A green oasis in Hackney, offering affordable, beautiful plants. A jungle full of inspiration. (Pic from meltingbutter.com)
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Ex theatre, ex d.i.y squat exhibition space, the W139 has now evolved into an official playground for contemporary art. Most works are made site specifically and are not for sale. This creates an exciting platform for experimentation. This gigantic space; absurd oasis in the middle of the invasion of sex toys, plastic pizzas & weed souvenirs of the Red Light District, is a must see. The openings are legendary and gather all the art kids in town. I use to work here as a host, as a barman, and I even designed their invitations from 2007 to 2008. All of my friends work or exhibited here, and it's one of my regular stops when biking around.
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Christiania is a ‘must visit‘ in you are in Copenhagen. I personally like go for a walk , visit the many restaurants or coffeeshops, or  explore  ‘Den Grønne Hal’ for use construction materials
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Ofr is a bookstore, gallery and lifestyle. Alex and Marie have been running one version or another of this Paris institution for the last 20 years. The shelves are always packed with a new selection of books, magazines and art. 
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Looking for a place to relax and rewind in Sicily? Then, this is the place for you. Diamond Resort is a 5-star hotel situated just between the vibrant beach town Giardini-Naxos and the picturesque tourist resort Taormina. Here, you can go for a swim in any of the 2 outdoor spa swimming pools, practicing your swing at the pitch golf court, go for a workout at the indoor gym, spoil yourself with spa treatments, enjoy some seriously great Aperol Spritz cocktails... yea, you name it. The rooms are air conditioned and clean with fluffy beds. Once you walk in through the gates to this resort, you immediately relax. The only downside is the food at the hotel. It's nothing special at all and extremely expensive. Luckily enough, there are local Sicilian restaurants just around the corner by the beach walk, so you're better of strolling down the street and get yourself some local Italian food instead for a much more reasonable price. It's just a short walk down to the beach walk and the hotel has a private beach spot. However, the beach is better in the town of Giardini-Naxos, so I preferred the swimming pool. The hotel is surrounded by a breathtaking view with the vulcano mountains facing one side and the ocean the other. After spending a few days at this resort, I felt like a new person.
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Our Hero has been open for something like 40 years. It is only open for lunch. The owner Al slices all the meat and cheese to order, then passes the sub along to whoever else is working that day for basic sub toppings. You can get a good sized sub for $5, cash only. I go here enough to where they know my order, I know the price and no one has to say a word. I can be slow if the high school across the street let out recently or someone comes in with an order for coworkers.
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The street vendors in Jogja, the "bakul" draw attention by the sounds they produce: every kind of food is announced by the sound of an object. A sound of a spoon on a plate is "rujak" (fruit), a cow bell is "satay", a spoon on a bowl of noodles is "bakso ayam". The sound of boiling water "putu" (coconut cake) and a cart with a loud speaker with LOUD "dangdut" music is "getuk" (cassava cakes). The latter is indicative of a trend: traditional sounds are gradually taken over by electronically amplified sounds.
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Seasonal British food at its BEST !
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Guerilla started off as a good truck and grew into a brick and mortar. The sweet potato tacos are it! 
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I love to discover, explore and destroy photo books with my eyes and subsequently my portable telephone. A place where I love doing this is in the Stedelijk Museum. Yes, gift shops are typically stocked with pure Dutch gouda like any other gift shop but I find with enough dedication there is something to be found. I particularly enjoyed this one. Perhaps it is my Dutch affinity for milk.
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What can I say, I love donuts and these are my favorite in New York.
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Photographer based in Berlin.
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Maaike Canne is an illustrator currently living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She works across a variety of different media, including murals, woodwork and print. Using multiple perspectives, her suggestive and vibrant work often deals with surrealism and mystery placed in relatively recognizable spaces. Her scenes are often pervaded by a sense of silence and estrangement. She gets inspiration from interior, architecture and design among other things. Feel free to reach out to me! @maaike_canne maaike.e.canne@gmail.com
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Born in 1991, Belgian designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte received his master’s degree in industrial design from the ENSAV La Cambre in 2014. Following his graduation, he opened his studio at the « MAD Lab » (MAD Brussels Fashion & Design Platform) working there as a designer since 2015. Since the beginning of his professional career, Pierre-Emmanuel has been invited to exhibit annually in cities such as Copenhagen, Paris, and Milan. From conception to production, Pierre-Emmanuel imbues his designs with a sense of the surreal and a respect for craftsmanship. Each piece has a unique voice, and emotional power. Together, they speak to our more playful and curious nature, inviting us to live experiences unlimited by everyday expectations. His work is enigmatic, challenging what we consider to be evident in order to change habits and perceptions. His designs are indeed symbolic of an urge to break free from the mundane, to chase originality, while staying within the framework of the most noble materials.
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Ariel Di Lisio is a graphic & type designer from Argentina who specializes in branding and typography. His approach is fresh and modern, and his work is focused on aesthetics as well as functionality. From his earlier designs to his most recent projects, every piece created shows his love for the process: thinking about the concept, establishing the general mood and the overall look & feel, the production stage, and the final output. In 2009, in its annual edition, the acclaimed publication I.D. Magazine selected him as one of the 40 leading designers in the world. That same year he was also selected to participate in the Lubalin Now Exhibition Center of Design and Typography at Cooper Union, NYC.  He has been a visiting teacher at University ©Cedim, Monterrey MEX in 2010, 2011 and 2017, and also at UDEM, Universidad de Monterrey in 2012 and 2019. Since 2015 he has also been a consultant for the Postgraduate Program in Branding in the renowned FADU-UBA. His devotion to the profession has taken him to different countries around the world, where he has given lectures and directed workshops about design and typography on local universities and congresses.
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I'm an Illustrator, Visual Artist and occasional Art Director based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
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Bosco Sodi is known for his richly textured, vividly colored large-scale paintings. Sodi has discovered an emotive power within the essential crudeness of the materials that he uses to execute his paintings. Focusing on material exploration, the creative gesture, and the spiritual connection between the artist and his work, Sodi seeks to transcend conceptual barriers. Sodi leaves many of his paintings untitled, with the intention of removing any predisposition or connection beyond the work’s immediate existence. The work itself becomes a memory and a relic symbolic of the artist’s conversation with the raw material that brought the painting into creation. Sodi’s influences range from l’art informel, looking to artists such as Antoni Tàpies and Jean Dubuffet, to master colorists such as Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and the bright hues of his native heritage.
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Design Lead @ Origami Inc.
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Illustrator working and living (mostly) in Vienna 
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Roland Maas is currently working as an artist in Tilburg, in the South of the Netherlands. In his autonomous work Maas does not limit himself to a particular technique or discipline. While creating, the process of making is all that matters and directs the final shape of the art work which can be different from its initial concept.  This fits in his current ceramic works, which he combines with technical materials and garbage. Maas is also a photographer, illustrator and creator of the world's first toon-model 'Babelle'
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Fashion photographer born and raised in Spain living around the world. Seeking for experience and artistic evolution in every corner. 
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Peter Garritano is a photographer based in New York City. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, TIME, Wired, Fast Company, CNN, The Atlantic, VICE, People, The Huffington Post, Paper Journal, Elle, It's Nice That, Dazed and various other publications.
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