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Designer & Illustrator from Amsterdam
Posted by Tim Boelaars
Small co-working space in Amsterdam West for 8 creative freelancers. Check the website for possible availability.
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Candles, incense and fragrance oil to lighten up your place, this place carries tons of it. You might be greeted by the slightly unusual owner, sitting behind the counter smoking a cigarette. It's an authentic little store.
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Posted by Tim Boelaars
Great Mexican food!
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More People in Amsterdam 68

Bas van Wieringen (b. 1983, NL) lives and works in Amsterdam. Bas graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2011. His work has been exhibited in The Netherlands and abroad, among de Hallen/Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem (NL), Institut für Kunst- pädagogik, Frankfurt (DE), Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL), Fringe Arts Festival, Bath (UK), TENT, Rotterdam (NL) and Camden Arts Centre, London (UK).
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The work of Amsterdam based visual artist Martijn Sandberg, constantly explores border areas, such as the tension between text and image, legibility and illegibility, the private and the public domain. “I make Image Messages, image is message is image.” The image hides the message. In the cut paintings „Sorry No Image Yet‟ and „Too Busy To Paint‟ there is a subtle play between the language of the image and the significance of the image, and this gives rise to questions. Here, the lack of image seems to be elevated to an image by the artist. The direct relationship between the image, the material bearing the image and the environment is also expressed in his site-specific works in public space and architecture. As in „If These Walls Could Speak‟ that can be viewed in the lifts at the OBA Public Library Amsterdam, and the artwork „I Will Survive' located at the border of a burial ground in Hardenberg, The Netherlands. In 2010 „My Last Penny‟ by Martijn Sandberg is released as jaarpenning/ art medal 2010, issued by the Vereniging voor Penningkunst/ Dutch Art Medal Society in a multiple edition of 450 pieces.
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Elisabeth is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam. She has been fascinated with photography and aesthetics as well as searching for perfection and imperfection for as long as she can remember. Outdoors or on the information highway, she is always looking for images that impress or inspire her. In her own work she seeks to inject places and objects  with serenity and timelessness infecting them with mystery. For Elisabeth a photo doesn’t have to be explained in detail but can be smashed of its plans. Thereby providing space to the plan -in theory- to transform itself, dependent on its surrounding. She likes to capture the unconscious by following her own sense of beauty. Her goal is to capture life in silence, to hold a moment that remains present, captivating and accessible, but diametrically vague and elusive.  
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On a hazy morning is a unique photography team with a fresh and playful eye for capturing the things we all love. Husband and wife team Andres and Joyce specialize in both commercial and editorial storytelling. Eternally curious, and with a passion for sustainability and green projects, they scour the globe seeking authentic moments and characters to create rich photographic narratives in a cinematic style, with magical light and lots of detail. When home in canal-side Amsterdam, they enjoy nature walks, home-made vegan pizzas, Twin Peaks, their cats and the fine, fine eye candy films of Wes Anderson.
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Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen is a partner at Halal and head of the documentary film department, Halal Docs. Halal is an established Amsterdam based film production company & photography agency with a big creative team, connected to people and networks all across the world
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