These guys in Lower East Side are called the "BirdMen". Each weekened these elderly Chinese folk bring their pet birds out to sing in the park to one another. This day it was cold, hence the Bird-coseys.
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Cafe Modern Amsterdam is located in an old bank building in the north of Amsterdam. Authentic elements remind of the previous life of the building. You eat a delicious daily changing 4-course menu. Every day the freshest ingredients of the season. 
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The best skateboard shop in town.
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Old market place in my neighborhood with a variety of fruits, vegetables, traditional cheeses and tons of miscellaneous stuff.
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I personally love photo arts and this gallery puts on some amazing exhibitions by the best artists, such as Vivane Sassen and Gregory Crewdson. The Gallerys’ six-storey space is located right by Oxford Street, so if you are doing some shopping in London, you might as well stop by this gallery. The upper floors consist of two new galleries, while the ground floor hosts a nice café/restaurant. Together with the print sales, the bookstore occupies the basement of the building. I can spend hours just looking at the books, how it is designed, bound, as well as the prints for sale. You can buy all kinds of film; medium format to polaroid film at the store. After some hours at this gallery you just want to go home and start making some photography! 
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For fast, good ramen! Their black sesame ice cream is super good.
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There are many Indonesian restaurants in The Hague, but this is one of my favorites. Only 3 tables. Mainly take away food. Also very kind staff.
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When I moved to NYC in the summer of 2009, my wife Hannah and I went straight to Central Park and the Belvedere Castle. It was the first time I fully grasped that I lived in New York and it felt euphoric standing on that hill. For me this place is still a romantic symbol and reminder of the spirit and essence of the city and the reasons I live here.
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Here is another place packed with visual stimuli, along with weird smells and busy sidewalks. I love roaming through all the shops, venturing deep down the aisles to hunting for all things odd and unknown. So much to see, I wish I had extra eyes!
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I have been watching this house deteriorating and transforming for years. I shot this last summer and was completely captivated with how many shades of luminous green vines had taken it over. If you want to see this house you better go quickly---it is supposed to be demolished by March 1 2012.
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Animals are a constant inspiration, so it's great to see some in real life.
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Elsewhere is a converted warehouse space that serves as a music venue, art space, and bar. I recently went here for the first time to see Yaeji spin her latest EP, EP2. The walls were banging, the light design was unreal and even when in the back, the space feels intimate AF.
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French independent graphic and type designer based in Amsterdam
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Design & Art Direction – NYC
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British born artist Caroline Collom now lives and works in Sydney after a number of years in Melbourne. Collom's paintings hope to expose an inward and outward trajectory of multiple forms through intersecting planes that reveal subtle differences in the illusion of depth. This engages physical interaction as the viewer moves in and out of the work to look for the detail. Collom proposes to create a space that holds and dominates the room through the means of colour, line and shape.
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I'm a writer, musician and actress. Born in Buenos Aires, living in Los Angeles.
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Arabelle Zhuang is a Portrait and Documentary Photographer.
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My work focuses on portraiture and intimacy between loved ones and objects. I want to show the tenderness that can be experienced in this world through selective simplicity and tiny details. With our current socio-political cliamte, I think it is important to recognize these often unnoticed moments in our daily lives, and to remember that they exist. My paintings help me move forward openly, by presenting what is good in our world. I'm also part owner of Pilgrim Paper Co. -- a paper goods company based in Seattle, where I currently live!
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Graphic designer and art director from Spain, currently based in Madrid. My specialities are in branding, editorial design, web design, and illustration. I believe that a good concept is the main essence of a great design and I like to take care of every detail, with a special focus on typography and image. My design Boutique:
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Writer and co-founder of The Skirt Chronicles.
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I am a freelance designer and maker from Vancouver, Canada
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Freelance Exec / Senior Producer
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Artist, illustrator and sometimes muralist  based in Los Angeles 
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Italian art director and journalist, founder studio Tomo Tomo 
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