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Oliver Ibsen resides in Antwerp. He’s a convinced feminist.
Current city: Antwerp
Oliver Ibsen resides in Antwerp. He’s a convinced feminist.
I always like to meditate here for a while. Cows are very calming company. The windmills in the background remind me of the power of nature and the insignificance of our species.
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Perfect place to have sex.
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Almost every day at lunch-time I visit the local grocery store. They sell a lot of fresh vegetables and are very friendly towards children. Visiting this shop is like going on holiday.
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To recover from my Heideggerian confrontation with "das Sein-zum-Tode", I visit this small town. Right across the market square, there's a bakery that sells the best comfort food in the world. My tummy already hurts from looking at all those real Belgian chocolate treats. Legendary!
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This sight reminds me of the beginning of Antonioni's L'Avventura. In other words: again a confrontation with the majesty of nature. While standing here, I realize that water has no foundation to build on. I am overwhelmed: as human beings, we are forced to live our lives in uncertainty while facing the horizon of death.
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STUDIO HELDER is an Antwerp-based design platform, founded by Diana Keller and Brecht Baert in 2010. We’ve designed interiors for private housing, showrooms and workspaces, we give advice, organise workshops and host exhibitions and events. In our store we show objects we designed ourselves as well as furniture, jewelry, accessories and other items made by upcoming, talented artists from all over the world. In everything we do, as diverse as our occupations are, some things are always present: We care about subtlety and creativity. We’re endlessly fascinated by the little nuances and changes that turn something ordinary into an inspiring and beautiful object. To quote the brilliant philosopher ‘Lorax’ from Dr. Seuss: “It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.”
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Vrints-Kolsteren is founded by Vincent Vrints and Naomi Kolsteren and based in Antwerp. We work locally and internationally and offer creative direction, photography and graphic design. We engage in ongoing partnerships and are creating a network of creative talent by working in a collaborative way.
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Sterk Water is the moniker of Frank Schouwaerts. Art director with a keen eye for graphic design & typography that likes to cross the boundaries between graphic and conceptual design.
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Jo De Baerdemaeker (typojo) is an Antwerp-based independent Belgian typeface designer and researcher. He holds an MA in Typeface Design and was awarded a PhD from the University of Reading. His interests are designing, researching and writing about world script typefaces (particularly on Tibetan, Lantsa, Mongolian and Javanese), the evolution of Belgian typefaces, and multilingual typography. He is elected Vice-President of ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) and ATypI Country Delegate for Belgium, currently teaches at LUCA School of Arts (campus Sint-Lucas Gent), and is a guest lecturer at various international art programmes and universities. He was external examiner for ÉSAD (Amiens) post-diplôme students in 2011, and for the TypeMedia 2014 department at KABK (Den Haag). Currently, Jo is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Royal Asiatic Society (London).  Jo is a regular speaker at international conferences, and curates exhibitions on type (design) and typography. Apart from designing fonts, Jo also works as a font & typography consultant for companies, holds international workshops on type design, and organises unique Type Walks in Antwerp and other cities in Belgium.  In 2012 he founded Studio Type in Antwerp (Belgium), and collaborates with international design agencies and type foundries, such as: Tiro Typeworks, Type Together, Typotheque, Dalton Maag, Monotype, Microsoft, Google, The New York Times, WIELS, Nottingham Contemporary, Sara De Bondt, Literatuur Vlaanderen, Stad Antwerpen, This is Antwerp, Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Branding Today, Museum Plantin-Moretus, The University of Reading, and Vlaamse Overheid. Jo was awarded the first honorary title ‘New Flemish Master in Fine Arts’ by Sven Gatz, Minister of Culture from Flanders, during the Henry van de Velde Awards in Bozar (Brussels) on January 19, 2017.
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