Temple of alternative culture, full of underground comics, graphics and literature.
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The „Kirche am Steinhof“  church is located off the beaten tourist path in the 14th district in the Steinhof Psychiatric Hospital (yes, you heard it right). The interior of the church is beautiful and designed to the tiniest detail by the famous Jugendstil architect Otto Wagner. He used new construction techniques and combined them with the necessities of the patients. For example the seating was designed so that there were no sharp edges.  The bus 48A takes you there directly.
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I only recommend walking around the Barceloneta beach at sunset, there are fewer people and in the fall and spring seasons is very nice to sit on a terrace watching the sea and entertaining yourself with the activities of the area.
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My boyfriend and I have come to ATOBOY over 30 times since its opening last year, and it is our second home. The menu is incredible and ever-evolving; they also received 2 stars in the New York Times this summer!
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Very friendly neighborhood coffee shop with a tasty simple brunch menu. You can find me there Sunday morning reading.
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Yes, a fantastic selection of books, but I especially love their book-themed t-shirts (so that everyone can see what a nerd you really are)
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A spin around the park on a bike makes me feel good. One lap is about 6.13 miles. I've trained here for longer rides (including this London to Paris ride on a track bike that was 86 miles one day, rest on the second day, and 136 miles on the third day). I've sat there on a Sunday afternoon and have done as many as 10 laps (with rests in between). I switch in-between my carbon road bike and my steel track bike.
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Not long in the custody of the National Trust, designed by Philip Webb and commissioned by William Morris, in 1859. Tucked away in Beckenham. William and Jane Morris only lived here for five years; not a happy time of their marriage. But there is humility, authority and even bite, in the domestic scale. The rigorous, holistic design-hand at work belies any sense of souvenir shop Morris-lite. The vegetable garden in late Summer is the place to be.
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Cute little coffee place we stumbled across in Osaka.
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La Villa Rose is an elegant and beautiful private town house in Paris with a gallery and many events as cocktails, presentations, showrooms, dinners. I love the decorative identity combining artistic contributions, a collection of design objects and rare pieces of furniture to be discovered throughout the year.
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An hour away from NYC, there lies a summer camp on a pristine lake which was abandoned 15 years ago. I cant tell you where this is, but some research can lead you to the right place.
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Perfect place for a slow Sunday morning, good food and nice atmosphere. It´s sometimes full, but you can hang in the little store until a table is available.
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Copenhagen based graphic designer
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I have graduated at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary as a Photographer. I moved to London recently and started to work as a freelance photographer. But I definitely left a piece of my heart in my hometown: Szentendre.
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Illustrator in London specializing in fashion.
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Hunter and collector
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Leeza Pritychenko (b.1992) — Graphic Designer/Art Director with interest for VJ-ing, digital art and 3D graphics, currently based in The Hague, The Netherlands. In her work she is enjoying creating as expressive, as minimalistic projects with an eye for subtle yet quirky details; and combining goofiness with dark existentialism, while questioning the habitual reality around us. She wrote bachelor thesis on hoaxes and visual credibility, and did a VR project about hyperreality. She is also interested in possibilities that new media and technologies offer to the field of graphic design and storytelling and vice versa.
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Dave Bain is a Bristol illustrator who creates engaging and inspirational images that imaginatively capture the message and identity of a given brief. Drawing on a love of colour and screen-printing processes his clients now include Nokia, NSPCC, the BBC and Oxford University Press.
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3D Designer and Founder of Us by Night.
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Ewen studied under the tutorage of British Phototgraphers Paul Reas and Mark Power at the School of Art and Design at the University of Brighton. He graduated in 1997 and quickly became known for his groundbreaking editorial during the late 90’s for The Face & Sleazenation magazine. He immediately spoke to an audience interested in subcultures, multiculturalism, music, graphic art, photography, fashion and primarily youth culture. His Open Mic book was awarded a yellow pencil certificate by the D&AD in 2005 for Photographic publishing, and remains one of the best examples of Ewen’s work to date.
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Kyle Kim is a San Francisco based fine art landscape photographer from South Korea who conveys uncommon beauty through his images. He prefers to observe and understand how the landscape interacts with both emotion and light. As a photographer, he works tirelessly to push beyond the limitations of exposure time and aperture width, in order to shine light into dark places. The emotions that he is trying to evoke meaningful. Photography is the tool he uses to communicate these feelings.
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Kati Szilágyi is an illustrator, who is currently living in Berlin, Germany. Part of studio Headquarter & Parallel Universe Collective.
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I do colorful things for a living. from Montreal now in San Francisco.
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...,staat + NewWerktheater Amsterdam / Founder & creative director / Espresso & Old Fashioned / ...,™ Instagram: @jochemstaat / @staatamsterdam / @NewWerktheater
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