My most favorite place in Japan. There are lot of very intelligent politicians who are controlling us and creating such a good country. I want to be like them.
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I walk a lot; the best way to experience a city. So it's sometimes to do with the way places join up. This cast concrete letterform is a part of the Lycée's gateway. Each of the form's facets arrives at a different character, so six possible letters come from each cast object. I've never been inside the Lycée but always walked through this way up to the V&A, in order to examine again and again how each form works. The surfaces set the tone for the V&A and its incredible Ceramics floor, a perennial inspiration.
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Is a couple of minutes walk from my apartment. It’s a little waterfall that is part of the Lysaker River, which defines the south western border of Oslo. I think it’s just as beautiful in the summer as winter. I love the fact that there are so many places in Oslo where you really feel close to nature. This place makes me feel good.
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I have a picnic with friends at every early summer. Our university has a good garden. There is a good spot for picnic. The class of my university start at night. We eat, drink, sing, dance, and finally go for a class.
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Established by Melbourne-born restaurateur, Michelle Garnaut, Capital M is one of my favourites, especially for afternoon tea. During pollution-free springs (when we have them) and summer (when the heat is not too suffocating), the view of Qianmen from the terrace is breathtaking, whilst cooler months see the use of the indoor fireplaces, which create a cosy, intimate environment. They also hold some great events here and the decor is trippy.
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This is one of the only buildings in London that can lift depression. Each concrete block in the building is hand cast and hand hammered. Certainly the best bannisters in town.
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I consistently spend a lot of time here. It's the most relaxing place in the city.
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The best part of the new Whitney Museum is the view in all directions from the terrace - and also from the staircase facing West. I'm afraid it upstages the Art.
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Posted by Danny Bracken
A Pittsburgh must. Polish, vegan, great cocktails, natural wines, beautiful backyard in warm weather, late night food, Sunday night specials. The most delicious.
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If you want to get a real idea of what is Russia about, just go a bit to the surrealistic outskirts of Moscow and it will be your adventure for this day...
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My favourite book store with a minimal interior and maximum range of books on architecture, design, art, philosophy and politics. 
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Record shop & label based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Electronic music, club culture and underground community-oriented. Selling new and second hand vinyl records, cassette tapes as well as music related accessories and merchandise.
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Designer & Creative Director currently living in Madrid, working on both printed and digital projects, specializing on branding, visual identities, editorial design, web design, and illustration. I studied Fine arts and Graphic design at UCM (Madrid) and HAWK Fakultät Gestaltung (Germany) and work as a freelance since 2014. After working in several design studios and agencies, I run my own Madrid-based studio. Clear Concepts, functionality and timeless solutions are the essence of my work.
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Hui yeon Hwang is a graphic/visual designer based in Seoul.
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Jimmy Turrell is a graphic artist and video director. He studied at Central St Martins School of Art. He combines a love of handmade collage, drawing, screenprinting and painting alongside animation and video direction. He’s resently inspired by Kulchur mag and anything on Mixpak Records, Nightslugs and Whities.
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Alys is a photographer based in north London. Her work has been included in over twenty international exhibitions, most recently at the Rencontres d'Arles in France and Somerset House, London. She was named Sony World Photographer of the Year 2018 for her series 'Ex-Voto' and the work was published by GOST Books in 2019. 
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Peter Garritano is a photographer based in New York City. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, TIME, Wired, Fast Company, CNN, The Atlantic, VICE, People, The Huffington Post, Paper Journal, Elle, It's Nice That, Dazed and various other publications.
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Junku Nishimura was born in a small coal-mine village in 1967, in Yamaguchi prefecture, western Japan, where he lived until he was 18. Then entered college in Kyoto where he studied Latin American affairs. After college performed as a club DJ, worked as a construction worker and he got a job with a cement manufacturer, worked at tunnel construction sites across the country as a concrete expert. Then he got a Leica and began photographing the places he worked. After 18 years working, he quit his job and photographed countries and regions wandering around the world. He now works as a freelance photographer. 
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Ana (*1993), situated between an idealist wanting to change the world by great concepts and a pessimist firmly believing in our imminent death, currently works on the creative advertising industry. Lately, Ana is haunted by anguish which lusts in (an artistic) practice of inertia, fear, and parabolas of listing meandering thoughts and free associations. Finding herself researching on the topics of productivity and emotional labor, she boils down writings for the sake of it, further elevating her scribbles with design mastery. During the day, particularly from 9 to 5, or later, Ana is a productive producer, always eager for the next task mask. Her works have been exhibited in the privacy of her home and thoughts, some museums such as Het Nieuwe Instituut and EKKM and monthly paychecks. Ana has been ⅓ of we need to talk — an experimental editorial approach to talking as a way of curating. Ana still likes to talk on the phone.
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Noelle is a brand-first graphic designer, focusing on true stories that build emotional connections between clients and their customers. When she's not working, she's exploring a neighborhood or mountain in Los Angeles.
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Dana Boulos is a Fashion Photographer and Visual Director living in Los Angeles. She has worked with Vice, Elle Girl, Rookie, Vinyl Riot, NYC'S The Cut  as well as few other fashion magazine. She is also a member of the all girl collective "The Ardorous"  which is a series of individual and collaborative projects between a collective of female creative professionals. You can follow her personal diary on instagram @DANABOULOS
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Interior designer living and working from East London.
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Leading Kutarq studio, architect and designer Jordi López Aguiló designs lighting, objects and furniture with a unique and pragmatic perspective. Each project involves a methodical process that emphasizes both material and research. With the constant challenge of revealing the "soul" behind his objects, he offers their users not just an aesthetic piece but rather a design with personality and a life of its own. After spending time abroad collaborating with prestigious architecture and design firms in Paris and Copenhagen, he finished his master in Barcelona and decided to finally settle down in his home town Valencia where he's been leading his own studio since 2012. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at Paris Design Week, Milan Design Week, Frankfurt Light & Building and the Stockholm Furniture Fair.
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I was Born in the sunny lands of Tenerife, holiday destination of millions of people, I grew up there and moved to Madrid when I was 18. Studied Environmental Sciences and discovered my vocation in photography at the same time, and nowadays combine both. A sustainable living is my goal and I'll do my best for photography to be my way to get it. Tenerife is a great place to visit, though at the same time because of the tourism the island has been distroyed and overcrowded in many areas. But luckily there are still many great places to enjoy the original nature.  
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Roland Maas is currently working as an artist in Tilburg, in the South of the Netherlands. In his autonomous work Maas does not limit himself to a particular technique or discipline. While creating, the process of making is all that matters and directs the final shape of the art work which can be different from its initial concept.  This fits in his current ceramic works, which he combines with technical materials and garbage. Maas is also a photographer, illustrator and creator of the world's first toon-model 'Babelle'
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