A recent addition on the far edge of Austin's over-gentrified East Side, this converted gas station offers tasty small eats and a reasonable drink menu (though a bit light on taps), but anything it lacks in selection it makes up for in good vibes and a nicely mixed clientele. A bit on the pricey side, but they have an exceedingly pleasant outdoor seating area and a 'convenience store' of refrigerated products and odds & ends.
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The South Gardens at the AIC are magical––go in the middle of the summer when the whole gardens are lush, the flower pots are overflowing, and the leaves have came in on all the trees to form a sun-dappled canopy. Make sure to look at the Fountain of the Great Lakes––each woman in it personifies one of the Great Lakes of the region, and when the water is turned on, their seashell basins flow into one another in the same direction of the real lakes.
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Start the day with a well-balanced overpriced coffee in an industrial setting.
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Nothing is more quintessentially New York than a diner. This eatery not only serves excellent, traditional diner fare, but does so in an eclectic environment that mixes Baroque decadence with Midtown grit.
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Posted by Nika Kupyrova
Although in possession of a very convincing white-cube space, Hoast adds flavour to their exhibition program with a generous portion of socially-minded neighbourhood events: be it a flea market as a way for artists to raise money for their proposed projects or a communal election-watching night with chilli con carne and vodka.
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Current representing gallery.
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Authentic café. 
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De School is my favorite spot in Amsterdam. It opened in January of 2016 on Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat. The place, which used to be a technical school, is more than a nightclub: it’s a restaurant, a café, an exhibition venue, a gym, and many more things. It's owned and run by Post CS BV — the same crew that ran Trouw and Club 11. The nightclub has a capacity of 700 people, and it's located in the institution's former bicycle storage area. The program focuses on local DJs, who are allowed to play extended sets, but international guests also regularly stop by. The ambiance there is so enchanting that it's hard for me to leave even when I can't feel my legs anymore. It's super dark, fog all over the place, super loud, flawlessly music and introspective humans dancing like there's no tomorrow. Who could ask for anything more?
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Amsterdam is at it’s best when it is covered in a thick layer fresh fallen snow, I like to go out at night and wander through one of the parks, to experience this beautiful metamorphosis of a city landscape.
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My friends, Dee & Ricky, recently opened up their own restaurant at the ripe age of 24 in the Clinton Hill neighborhood. I stop in here every now and then for the roti. Also, there's a really cool (Nigeria-owned) sandwich & smoothie spot next door that is not pictured.
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It has several rooms with different ambients.
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If I have to choose one pre-hispanic art museum it would definetly be this one. Diego Rivera built this place to be the home of his personal collection and his atelier. you will find teotihuacanas, olmecas, toltecas, nahuas, zapotecas on the way from the underworld to the sun. Is a bit far from the city center but it definetly worth the visit.
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Writer, teacher, director of Shakespeare plays. Author of the novels The Song of Achilles and Circe. Lover of cities, stories and myth.
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Jurgen Maelfeyt is an art director from Ghent. Founder of design studio 6'56" and independent publishing house Art Paper Editions
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For the last six months, I have been a strange tourist in Munich. I came here to work in a studio and had not so much time to visit it properly. But I partly came in Germany because I was interested in its specific creative approach: it’s precision and rigorousity. In it’s system culture in a way. And indeed it’s a very intellectual society, ruled by color codes and order. It was definitely funny to see that these things are visible in many daily aspects of life. Or maybe it’s just me wanting to see them... Very soon, I will move to London - where I would like to do some freelance work, in product, furniture and space design.
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Malerie Marder grew up in Rochester, NY and studied at Bard College completing a B.A. in History and Art. She received her M.F.A. from Yale University where she was awarded the Schickle-Collingwood Prize and The John Ferguson Weir Award. Her solo exhibitions include Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, Salon 94 and Greenberg Van Doren in New York; Blain|Southern, Maureen Paley, and The Photographer’s Gallery in London; Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam. International group exhibitions include Everyday Epiphanies: Photography and Daily Life Since 1969, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Desire, Gagosian Gallery and Deitch Projects, The Moore Building, Art Basel, Miami; The Naked Face, National Gallery of Victoria,Melbourne; Shoot the Family, ICI, New York; Sight/Insight, Concoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; the 2004 California Biennial, Orange County Museum of Art; and Blackbox, Edinburgh College of Art in collaboration with the Edinburgh Film Festival. Her work is in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the National Gallery of Art, the American University Museum and the Concoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, The Seattle Art Museum, and the Hessel Museum of Art at Bard College, amongst others. She is represented by Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York.
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Designer - Jewelry designer from Colombia
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Born in 1991, Belgian designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte received his master’s degree in industrial design from the ENSAV La Cambre in 2014. Following his graduation, he opened his studio at the « MAD Lab » (MAD Brussels Fashion & Design Platform) working there as a designer since 2015. Since the beginning of his professional career, Pierre-Emmanuel has been invited to exhibit annually in cities such as Copenhagen, Paris, and Milan. From conception to production, Pierre-Emmanuel imbues his designs with a sense of the surreal and a respect for craftsmanship. Each piece has a unique voice, and emotional power. Together, they speak to our more playful and curious nature, inviting us to live experiences unlimited by everyday expectations. His work is enigmatic, challenging what we consider to be evident in order to change habits and perceptions. His designs are indeed symbolic of an urge to break free from the mundane, to chase originality, while staying within the framework of the most noble materials.
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Photographer based in Oslo
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Academic Head - Cape Town Creative Academy (www.ctca.co.za) Associate - Creative Leadership Consultancy (www.creativeleaderhsipconsultancy.com)
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Marco Oggian has wanted to be illustrator since he was just a little kid. Describing his style as “simple, strong, a five-year-old could do better”, it seems that a lot of that energy has stayed with him. Although most small children don’t quite have Marco’s client base, there’s definitely more than a touch of the playful to the Italian illustrator’s colourful approach. But his simple shapes and bright colours are often deployed to highlight more serious issues, from the environment to the war in Syria. Born in Italy but now based in La Coruña in Northern Spain (for his “lovely girlfriend and of course tapas and beer!”), Marco is largely self-taught, after being expelled from college pretty-early on. Ever the optimist, the young illustrator frames his departure from formal education as an opportunity for self-study and to gain life experience. “Since I had the chance to start working earlier than my peers, I have already done a lot of interesting things: travel, give talks, put on exhibitions and performances – all this is incredible,” he enthuses.
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Partner of Quesería Cultivo. We offer a selection of Spanish artisan cheeses coming from farms from all over the country.
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After spending close to nine years in the UK, I am now based in Sweden, currently working as a Senior Designer at KurppaHosk in Stockholm.
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Patrick Jacobs lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He studied art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is represented by Pierogi Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His work, including sculpture, photography and video, is often characterized by a kind of pseudo-science or homespun natural phenomena. "When one settles down to a new home, they immediately set out to discover those things which captivate and hold meaning for them. I moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1999 and twelve years later, I'm still writing my own personal travel guide of the city's unlimited attractions and temptations."
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Amsterdam based illustrator Sue Doeksen (1982) creates worlds that are overpopulated with bright colors, friendly shapes, layered or light concepts and hidden jokes. Mediums ranging from physical, digital, pencil-drawn, paper-cut, and animated. Juggling commercial and personal project balls she is often overwhelmed because there are so many visual adventures to be made at the same time and therefore wishes there were just many more hours in a day.
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