Posted by Stefi Orazi
Morito is a few doors down from it's well know sister restaurant Moro. This not long open tapas restaurant feels like it could be in a little back street in Barcelona. The food is great, and it has a buzzy but relaxed atmosphere. You might need to wait a little while for the table, but I promise it's worth it.
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Fresh is best. The best place in Melbourne for fresh cheese. The Buffalo Mozzarella and the creamy Ricotta are to die for. I used to have to wait years and fly half way across the globe to my home in Italy just to bite into one of these creamy morsels of goodness. Now my life can be defined by the ‘pre La Latteria period’ and the ‘post La Latteria period’.
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A beautiful design hotel right in the heart of Brussels.
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Posted by Lena Müller
The building was planned by the famous architect and artist Max Bill. Here you can find interesting, small exhibitions of contemporary artists and it’s also a nice place sitting outside in the café next to the river.
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I love Picasso and if 'Im having a blue day he always make me feel better.
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The High Line is an amazing architectural achievement, building a massive park on a disused elevated's possibly the more beautiful piece of public works recently completed in Manhattan. I actually prefer the view from the highline than the park itself, giving the chelsea area a feel of a scene from Bladerunner if it had a kiddie park built into it.
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You can find second hand designer clothes here. With an especially  great selection of Belgian brands like Raf Simons and Dries van Noten, Stephan Schneider, Christian Wijnants... 
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Concept Store for people who are looking for a bit different clothes, decor and gifts for their children.
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A great place to find cool books and magazines. Maybe one of the best in barcelona. They also have a space for exhibitions that they often fill with amazing stuff.
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This is the place where I ate my first burger just 2 hours after I arrived in 'tha hood' I loved the place immediately because of the supersweet employees. And the fact that they have al this vintage machines in the place: like an old COKE machine and a cigarette machine as well as a jukebox from the sixties. The fact that they serve ALL DAY LONG BREAKFAST really made me happy, probably because I lived in Berlin before I moved here and there people are endlessly chilling and having breakfast the whole day long anyway! On wednesdays Wally organizes film evenings with funny nineties classics and on thursday evening you can eat a 5 dollar burger menu. While eating your inexpensive burger think of Wall.E.
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Brussels based record store.
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Originally named the New York State Theater and designed by Phillip Johnson in the 60’s, this building has been home to both the New York City Ballet and New York City Opera since its opening. This is a view of the promenade at intermission, during a ballet performance celebrating the birthday of George Balanchine.
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I wear many hats – most of which can't be showcased on one platform! I do the most all the time and challenge humans to do better and be better. I believe art heals, listening is important, traveling is essential and one shouldn't be judged for their love of adult onesies. Just sayin. ;)
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Ahoy. Most of my time I spend with Work&Travel. Exploring, relaxing and getting inspired while trailing is the best way to have a break after a long project. Also meeting people, write and experience new stories of life is what makes not only a trip but also the creative work lasting longer.
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Designer & Art Director based in Lisbon
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New Yorker Cartoonist, graphic novelist 
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Creative Director at Grumble Creative, my own creative & digital agency based in Milan. My life motto Emotivamente scossa. 
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Liesl Pfeffer is a visual artist from Melbourne, Australia. She has a degree in photography and makes collages from toy camera photographs. She loves crafts, drumming, baked goods, riding her bike and replacing the blade on her scalpel.
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I'm a graphic designer from Barcelona :)
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Danish artist & designer inspired by the little details you find in nature. 
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Amanda Eliasson is a Swedish animation director based in London. Her work place primary interest in hand generated processes. She recently graduated with an MA in animation from the Royal College of Art, London. Now she’s a freelance animation director in the UK. “Since I started animating I’ve developed an interest in making flat images transport the viewer into a three dimensional space. I would say my style is playful and naive in contrast to the difficult social subjects I often address in my films”.
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Marco Oggian has wanted to be illustrator since he was just a little kid. Describing his style as “simple, strong, a five-year-old could do better”, it seems that a lot of that energy has stayed with him. Although most small children don’t quite have Marco’s client base, there’s definitely more than a touch of the playful to the Italian illustrator’s colourful approach. But his simple shapes and bright colours are often deployed to highlight more serious issues, from the environment to the war in Syria. Born in Italy but now based in La Coruña in Northern Spain (for his “lovely girlfriend and of course tapas and beer!”), Marco is largely self-taught, after being expelled from college pretty-early on. Ever the optimist, the young illustrator frames his departure from formal education as an opportunity for self-study and to gain life experience. “Since I had the chance to start working earlier than my peers, I have already done a lot of interesting things: travel, give talks, put on exhibitions and performances – all this is incredible,” he enthuses.
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design duo based in duesseldorf, germany – with focus on graphic design, art direction, typography and photography
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Hailing from Nebraska, Sean is a graphic designer, illustrator, animator and motion designer. After working in San Francisco, Colorado, Amsterdam and southern France he is currently living in Brooklyn and freelancing out of New York City. His style is often graphical with an emphasis on typography, color, and texture.
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Hi!  I'm Paula. I'm a film photographer based in Valencia and proud co-founder and CEO of Malvarrosa Film Lab. 
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