The remnants of a round church built in the 400's on grounds which once housed the barracks of the nomadic Roman soldiers -  Castra Pergrinorum. To note are the beautifully coloured frescos lining the interior wall of the second ring of the church, which depict the stories of Christian martyrs with eerie and somehow humorous graphic details. Once on a tour the guide mentioned that in a room below the church there was a temple for pagan rituals held by the soldiers. You can still see the entry in to this room from above marked off. 
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I'm in love with this place !
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The former factory buildings of the museum gives you a perfect picture of the textile production of the previous century. But even more interesting might be another important part of the museum called the 'TextileLab' which allows students, artists and designers to execute their designs on the machines. The idea to do so has gone through my head ever since.
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Cool shop designed by Andreas Bozarth Fornell (Specific Generic), fashion wear from Sweden, pink concrete + brushed aluminium.
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Mussels, french fries and gin & tonics... need I say more?
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Intimate east village record shop with an excellently curated selection of second hand and new vinyl.
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Very funny that the number of floor where this sculpture is consonant american psychedelic rock band - "13-th Floor Elevators", from Austin, Texas. Perhaps this work would be good musicplate illustration for this band. Anyway, this photo from 13-th floor of house in the Troyeshchyna area in which lives, author of this fantastic surealistic sculpture – Tatiana Peak. Tatiana says that she make – "programming structure of space." At this point you can consider for hours and find more and more details, lots of artificial plants, jewelry, there are several icons, sculptures, painted an icon of Jesus Christ, the naked girl in the niche, the ass of "Shrek," and Virgin Mary. One of the strangest and most mysterious places in Kiev.
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Hands-down the best menswear boutique in Manhattan. With names like Evan Kinori, Paa, and Norse Projects, C'H'C'M' is the go-to for the latest in men's fashion.
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This restaurant has been a Hollywood landmark for over 60 years. The interior looks like time has stood still. Go to the reastaurant area to have a nice piece of prime rib, and after dinner move to the lounge area where Elaine and Marty sing their oldies but goodies. Some believe that their version of "Staying alive" is better then the original.
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Posted by Jenny Brown
A beautiful melding of old and new architecture, this museum houses a wonderful collection-Ancient Art ,18th & 19th century furniture, Impressionist paintings, textiles, plus rotating special exhibitions. And museum store is great, and full of products made by RISD (Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design) graduates.
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In 1938 during the Spanish Civil war, Francisco Franco laid siege to the city of Barcelona. On the 30 September 1938, one of Franco's bombs fell on the church killing 30 people most of whom were children from the School of Sant Philip Neri and some were refugee children from Madrid where the church had been turned into a make-shift orphanage. As people pulled survivors from the rubble, a second bomb hit the square, killing 12 more bringing the death toll to 42. It was the second worst bombing hit in Barcelona during the war. Evidence of the bombings can be seen in the pockmarked walls of the church.
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Marietta Varga was born in Hungary. She completed her studies, BA in Photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design between 2013-2016. Currently living and working in Budapest.
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Danny Bracken is an artist and composer based in Pittsburgh.
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Clémence Polès is a New York-based creative strategist & marketer. Born in the south of France and raised in Dubai, she graduated from King's College London with a Masters in International Marketing. Prior to consulting, Clemence was leading the marketing efforts and digital content of tech start-up, Splacer. Since, she has worked with clients such as Sonos, West Elm, Soho House, Casper, Canal Street Market and more. She is also the creative mind and photographer behind Passerbuys, a website built around real recommendations of the women that pass us by, gaining press from the likes of Time Out, Refinery29, Sight Unseen & more.
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John Christian Rose is an artist and designer originally from Austin, TX now living in New York. Previously, he's worked at B.A.D. Studio, SSHH, and Pacific Books. Currently, he's a design intern at Gander.
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Mexican based artist and illustrator
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19, Photographer & skateboarder
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Design Lead @ Origami Inc.
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Based in Tokyo / Graphic design / illustration 
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Pieter is a designer and visual artist living and working in Antwerp. In 2012 he founded his own studio, specialised in lettering, calligraphy and murals. His process combines analog and digital techniques, while always trying to let the human touch shine through. His portfolio ranges from visual identities and book covers over packaging to art installations and tattoos. Next to that Pieter teaches through lectures and workshops. To connect with letterheads around the world he founded Antwerp Type Society, and he is one half of the Analphabetics collective.
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Hattie Newman makes sets and images that live in advertisements, magazines, galleries, websites, books and many other places around the world. Hattie’s studio is a place where sketches and ideas quickly outgrow their pages and leap to life.
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Wolfgang Landauer was born near Munich in 1987. Most of his work is based within the fields of typography and photography. After finishing the Bachelor of Arts in Würzburg he is now doing his final Master degree in Mainz. His last freelance job brought him to New York where he was able to work for the magazine "Man of the World". Besides an internship at the "grafisches Büro" and "liga: graphic design" in Vienna his last trip to New York was his greatest experience so far. Wolfgang will leave Wiesbaden in 2014 and wants to explore a new city for career. His bachelor thesis shows the poetic way of his designing. This final publication is made in the form of an oversized broadsheet newspaper. Just cast an eye on his portfolio!  
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London-based writer, editor and creative director. Founder and editor-in-chief at Sabat Magazine.
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Izabela is a German-Polish writer and editor who grew up in Berlin. She graduated with a BA in Communication, Curation and Criticism from Central Saint Martins and completed a masters degree in Critical Writing for Art and Design at the Royal College of Art. Through writing about art, architecture, politics, the media and design, she observes the constructs of everyday life. Izabela cares to be both a boundless enthusiast and a sensitive critic when engaging with contemporary narratives or speaking to current-time visionaries.
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Gi Myao is a painter and illustrator living in London. Central Saint Martins fashion design graduate, she worked as a fashion designer, print designer and sometimes brand consultant, until she decided to focus on fashion and style illustration working extensively for international magazines and fashion houses. Gi is now a proud working-mum. She launched babies and kids online concept shop, Rocket Shop London in 2016.
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