Lovely space in the 10th arrondissement, near place de la République. With a fine selection of home decoration and useful things.
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Posted by Eric Frommelt
I’m crazy for pork buns and ramen. The wait is always long at Ippudo but I never regret it.
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Caffè Italia is an institution in town and was the first Italian café to open in Montréal in 1956. The decor probably hasn't changed much since then. Definitely one of my top favourite places in Montreal. Their panini is worth the detour - I have rarely had such a great one, probably the best in town, if not of the whole province !
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It was a warm evening in the city and not yet dark. We arrived, giddy and happy, and he ordered two glasses of prosecco. The waiter managed to fit onto our tiny wood table two plates of tartines, a legumes dish, and a tray of fromage. And then we shared dessert. I can’t remember exactly but it must have been chocolate.
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The hood where I grew up. In Berlin but mostly spending time in the forest. Teufelsberg (The Devil's Mountain) which was built from the rubbish of World War II, is a great place for walking, kite flying, or just enjoying the view over the whole city.
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If you like good electronic music and good wine, this is the place for you. A bar that captures the Detroit's unique vibe like no other. Go at night. Talk with strangers and make friends. You won't regret it.
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“You can taste the love” sounds like a cliché until you actually taste it and realize you are poor cynical human being who has never been to Alicia’s tamale stand! Especially on foggy days, these lovingly wrapped warm packages of deliciousness are indispensable.
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Museum Floriano Peixoto - was ones the Maceió cityhall, now works as a museum with a nice and pretty unkown amount of art pieces by early XX artists from Alagoas, filled with historical furniture and oppulent spaces.
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Contemporary art Gallery representing emerging local artists in a beautiful heritage site. Win Win 
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This image I had discovered on a regular visit to the Huis van Marseille. Photographers typically gravitate towards Fotografie Museum Amsterdam (FOAM), but the House from Marseille always has gems.
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One of my favorite things to do on weekends is to head to Grand Central Market for brunch, grab a few glasses of wine at the Oyster bar and then roam around downtown collecting pigeons. Over the past few years the market has been modernized and has become a really trendy spot, but it still retains aspects of what it was like decades ago. Some of my favorite stands are The Oyster Gourmet, Sarita's Pupuseria and the Belcampo Meat Co.
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If you're into photo books, this is your place.
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NYC based entrepreneur and man about town. Co-founder of Spring Street Social Society and The Liquor Cabinet.
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Swiss graphic designer, founder and creative director of London/Zürich based studio BOB.
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I am an art director/set design who graduated from CSULB with a BFA in Graphic Design.
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Award-winning itinerant photographer - based in Paris | ☎ +33 674 940 831 | @studiohanslucas member | 2019 Sony Award 🏆 |
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Hi, I am a chilean artist. I do collages with color papers, magazine cut ups, spray paint and little objects. I am trying to disperse some color around. Right now I am in Berlin at an artist residence.
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Visual artist and designer
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Jan Buchczik, born in May 1988, enjoys to make up ideas, worlds, characters, tunes and words. All of these personal or comisssioned creations are in some way part of the same melancholic yet strangely witty universe.
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Oscar Maia is a Communication Designer and Art Director based in the city of Porto, Portugal. He’s been actively working on great projects alongside wonderful and talented people since 2008. Specialised in developing creative strategies applied in print, editorial, branding, and web design projects, he works on a freelance basis with a wide range of clients dedicated to the cultural and commercial fields. His work is recognized as being aesthetically simple and bold, with a steady balance between great attention to detail, typography and composition.
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Furniture Design Studio
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Art Director, Designer and Partner of the design agency sofie based in Zurich. Involved in various art and magazine projects.
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I work on projects describing and analyzing the social landscape of contemporary Russia.
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Annina is a German graphic designer born in Würzburg and currently living in Constance with a focus on editorial design. After having espresso at a small gelateria on the other side of the street, she is working in-beetween her 30 succulents while listening to detective stories. Her approach is to make her projects look as much fun as she had making them.
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Hi! I'm a animator and artist. have a nice day.
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