By appointment only. Large archive of lettering, typography and calligraphy.
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Fine coffe and pastries selection. Awesome interior design by Pool Studio.
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The Party Superstore was/is my absolute favourite London shop until it was bizarrely attacked and gutted during the summer London riots. They have been since adopted as a concession by the local Debenhams but you can still savour the full delights of the products and nonsense on line.
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Despite the stigma that surrounds East Vancouver, the alleys are often adorned with amazingly colourful offerings. I find it very inspiring to take a stroll through a select few and pick out literary scrawling, graffiti, and the layers of vibrant history that cover the walls.
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Posted by Emil Kozak
Where the lights come from is the national museum of art in Catalunya. Its an impressive building with great exhibitions and a huge collection of hostoric art. In that area you will also find Mies Van Der Roes house and Caixa forum (Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8).
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The small East London bakery that made Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding cake.
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Nature is the only thing I sometimes feel that I miss in the city and though I love going to Central Park and Prospect Park it’s still a bit of a hike for everyday life. Thankfully there’s a ton of small gardens and parks all around the city and in the summer some of them turns in to secluded hideouts. My favorite is cramped in between 6th avenue, a playground and another street but it still feels like (almost) being in a little forest when sitting there.
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My favourite bar to have a beer during late evening, the atmosphere is really atypical.
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Fab coffee and cocktails in the city centre.
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Perfect Little Place for coffee and cakes! Some good things do come in small packages.
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Posted by Jamie Wolfe
Koreatown dessert shop that specializes in dreamy ice-cream + cotton candy combinations. 
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Violaine et Jérémy is a Paris based illustration and graphic arts studio founded by Jérémy Schneider and Violaine Orsoni.
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I am a Set Designer, scenographer and Prop Stylist currently based in London. I am from Cyprus and lived and worked in Italy, Germany, Greece, Cyprus and London. I love exploring nature and creating visual worlds.
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Photographer and Filmmaker based in Europe
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Based in Tokyo / Graphic design / illustration 
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I am a freelance designer and maker from Vancouver, Canada
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Aaron Moran grew up in the Fraser Valley about an hour East of Vancouver. He spends his time exploring the urban and rural alike, simultaneously drawing inspiration from urban decay and natural geography. He received his BFA from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2007 and studied Film & Video at Simon Fraser University. His works span sculpture, painting, printmaking and assemblage, with careful attention to the use of reclaimed source materials. He is the current artist in residence at the Ranger Station Art Gallery in Harrison Hot Springs, BC.
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Illustrations Graphic Designer PR & Communication The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
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Designer and illustrator, recently moved to London from sunny Bournemouth. Speaks fluent Spanish and Catalan having lived in the Balearic Islands. Currently working full-time as a graphic designer in branding, advertising at an agency in north London. Also a practicing freelance Illustrator and animator.
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Graphic designer. Based in London, from Buenos Aires.
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Matt is a product designer currently working for Dropbox in San Francisco, CA.
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Stephenie Kay Lc was born in 1986. She is an artist and photographer based in Hong Kong. Stephenie had her first Polaroid Exhibition "Portrait Photography" at Mint in Hong Kong, on March 2013.
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Antidisciplinary artist and designer working from the bowels of Somerset House.
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photographer from Belgium
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Buenos Aires Based artist
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