An idyllic little gallery & permanent collection in the former home of Jim & Helen Ede. If you're ever in Cambridge for more than a few hours, it's very much worth the visit.
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Daytime café, nighttime bar. Nothing stronger than 30-proof. Delicious beer and really good wine. Kind people run & staff the place. The garden in the Summer is perfect. I make near-daily visits.
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I love to go to this library and often work there. It is very peaceful and the setting is beautiful. The library is a mine for books about design and architecture.
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In terms of materials and form, these galleries offer so much. On an abstract and typographic level, so useful. This is a section of an altar frieze, from the Eye Temple at Tell Brak (N.E. Syria), dated 3300–3000BC. The Egyptian rooms take the tourist weight; these spaces are much quieter and amenable time spent drawing and thinking.
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A good flat white is hard to find but this is one place in NYC that has coffee that tastes like it does back in New Zealand.
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Not my casual pick for a cocktail night but it's definitely worth going. The drinks are really good and the location is quiet nice since it's inside an old bank vault.
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Somewhat off the beaten Williamsburg-track, Brooklyn Art Library is nestled on a mostly residential street. It’s home to tens of thousands of artist sketchbooks known as “The Sketchbook Project”. Over 100 countries are represented and their “collection houses books from small communities in Mongolia next to professional illustrators from New York.” You can donate one of your very own! All the sketchbooks have been cataloged for easy searching of their vast shelves, by artist and subject, and visitors are invited to browse what feels much like a hands-on museum. The Art Library also remains one of the few places to find art supplies (while limited) in the neighborhood, and if you’re in the market for a special gift (including books, totes and the cutest retro pennants) for your favorite art-lovin’ bibliophile, you might just get lucky here.
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This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Good nightmares. A perverse Aladdin's cave of treasure and artefacts.
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I love going here when they have a new exhibition on and taking a look around and maybe having a delicious soup and sandwich or a coffee after. They also have an Erro (one of Icelands most famous pop artists) exhibit there, thats ongoing.
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It is one of the most important business centres in London. Crowded of suits at daytime, perfectly deserted at night. It is so striking relaxing to walk in there enjoying the silence and the lights! It makes you feel pleasantly far from reality.
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Best place to eat tapas and "bocadillos" since 1963.
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CATHRINE RABEN DAVIDSEN Historical accounts, works of fiction and mythological material combined with personal memory often form the point of departure for the work of Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen. Her activities are characterized by a strong fascination with the material and the urge constantly to experiment with and explore different artistic techniques. From early on she has also drawn inspiration from the history of art and from a variety of textual references associated with Western and Eastern mythology and literature. The traditional hierarchies among art, artist-craftsmanship and design are negated in an artistic oeuvre that ranges wide from painting, drawing and ceramics to costumes and stage design. Cathrine Raben Davidsen (b. 1972) has exhibited widely in Denmark and abroad and is represented in several national and international art collections. Public collections include: SMK, The National Gallery of Denmark, Trapholt Museum of Modern Art, Applied Art, Design and Architecture, Horsens Art Museum and The New Carlsberg Foundation among others. She has created costumes and set design for The Royal Danish Ballet and has received numerous prestigious awards, grants and scholarships. She is educated in Italy, The Netherlands and in Denmark at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Copenhagen.
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Art Director and Illustrator based in NYC
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Helga Traxler, born 1984 in Austria, also known as Photosalonhelga – is a Freelance-Photographer with a Masters Degree in Visual Communications. Helga has worked with clients such as: New York Times T-Magazine, New York Magazine - The Cut, Ryan McGinley Studios, Rauschenberg Foundation, Walter Schupfer Management, Mac Cosmetics, Sweden Unlimited, Bullett Media, Conrad Rosett, Mango, Ebay, Allianz, amm. Through the experimentation with the medium she is blurring the boundaries between fashion and art. Helga is known for her cautious, calculated approach and varied photographic style with strong attention paid to details and colour schemes. Her focus is squarely on people. Helga is based in Brooklyn/New York City.
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I am a graphic designer currently based in Kuala Lumpur. My regular practice focuses on visual identity, art direction, book and exhibition design within the disciplines of art, architecture, design, retail and restaurants.
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Founder & CEO of Everpress. Living & working in East London.
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Born and educated in Spain, he furthered his studies in Germany at the TFH Berlin. Trained as and having practiced both as an architect and landscape architect, He is especially competent at overseeing large-scale architectural projects, achieving a balance between function and context, design and ecology.
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Art direction and still life photography
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Artist and Curator living in Nashville, TN
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I'm an illustrator specialized in drawing and painting by hand, mostly portraits. My background is in book design, and I still get immense inspiration from great stories. I work internationally and enjoy collaborating.
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Mariko Sakaguchi is a Tokyo based art photographer who studied at the Hongik University of Art Korea, and at the department of Moving Image and Performing Arts at Tama Art University, Tokyo. Artist Statement: "I am making art works by using photography. I am trying to cross the sense of private and public, and also now and past by taking bath in old style Japanese bathtub and stepping into photography by myself, You can see I take bath anywhere, It means the place you are seeing my works and also the place you are at now are not off-site. The place where you are has possibilities to be the scene of my works. You are not spectator, but party of my work, art. I want to be a part of art with you all."
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Corbin Mahieu is a graphic designer based in Ghent, Belgium.
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Fei Alexeli is a digital visual artist, born and raised in Greece in 1987. While studying architecture in Oxford, she found her passion for visual arts. She completed her BA in Arts and Architecture and later finished her post-graduate architectural studies at the University of East London. Fei uses photography, photo-montage and digital collage in her practice.
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Carolin Wanitzek is an independent scenographer and set designer from Germany. She designs three dimensional installations using various materials. Working in the field of scenography she blends graphic design, set design and photography to develop concepts for extraordinary worlds. Her work is published in digital media, magazines and catalogues. She also constructs designobjects which appears in interior design and public places. Currently she is working for national and international clients like Hewlett-Packard, Vodafone, Spiegel Verlag and the BASF and is partner at OUI R Creative Studio.
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