This quaint, cottage-cozy cafe is the perfect place to go with your bestie for a cup of coffee and tasty treats. I highly recommend their fresh baguette sandwiches-the pear one (with blue brie, prosciutto & roasted walnuts) is my favourite!
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London arcade of satirical  home-made machines  (twinned with 'The Under The Pier Show', Southwold pier)
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Classical delicious french food, very cheap with a 1900s' vintage decorations.
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The best cheeseburger in Berlin costs less than 5. Burgermeister is mandatory in town when you're craving for a basic and delicious to the bits chesseburger. 
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Every November the famous Brighton Pavilion develop part of their Gardens into an Ice Rink. Its lit up beautifully of an evening and runs right through until the end of January.
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An ancient theatre up in the mountains of Taormina that I visited in summer 2017. The theatre is a magnificent spot both for its own architecture and history as well as for the view over Sicily.
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If you are in need of a moment of solitude, this is the place. On my first visit I was in awe of how time seemed to stand still inside. It has now become a sanctuary from the city when I need the pace of life to slow down.
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This is where I walk my dog, it’s 289 acres acres of woodland right on the edge of the city and there are half built dens everywhere. I usually get lost and have to get rescued by strangers.
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A small letterpress shop/studio in the Bairro Alto district. Great place to pick up a souvenir for your type-geek, designer friends.
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Most inspiring place for me. Place where I laugh, wonder and enjoy the most.
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London has plenty of beautiful cemeteries. Brompton is one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ and has many interesting tombs. It was also an inspiration of names for Beatrix Potter and the resting place of Emmeline Pankhurst.
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Following an ancient tradition, many people that are left behind do plant Life Trees near the tombstone. While the years pass, these trees grow to an amazing Size. Because of its worthy tree population, this Cemetery not only is a quality burial site but also serves as recreational space for the many visitors. Because of its architectural planning and amazing scenery of artful tombs, this Cemetery was put under monumental protection.   Address Nordfriedhof | Platter Straße 83, 65193 | Wiesbaden
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Teguh Hartanto and Su Tomesen are visual artists based in Jogjakarta. Teguh's mainly works with the media painting and screen printing but he also does street art with graffiti and stencil. He works spontaneously; the outcome is unpredictable and surprising. For him, the process is more important than the result. Su's work consists of videos, photographs and installations, and she travels a lot. Working in the context of a residence abroad or on location is a means of putting her (European) position, ideas and being into discussion. She has been artist-in-residence in Belgrade, Amman and Johannesburg, and worked for an international video art project in Port-au-Prince, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.
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Artist and Graphic Designer born and raised in Chicago has found a home in New York for the past decade. Enjoys long walks with his pomeranian Bentley.
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Graphic designer working in London with frieze magazine, Whitechapel Gallery, Tate Publishing and more.
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Bristol based Illustrator, currently in Sausalito, California. 
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Istanbul born artist Eylül Aslan has started with photography at an early age as a way to escape the patriarchal system she was born in. Having been introduced to feminism and human rights by her politician and activist mother, she took on photography to express herself  and created a visual world of her own. Her art has taken her to Berlin, Germany where she continued to live and work for 5 years until recently when she finally moved to Vienna, Austria. Her work consists of a play with light and shadow, her fascination on the human body and different forms it takes. Her first two photography books Trauerweide (2014) and Dear Slut (2015) focus on feministic issues, while her latest book Trompe L'Oeil (2017) deals with the subjectivity of beauty, both for men and women."
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British animator and director.
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A Design Strategist with a focus on qualitative research, I have extensive global experience gathering and translating consumer insights that improve design on both emotional and functional levels. I champion users within the innovation process to create better experiences at home, work and play, while helping key stakeholders align on successful business strategies. Lately I've partnered with designers from every discipline to create a series of visual brand languages for a world-leading surgical robotics company. The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum published my book, "Design for Repair: Things Can Be Fixed," under the DesignFile imprint in May 2015. Metropolis, Fast Company, and Core77 have published my writing recently.
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Erin, nomadic being inspired by the unknown. Based as a freelance photographer for 5 years in Mexico Erin has recently returned to explore her homeland of New Zealand. Erin’s work applies environmental portraiture with landscapes and habitats to break the stereotypes which surround her subjects.
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Caroline Gervay is half-French, half-Vietnamese and based in London where she graduated from Westminster University with a BA (Hons) in Photographic Arts in 2010. Her work explores the boundaries of imagination generated by human struggles.  She has lived in France and Spain and now works as a freelancer and specialises in analogue processes.
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Adia Trischler is a video and creative director, image consultant, fashion editor, and current host of the official youtube series for the Vienna tourism board, VIENNA/NOW. Originally from New York, she left the city 11 years ago and immigrated to Vienna, Austria, with virtually no understanding of the German language and no idea at all of what to expect. A decade on, she finally speaks German, has directed numerous exhibitions, taught at the Modeschule Hetzendorf, and was awarded the prize for 'Stylist of the Year' at The Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle. All the while, she has become deeply passionate about exploring her adopted home city. Since June 2016, she has been lucky enough to share this passion with an international audience as presenter for Vienna/Now. The series follows Adia, as she uncovers all of the breathtaking, exhilarating, romantic, and at times, morbid charm that the city is famous for.
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Ghent based graphic designer
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I am a photographer from Belfast and recently graduated from the Documentary Photography course at the University of South Wales in Cardiff.
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