Posted by Anna Sudit
As someone who grew up in Israel, Israeli kitchen holds a big place in my heart and stomach. In New York, and in London (and Paris, I suppose) it's not the easiest food to find. And when you find a good Israeli run kitchen, you're going to lick your plate clean - promise. I inhale a Miznon pita faster than any other food. It's fresh and it's delicious and it's made with love.
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My mother is an amazing cook. I love going there to visit her. She is always waiting with a nice and heavy meal.
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Posted by Martin Hultén
Made famous by owner Benny from ABBA, this place is pure joy for any real foodie.
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Posted by Nika Kupyrova
Although in possession of a very convincing white-cube space, Hoast adds flavour to their exhibition program with a generous portion of socially-minded neighbourhood events: be it a flea market as a way for artists to raise money for their proposed projects or a communal election-watching night with chilli con carne and vodka.
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First we should say the flaw, Trattoria Arlati is a bit far away from the city centre and not really easy to get to with public transport. Having said that, it’s the most charming restaurant where we’ve ever been. We always go there and always get the same menu, “Risotto al Salto” and “Ossobuco alla Milanese” of course, and it’s always delicious but is not just the food. In the 60’s it was really popular among artists, in the 70’s bands started to play in the basement and now when you get in you immediately feel it. It’s a charismatic place.
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South Willard is both elegant and laid back. Let's call it High Folk. It functions as both an art & design gallery and boutique. It's extremely well curated with a heavy focus on ceramics by artists both known and newly discovered. Peter Shire, Ruby Neri, Jason Meadows.., work by artists I have known and admired for decades can be found here and acquired in a means considerably more approachable than through the other galleries that represent them. South Willard is a friends and family affair and the experience feels warm and welcoming. Have fun. 
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Posted by César Pesquera
Laut is avant-garde culture from the heart of Barcelona. Very close to the Paral.lel street, old cradle of Barcelona's bohemia, you will find a space of two hundred and forty-five square meters designed for a reduced audience and equipped with a high-quality sound system.
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Jenever is a traditional Dutch spirit, sometimes called Dutch gin or wodka in English. Wynand Fockink has a distillery and tasting house right at the very hart of Amsterdam. This place is frequented by locals and tourist alike because of their delicious jenever. Be sure to try a glass of Wynand Fockink Superior. If they empty the bottle while filling your glass you're entitled to a so-called 'Amsterdammertje'; you'll have to drink your glass in one gulp and then you get a free refill.
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Floristree is located on the top floor of the H&H warehouse building. The space has hosted acts ranging from legendary German experimental music duo Cluster to the late Baltimore Club DJ K-Swift.
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Great little independent bookshop in central London run by Tamsin Clark. Weird and wonderful selection of photo books, magazines, artist books, poetry and more.
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This is a home-made oasis for those of us who believe in fairies. The painted alleyway boasts tiny hidden doorways and even provides a generous cup of glitter for true believers to disperse showers of shimmering magic among the fish and flowers.
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Sarah Alinia Ziazi is a Toronto-based illustrator. Her practice generates a dialogue between themes of identity and nostalgic experiences that evoke ambivalence towards femininity and its stereotypes. A combination of mechanical and organic synthesis is seen within her aesthetics to further explore these concepts.
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Montreal-based illustrator.
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Ivan Bernal is a Colombian born architect and designer.He received his Masters Degree from SCI-Arc with honors and the recognition of "Best Thesis" 2011. He has worked in all scales and levels in the architecture profession. From installations to Master plans. He is committed to the experimentation of the built form and pushing the limits of the field. Making those who accept standardization uncomfortable his work deals with the relationship among form, culture and the social impact of the built environment. Not limited to the conventional architectural media, he explores different techniques such as animations, mix-media models and photo manipulation to express his ideas.
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Milan-based Illustrator
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Visual artist and designer
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Curious about Design in culture, tech and art. Currently ECD at EF in Switzerland
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Illustrator and graphic designer
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Michael Gillette is a British born San Francisco based artist, who has spent the last 20 years translating the visceral thrill of music in to arresting images. He has been sought  out by  many including  Beck, The Beastie Boys, MGMT and Paul McCartney. He is currently working on a Monograph "Drawn in Stereo " to be published in 2012.
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Photographer based in Krakow, Poland. Member of photo collective InPro
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Will Anderson is a BAFTA winning Writer/Director from the Scottish Highlands. Will’s first short film ‘The Making of Longbird’ won over 30 awards internationally at film festivals & received a British Academy Award in 2013. Since then he has written and directed other shorts films including ‘Monkey Love Experiments’ with co-director, Ainslie Henderson, and is currently in production on his first feature project. Will also works as a freelance writer, director & animator on film, television, web & interactive projects.
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French illustrator, from Biarritz, currently living in Paris.
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Orly Anan is a visual artist and set designer interested in the intersection between ritual and contemporary art. Her research has led her to explore the traditions of various countries, The work of Orly Anan is born of the mysticism implicated in everyday life, in which spirituality is defined as the consciousness of the energy that unites and interweaves everything. She decontextualizes objects as an act of awareness, exchange, and feedback, giving rise to a highly personal aesthetic. She focuses mainly on scenography and space intervention, using everyday objects as tools of exploration.
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Laurence Poirier la photographe
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Art Director at Sgustok Studio. Record Producer at Sgustok Music. Editor in Chief at Sgustok Magazine. Currently based in Moscow, he is working as a Product Designer in Revolut.
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