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Curator at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels 
Current city: Brussels
Curator at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels 
Deborah Bowmann is contemporary art gallery and an artist duo, working at the fringe of sculpture and set design.
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Brussels has many parks but this one is unique and incredibly peaceful (not to mention super romantic). It features a rose garden, an orchard, a pond, giant mushroom seats in stone and even a colossal Olmec head... Located between the busy Bois de La Cambre and the gigantic Sonian Forest, this little gem is one of Brussels best kept secrets.
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This Art Deco house, surrounded by a beautifully lush garden, originally inhabited by the couple David and Alice Van Buuren, was transformed into a private museum which exhibits a wide range of rare furniture, tapestries, glass frames, sculptures and paintings in their original décor.
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An old gaz station turned into a hip café. Open all day everyday. The inside is small but the terrace is huge. The food is good and the crowd is cool.
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The hot NYC gallery opened a massive exhibition space near WIELS some time ago. They run a good contemporary art program in a surprising architecture and they also have a wonderful little café which is great for lunch.
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If you're into photo books, this is your place.
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Without a doubt my favorite place to eat real Belgian food! This family owned restaurant is a bit outside the city centre but it is definitely worth the trip. The food is delicious and the service extra friendly (children are more than welcome). In the summer they also have a terrace. If you're craving for mussels, bloody meat and perfect fries, look no further.
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I am a french artist based in Belgium, Brussel. After finished my studies in France, at the ENSBA, I choose to move in a city full of energies where have my own studio was something possible to get. After few residencies all around the world, US, Japan, China, I decided that the roots are in Europe.
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Lives and works in Brussels.
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Sophie is 1/2 part of Atelier Brenda. A creative studio, based in graphic design in Belgium.
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Born in 1991, Belgian designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte received his master’s degree in industrial design from the ENSAV La Cambre in 2014. Following his graduation, he opened his studio at the « MAD Lab » (MAD Brussels Fashion & Design Platform) working there as a designer since 2015. Since the beginning of his professional career, Pierre-Emmanuel has been invited to exhibit annually in cities such as Copenhagen, Paris, and Milan. From conception to production, Pierre-Emmanuel imbues his designs with a sense of the surreal and a respect for craftsmanship. Each piece has a unique voice, and emotional power. Together, they speak to our more playful and curious nature, inviting us to live experiences unlimited by everyday expectations. His work is enigmatic, challenging what we consider to be evident in order to change habits and perceptions. His designs are indeed symbolic of an urge to break free from the mundane, to chase originality, while staying within the framework of the most noble materials.
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Caroline Wolewinski runs her own independent Brussels-based, graphic design studio. She received her master's degree from Erg, BE in 2014 and graduated from a two-years residency program at the Werkplaats Typografie, NL in 2016. From artists and institutions to local businesses and brands she designs books, visual identities, websites, signage
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