The old cranes of the docks has survived modernisation. In the background the buildings of The Royal Danish Academy of Design and Architecture.
Holmen, 1 Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen, Denmark
Current city: Copenhagen
Thomas Falkenberg is a Danish graphic design student. Currently studying in Copenhagen at The Danish Royal Academy of Design. He has also been studying and interning for a year in London, at London College of Communication.

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Whenever I feel uninspired I visit the (now genericly named) Design Museum, formerly known as Kunstindustrimuseet. Sort of the V&A of Copenhagen. An old museum filled with gorgeus fabrics, weird artifacts and a cozy library filled with books about arts & crafts from around the world. If you're still uninspired after a visit here you're not able to. Don't forget to have lunch in the beautiful center garden surrounding by the overgrown buildings, statues and old trees.
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Distortion Festival is a 5 days big party, rolling through one neighbourhood each day during the first week of june. In the daytime you'll find free street parties and at night the parties continue in the night clubs with international DJ line-ups.
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Morgenstedet is vegetarian restaurant located at the free town of Christania, serves the best soups in town and other excellent organic food. Despite it’s name ”the morning place”, it’s also open in the evening.
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Great little chocolate shop that features sweets and cakes with a different take on chocolate. It's part of the Summerbird chain of small chocolate shops, but this one is the "Pure" shop and is dedicated to experiment with flavours and try out new recipes before they are launched in the whole chain. Every month the shop creates a new "flødebolle"(cream bun) based on the time of year and what's available from nature in a limited batch. I'm hooked and need to go there at least once a month.
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The Cinema Byen’s Lys in Christinia is the best cinema in town. A must see, but they are only open on Sundays at 20 o’clock and no-one knows what they will show, but no matter what, it is worth a visit. The cinema doesn’t have an address but its next to a café called Månefiskeren, and then ask from there.
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