The Moral Kiosk is the best place to have a great cup of coffee, get your leather shoes repaired, buy that rare vinyl you've been looking for ages, get your tarot read and watch an intimate gig and chat to Quiet about life in Joburg.
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This street holds a lot good memories between me and my friends, most of which I will never forget.
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A taste of Portuguese cafe culture on Golborne Road.
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Ever since visiting the exhibition space, a few years ago, I don’t think I have ever missed one single show. It is one of the best exhibition spaces for contemporary art in London, in my opinion. The scale and the light feel right. The environment is not too overwhelming and not too small. In addition, the bookshop has a good selection of catalogues, art books and magazines.
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One of a series of rivers in the area, situated in the town of Genga (a 15 minute drive from Montecarotto, close to Grotte di Frasassi). When I was younger I liked to go there and draw, and think about the movement of the elements.
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One of the best brunch places in Antwerp and the staff is very friendly. Menu tips: Turkish eggs, the pancakes, Eggs Benedict and Americano coffee.
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Love bar is serving seasonal cocktails, craft beer, wine and small plates four nights per week. A signature cocktail list, which is changed occasionally depending on the season, is a must try. Cocktail ingredients are often sourced at the local markets and Lithuanian meadows.
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This secret garden, positioned behind San Miniato al Monte, just a few steps away from one of the most beautiful look out points Florence has to offer, Piazzale Michaelangelo. Here is a quaint whimsical hideaway. Coming from my small town roots, completely surrounded by nature; finding this miniature grove was a gold mine. Here, you will find trees, things I immensely love and miss; this slice of nature here gives me a refreshing taste of purity and comfort.
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Skip the museum itself if you want, as the garden of this place is the nicest part. Green and quiet, you will forget you are in the middle of Tokyo
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I like the round bar, it opens up to conversations with new people.
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Best place to go for simple pasta dishes.
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Propaganda is a contemporary art gallery in Warsaw run by Jacek Sosnowski. The gallery cooperates both with artists who debuted in the second half of the 20th century and with young artists representing the Polish art scene. At its exhibitions, the gallery presents, among others, paintings, sculptures and drawings. Propaganda is also a publishing house that produces editions, art books and art publications. The photography presents an exhibition view from "How to travel" show by Jacek and Ewa Doroszenko.
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I’m Jose, a Venezuelan Dreamer, Art director and Photographer based in Amsterdam. Having latin blood with a global soul has helped me to do great work for nice agencies and amazing people in 5 different countries so far. I've worked for brands such as Toyota, PlayStation, Magnum, Pampers, Qatar Airways, and Deutsche Telekom among others. In my photography I explore the everyday life, gender, environmental issues, and sexuality. I’m a crazy curious person, I experienced a lot of things in life from how is the everyday in a circus to being backstage documenting Sex work. I find fascinating people’s behavior always up to meet different characters, and have been doing it all around the globe. I love getting my hands dirty with the craft of ideas in every way, I have a graphic design background, I've been taking photographs for the past 5 years and I'm working in my first short film “THE SHOW MUST GO ON” now.
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I am an animator/digital artist living in Seoul, Korea.
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I am a photographer based in Paris, born and raised in Avignon (south of France).
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Art and portrait photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa Brett Rubin is a South Africa based photographer & visual artist inspired by the relationship between the structural and the natural, and  particularly how this affects people in both urban and pastoral environments. This forms the focal point of a series titled Auto-Portraits  (2011-ongoing), which aims to capture fleeting glimpses into democratic South Africa taken while travelling at high speeds and utilizing the resulting abstraction that occurs as a rhythmic dissonance to forge an exploration into the country’s contemporary landscape. 
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Chilean illustrator, based in Santiago, from Temuco
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Neelima Narayanan, originally from India, grew up in Singapore and moved to New York to study product design at Parsons. Her inspirations come from a range of different disciplines such as science, art, or fashion and design. She is currently a freelancing designer in New York and continuing her own personal projects.
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I am always looking up to high from low. I would like to devote myself to making an equal balance in the world by giving inspiration and pleasure and shouting a dignified voice from my works. Previously, worked at CJ EnM, Wax Studios, 2x4 and Currently, CD at SundaeSchool
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Hi I'm a stills and motion photographer living in Berlin Germany, but have worked for numerous clients, magazines and agencies on projects all around the world.  “Lars’ cinematic photographs follow a timeless aesthetic driven by his search for authenticity. With great practice and understanding of natural light he is looking for that magic moment that is able to touch our minds and hearts. This way Lars creates a broad spectrum of imagery depicting live in all different shades and colours. There is a naturalism in his visual reaction to people, situations or landscapes, which creates the certain strength and universal beauty of his evocative photography. Whether he is working on a large-scale commercial shoot, an intimate portrait session or a personal project, Lars is able to strip away the artificial, get close to the people and capture something real.”  (J.C.)
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Roberto Calbucci is a painter and freelance graphic designer. After living in Milan and Tokyo, Roberto and his wife Meloni Mitchell (model/designer) decided to set up base for a while in the Italian countryside in a tiny village called Montecarotto, to concentrate on their projects. Roberto works independently as a painter, focusing on his research: science, nature, entropy, and order-chaos.  The places below that he recommends for Citylikeyou are located near his small town.
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The banal, the quotidian, the obvious, the common and the ordinary fascinate me. How do we give meaning to our daily life?
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I am a visual artist, currently living in Tel Aviv. I illustrate, animate and create music.
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Designer from Barcelona
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