Up past the more famous rose garden on the west side is an arboretum with hiking trails and a zoo. Great views of Portland’s downtown and Mt. St. Helens in the distance. It’s very peaceful and any time of year it’s a nice and quick escape from the city, just takes under 10 minutes to get to.
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Shinjuku is one of the busiest places in Tokyo and you can see various contrasts of society there. Numberless stories are rolling under the huge buildings in somberness. Good to walk around through the night.
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Posted by Jeng
One of the most traditional neighborhoods of the city, inhabited by Italian immigrants, is home to dozens of great restaurants and hundreds of properties like houses, churches, theaters and architectural complexes, such as stairs, squares and parks, dating from the early twentieth century. There is also the Don Orione square, which on Sundays since 1982 houses the Arts and Antiques Fair of Bixiga, with period furniture, LPs, clothes, old magazines, toys,silverware and much more. The neighborhood is also home to one of the largest samba schools of the country, Vai-Vai, and during the year you can find the remains of gigantic ornaments used at the party.
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Posted by Mike Guppy
Frank's bar opens on the roof of a multi-storey carpark in Peckham every summer. It's great to go for a drink and get this phenomenal view of London. I love the design of the bar, which is different each year, and the exhibitions are always interesting.
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It may see like I have an affinity for dingy looking doorways leading to amazing spots, but it just so happens that another of the best bars in Vancouver is hidden behind such an entrance. The Narrow plays great music ranging from heavy metal, to hard rock, classic rock, grunge, 70’s soul and everything in between. The atmosphere is awesome. It is small, dark, VERY loud (due to the music), and the red walls are adorned by rows of deer antlers a glowing neon cross. It has a massive liquor selection too.
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These giant spectral cylinders are great at different times of the day but my favourite time is around dusk when the buildings in the city start to light up. The Gherkin and the new Shard building are framed in the lowest ring then the shifting colours of the sky are almost split in the following ellipses.
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The location of Bergen next to the sea and between seven fells makes it very convenient to explore nature. Stoltzekleiven is a steep journey 400m upwards. Look forward to the path which bares the nickname Lactic Acid. From the top there is the most amazing view, one can also easily reach the other fells on foot from here.
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The Red Lion Tavern has been a neighborhood tavern in Los Angeles for over fifty years (which is a long time for L.A.), and continues to serve as a landmark for traditional German food, a wide selection of German beer, and cozy Old World atmosphere. Plus the waitresses all wear lederhosen, and it's blocks away from my parents' house.
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I rediscovered this place recently having not been for years and now I keep returning. The geological galleries are my favourites.
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Good breakfast & nice atmosphere!
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Have you ever imagine a place that sells Moroccan, homemade French cuisine or Japanese bento at the same place? Well, this exists somewhere in Le Marais, Paris. The market was established in 1628 and is located at 39 Rue de Bretagne. This place is one of my favorite spots for a Sunday meal with friends or alone. Even though the place is not so big, you can find a comfortable place in one of the corridors if you arrive early. One of the hints of this place is the Garden Madeleine-de-Scudéry, that is just next to it, perfect to open a book and get lost for a couple of hours between pages. 
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I am an animator/digital artist living in Seoul, Korea.
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Corbin Mahieu is a graphic designer based in Ghent, Belgium.
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Michael was born and raised in Seattle, and has lived in New York since 2009. He's done graphic and interaction design for Pentagram and Local Projects, and is currently a designer at the Google Creative Lab.
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Joseph Piper moved to London to study Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins in 2003. Based in the city, he is a creative with a personal interest in photography and commercial aspirations in branding and e-commerce. Joseph Piper has a soft spot for pugs, Fender guitars & Danish foxes.
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I'm a Polish-born designer and maker based in Geneva. My practice reflects on dialectical dimensions of fashion, aesthetics and contemporary craft. As one of the founding members of Hi Bye collective, with other HEAD Geneva graduates, I engage in collaborative projects and installations.
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Digital designer based in Brno, Czech Republic.
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Creative strategist at ...,staat & NewWerktheater – Hyper Island alumni – Triathlon, design, art, photography.
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I am a French-born illustrator and graphic designer based in Helsinki, Finland. I create prints, illustrations, patterns, visual identity and layouts for various clients in Finland and abroad.
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I am mad about the forest, the fog, the sea. There is an halo in the details that appear in my photographs. Nothing is casual in the silence of melancholy living in the mood I capture. My private life affects the shoot. I grew up in a volcanic island called Tenerife plenty of nature and energy. I came to Berlin in 2008 after finishing my Journalism Bachelor´s degree in Madrid, I also studied Photo Edition at the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin and nowadays I am working as photo editor and photographer.
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Michael is a designer who has worked in New York since 2000. After leaving behind the bayous of Louisiana for NYC he received a masters degree in architecture from Columbia University. After school he began teaching and started SOFTlab, a design studio that is a unique blend of designers, artists, architects and educators who approach every project from a fresh perspective to create rich spatial, graphic, interactive and visual experiences. By mixing research, creativity and technology with a strong desire to make working fun, SOFTlab attempts to create new and unique experiences.
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Lucile brizard - filmmaker and photographer 
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Yosuke Yajima, has won a prize in 1_WALL, the photo competition in Japan. He later held several solo exhibitions and also participated in group exhibitions inland. As an office worker, he has been producing his works at a place where you can be close to changes in both structure of Japanese culture and common sense. His works can be seen in Tinyvices, the web site of the world-famous curator, Tim Barber, USA.
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Rebeka Arce is an independent multidisciplinary designer and art director based in Madrid working with a diverse range of brands and partners across multiple audiovisual platforms, specialising in flexible identity design systems, moving & still image creation and both editorial and digital design. She works across disciplines to bring to life meaningful and dynamic design solutions combining traditional graphic design elements with illustration and photography. Her work is shaped by an interest in holistic design solutions, experimental but functional typography and playful colour combinations. Living and working in different cities like Berlin, Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid has helped her appreciate cultural diversity, getting inspiration from nature trips, people stories, the rhythm of the cities, the covers of Motown records and the sound of ambient music. Rebeka's passion and personal approach to design has giving her the opportunity to work and collaborate with studios, production companies and agencies such as McCann, Brand Union, Studio Maven Berlin, Espadaysantacruz, Fragmento Universo, Pleid Studio, Supperstudio, The Mood Project, Lalivingston and many others and clients ranging from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Vodafone, Schweppes, Mercedes Benz, Pull&Bear, L'Oréal, Madrid City council, fashion brands and international musicians. She is also a teacher at MrMarcel School and IED Madrid. Rebeka´s kept an online photo diary since 2009, chipped a tooth with a beer bottle, drunk Norwegian cow's milk in the Arctic Circle and has taught karate to kids. Her next goal is to learn how to make her grandma's croquettes. If you want to know more: hello@rebekaarce.com
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