Paris, unlike London, Brooklyn and err Chester, isn’t famed for its zoo. That’s because there isn’t anything quite as big here, but if its quality as opposed to size you’re looking for then the zoo in the Jardin des Plantes won’t leave you disappointed. There are about 1800 animals here, a third of which are endangered species, like the Amur leopard, pictured. The reptile house has big snakes and snap-happy crocodiles. There are even kangaroos and some other animals you wouldn’t have thought hardy enough to adapt to the cold chill of the Paris winters. The only drawback is the monkey house, which is a rather forlorn place with depressed-looking chimpanzees and gorillas gazing through shit-stained glass cages.
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Posted by Nick Law
Appreciate the 'bar hidden away behind a bookcase' thing is pretty naff but the cocktails here are unreal (try the Hot and Cold), and it's inside Milroy's Soho, one of the most legendary spirits stores in the city
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The Cô Cô bánh mì deli serves great vietnamese sandwiches and the best lemon grass tea I've ever had.
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Maceió been as hot as the world allows it to be - even if it doesn't look like in the picture beside - it's not the first choice to be when you are wondering where to go. What makes me love it, is the whole diversity. You can get anything you are/or not looking for. A nice place to get different material to work with.
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Flowers lovers! Orto Botanico di Brera is an hidden treasure right in the center of Brera and near by Pinacoteca. The garden is a university and museum, there they organize events and activities for the public and schools. It has an amazing collection of flowers and medicinal plants, plus little corners where you can stop by and enjoy the silence for a bit.
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There's plenty of debate in Austin about the best breakfast tacos, and you can get them almost literally anywhere, but I personally love Taco Deli's fresh, local, high-quality ingredients and unfussy style. You can make cases for more authenticity, but TD's hard to beat for convenient, consistent, delicious tacos. My pick is the Migas Royal plate (local-tip: beat the crowds by calling in your order on the way and skipping the line)
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Small collection of foreign movies with a huge waterside-view cafe.
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Relaxed with character. Tiny garden at the back overlooked by Waterloo train station. Not sure if mother cat still lives there. Nice to go with friends or alone. Books. Good for a coffee and cake or a bottle of beer. Spiral staircase down to basement. One loo serves the place - tip - lock the door, don't just rely on the curtain and save an awkward encounter.  Photo credit:
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Posted by natalia criado
Raw food when you are tired of  Italian Food. 
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Situated in the patio of the Kunst-Werke, a well established exhibition house for contemporary art, this cafe features mirror-walls and a selection of nice cakes and lunch menu. 
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This place has one of the hottest rooms I've ever been in. The combination of barely being able to breathe from the heat to immediately jumping into a freezing murky pool is addictive. There's also a great roof patio for a change of scenery. A good old school New York spot.
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Posted by Joanna Gniady
After long hours at Reina Sofia museum time for going to Outer Space. It's called NuBel and it makes you wonderfully dizzy. Or, better, go there just before the museum - drink some wine and go to admire Guernica in 3D.
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Art Director in London
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I am visual artist working between video, installation, and fiber arts, living in Florence, Italy. I am also the co-founder of Creative People in Florence, an international community of artists, designers, artisans, and creative thinkers with the aim of fostering collaboration, promoting our members’ projects, and activating the contemporary arts in Florence.
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Multidisciplinary designer and art director based in San Francisco, California. My work draws from a diverse group of clientele stemming from the commercial and cultural fields taking the form of national campaigns, brand identities, art direction, typography, and design systems. Inspired by contemporary culture, technology, and art; I strive to connect audiences through clear and concise communication rooted in experimentation, narrative, and visual form.
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Lisa Carletta is a Belgian Photographer and Artist based between London and Milan. She completed a Master in Fine Art at Royal College of Art in 2017 where she developed digital work and 3D animation. Recurring themes in her work are often taken from her personal life, in which memories of her own experiences take a central role, revealing common human insecurities and anxieties.  Lisa’s work fabricates a fantasy world where nothing is what it seems.
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I have been working in the art world for the past eight years. An advocate for artists since a young age, I managed my first art gallery in Los Angeles at age 23 and finally created my current business, MTArt Agency, to promote the artists she believed in across the globe. MTArt is the first artist agency in the world, the agency specialises in talent management: building, growing and accelerating careers while financing the studio costs of its artists. 
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Mexican photographer currently based in New York, also Founder and Creative Director of P Magazine ( A hardcover limited edition art book published annually as a collector’s edition, curated by Monumento and Mariana ) — Her work is a combination of disciplines, such as portrait, editorial and reportage, among others. Constantly trying to capture fascinating moments that could be translate into beautiful, elegant pieces of art, tell stories and make them last forever.  
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Gi Myao is a painter and illustrator living in London. Central Saint Martins fashion design graduate, she worked as a fashion designer, print designer and sometimes brand consultant, until she decided to focus on fashion and style illustration working extensively for international magazines and fashion houses. Gi is now a proud working-mum. She launched babies and kids online concept shop, Rocket Shop London in 2016.
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I'm from Cornwall. Anyone who knows me knows that I rant on about Cornwall. The longer I stay away from Cornwall (in London) the more I seem to rant about it. But I still like to go back as often as possible to do crazy stuff like cast metal furniture on the beach or carve chairs out of Cornish granite in the various quarries dotted around the countryside. Otherwise you will find me in my studio in deepest darkest Tottenham whittling a lump of material into a spoon or chair.
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Nadya Wasylko is a New York based fashion and portrait photographer with a love for color and luscious, beautiful moments. Her photography has been published in New York Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Photo District News, The Guardian UK, Soma, Fiasco, Gloss and Bullett magazines, and featured on several publications including LINE a journal, Dazed Digital, The Ones2Watch, and the New York Times Style Blog.
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London-based Italian graphic designer
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Guillaume Bleret is the founder of the underground rave parties Gay Haze, and studio manager to the Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens
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French architect and photographer based in Barcelona
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Art Director based in Singapore.
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