First flagship store by Short Sentence, a Shanghai-based contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand homed in an eclectic architecture redesigned on an old building along the most crowded shopping street downtown. Coming back for shopping always feels like a vacation: the seasonal landscape from the garden, the white space interior design, the friendly staffs and the cozy styles with design details, the happy energy around the has become my most visited fashion shop this two years, for style update, for community events curated by me:-) and for chilling with girlfriends, good vibes only:-) 
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Posted by Peter Schäfer
A Place/Shop/Studio/Universe in the 3rd arrondissement. BLESS was founded 1997 by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss. It is a project that presents ideal and artistic values by products to the public and it is my current working place.
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Spanish artist Jaime Hayon is sometimes called Almodóvar of design. So if you like "Kika", colours, Spanish culture and dreamy aestetics, you must visit Barceló Torre de Madrid and stay there for a night or just have a drink in a golden bar.
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Arguably the best café in London – or at least East London – with an incredibly welcoming atmosphere, delicious array of food and drinks, and hypnotising views to Broadway Market. Visit early in the mornings, for a roque-monsieur at lunch, or to get lost in their cheese selection at the market stalls on Saturday. Warning: addiction likely to occur.
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Why you should go?, cause we all know....'the revolution wont be televised'....
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The symbol of Aix-en-Provence, the major landmark of the area and Cézanne’s muse, Sainte-Victoire Mountain reaches an altitude of 1011 m. The mountain is celebrated for its many appearances in a series of paintings by Paul Cézanne. Sainte-Victoire Mountain has been recognised as a Grand Site de France since 2004 and is a French jewel of natural heritage which must be preserved. Covering 35,000 hectares near Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, the Concors and Sainte-Victoire massifs form the largest single wooded area in the department of Bouches du Rhône, and residents, walkers, hunters and those who love sport, nature and heritage all happily co-exist there.
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One of the nicest places to have an outside beer in the summer. Sits right along Akerselva (river that goes through parts of Oslo east, nice for walks).
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Residence and Royal Gardens.
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Posted by Simon Hughes
I struggle with eating out in Vancouver, generally I prefer the burrito style places like Bandidas Taqueria on Commercial drive or Budgies Burritos on Kingsway, because they can keep it mellow and hassle free. Pronto is a new one, it has a great Italian coffee bar from the 60’s vibe.
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Where 1984 of George Orwell got its inspiration from, the craziness of a real ministry of propaganda. 
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Absolutely delicious pastries and one of the best cappuccino in town.
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Home to the best breakfast burrito in the world. But their hours are unpredictable and they often run out of eggs (possible?) early and have to close. So get there early or plan for a weekday visit.
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Sustainable fashion writer and editor, former fashion editor for Metro newspaper. Founder of
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I’m a graphic designer and music lover with preferences for the grotesque.
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Recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and known on the NYC tech scene as the interior designer of choice, Danielle has a uniquely eclectic, yet slightly industrial take on design. She has displayed her expertise in the design of high profile start up spaces like SeatGeek, Eligible, Codecademy, Venmo, Fueled, Newscred, Contently, Kitchensurfing and Gilt. As well as collaborating with General Assembly and Knotel on their respective build-outs.
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Jamie Wolfe is an animation director & artist living in Los Angeles, CA. Wild hand drawn lines & bold pallets collide in Jamie’s work to build offbeat, high energy worlds.
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Graphic designer in Brooklyn, NY
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I am Digital Design Director at The Guardian. Director of RoomFifty and a graphic designer based in London. 
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Jan Hakon Erichsen is a Norwegian artist who works within a variety of media focusing on topics like fear, anger and frustration. He has spent several years perfecting a D.I.Y aesthetic with found objects being the main source of work material. Erichsen has exhibited widely in Norwegian and international galleries and partaken in numerous international video festivals after he finished his education at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo. At the moment his main focus is making short destruction videos which he posts everyday on his Instagram account
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Alice Franchetti is a Graphic Designer working and teaching in Switzerland after graduating from ECAL, University of Art and Design
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Experimental comics & concepts
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Photographer, graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada
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Architect & Designer 〰Paris and Kigali -
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Tadas Karpavicius is an art director and graphic designer from Lithuania working in the fields of art, fashion, culture and commerce. Between self-initiated projects and commissions, he works with a variety of clients from different fields, maintaining a strong focus on the cultural sphere and collaborating with visual artists, designers, curators, galleries, institutions, commerce, businesses and individuals.
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I grew up in London but I am French with Italian origins. After completing my Ba (Hons) in jewellery design at Central Saint Martins I went on to study in New York at GIA to become a diamond graduate. I am now living in Jaipur, India and working at the Gem Palace, which I am very proud of as Munnu (the head designer) has been a major influence in my studies.
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