and early fall. The dunes make the beach feel secluded and the empty houses at the old army-base makes you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Once we bathed there in late September during a combined picnic and photo shoot. It’s also a good little bike ride from the subway in Far Rockaway.
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I love going here when they have a new exhibition on and taking a look around and maybe having a delicious soup and sandwich or a coffee after. They also have an Erro (one of Icelands most famous pop artists) exhibit there, thats ongoing.
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Frank Lloyd Wright building with a beautiful view of Hollywood.
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Koto In zen temple. Peaceful, luxurious, out of time. 
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The perfect neighborhood resto. Good vines and sharp service. 
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This sight reminds me of the beginning of Antonioni's L'Avventura. In other words: again a confrontation with the majesty of nature. While standing here, I realize that water has no foundation to build on. I am overwhelmed: as human beings, we are forced to live our lives in uncertainty while facing the horizon of death.
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To have the best lunches like a 'fried peanut butter sandwich', lounge or book a room for a few days in the heart of the city, visit 'The Ace Hotel'. Ease down in the couches, order a Brooklyn Beer and relax. A great place to meet up.
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Is the place that all the hipsters are eating at recently. Its speciality is noodles and it has a baroque, video game, retro, decor inside, complete with pac man neons and cheesy strip lights and mirrors. Think 1984 strip bar meets bourgeois chinese take out spot.
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All Espai Joliu-lovers rejoice! Very recently a second location called Orval has opened, and it’s only 10 minutes away from its big sister. Just above Ciutadella park, just like its predecessor does. It has plenty of natural light that comes in through the large windows. Another added benefit with the new location is that it consists of two floors instead of just one as in Espai Joliu. Both cafes have their unique charm: Espai Joliu has that rugged, Berlin-inspired atmosphere, and Orval an added modern touch. The concept of plants and coffee remains consistent here, with a similar drink menu (with many options, and great specialty coffee) and beautiful plants for sale. You will also find an array of magazines and guidebooks. The staff deserves an added mention, such a friendly bunch!
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Tucked away in a corner of Old Kent Market, opposite the Turner Contemporary is where you'll find Carmine creating his masterpieces. In my opinion, the best pizza in town.
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Philip Cronerud is an art director, and publisher from Stockholm, Sweden, who works within technology, art and typography. Philip used to work for agencies like Wieden+Kennedy, Printed Pages / It's Nice That and later his own type-foundry MEDIUMEXTRABOLD®. The lure of a job offer in the Bay Area convinced him to move and embrace a Californian lifestyle.
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Juliana Frug (@juulieffe) is a freelance photographer based in São Paulo. Her work is all about food photography with lots of colors and a hard flash.
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Marinos was born (1984) and raised on the island of Crete. He studied Contemporary Photography & Visual Arts at "Stereosis" School of Photography. Since 2014, he is a member of the artistic collective “Depression Era” that inhabits the urban and social landscape of the economic crisis in his home country. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and international festivals, including Mois De La Photo (Paris), Jeju Biennale (South Korea), Unseen (Amsterdam), Fotofilmic (L.A & Vancouver), Athens Photo Festival, Biennale of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, and several galleries in Europe, and the USA. Part of his artwork belongs to international private and archival collections. In 2017, it was published his first (sold-out) photobook, "Paradise Inn", by Void.
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Marta Sasinowska is a designer and photographer, curator and event coordinator based in Chicago. She’s also the founder of Practice Studies, where she documents artists and makers and their creative processes as she travels the world. Instead of focusing on the final product, she focuses on highlighting the “ways to get there,” showing how much work goes into each handmade piece. She’s driven by the idea of connecting, sharing and building community bound by creative passions.
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I am an artist agent in Los Angeles
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Anders Terp is a Danish-born, Reykjavík-based landscape architect born in 1981. Anders holds a MSc in Landscape Architecture from the University of Copenhagen. Anders has been based in Reykjavik since 2014. Worked in Bergen in 2010-2011.
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I'm a senior Art director currently working between France and Uk
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Graphic designer from the Pacific Northwest, currently based in New York.
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For the last six months, I have been a strange tourist in Munich. I came here to work in a studio and had not so much time to visit it properly. But I partly came in Germany because I was interested in its specific creative approach: it’s precision and rigorousity. In it’s system culture in a way. And indeed it’s a very intellectual society, ruled by color codes and order. It was definitely funny to see that these things are visible in many daily aspects of life. Or maybe it’s just me wanting to see them... Very soon, I will move to London - where I would like to do some freelance work, in product, furniture and space design.
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An artist working primarily in photography, Laura Letinsky’s ideas and work are formed through a perspective that avails, perhaps insists upon, a particular kind of attention to the act of looking and of picturing. While materially different, in her photographic work, as with materials including porcelain and textiles, she wrangles with the personal and the intimate as it is visually, experientially, and quantitatively defined- and thus, confined-- by the social and the public. Along with making and thinking about art, teaching, designing (clothes, household items), growing (mostly vegetables), endorphins (running), and being a mom, she wonders what to eat for dinner tonight. A Professor at the University of Chicago since 1994, she’s received numerous awards including, recently, the Canada Council International Residency, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. She's numerous publications including six monographs, her most recent book is Time's Assignation, Radius Books, 2017.
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Joseph Piper moved to London to study Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins in 2003. Based in the city, he is a creative with a personal interest in photography and commercial aspirations in branding and e-commerce. Joseph Piper has a soft spot for pugs, Fender guitars & Danish foxes.
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Berlin based Graphic Designer.
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