A great bakery in Denver’s Ballpark District, Hi*Rise is the perfect place to pick up a Jalapeno breakfast sandwich and coffee for breakfast, They also have a variety of delicious sandwiches for lunch, and definitely have the best peanut butter cookies around. Be sure to stop in on a weekend morning for their “waffle weekends”, and try a buttermilk, blueberry, or red velvet waffle, served by their always friendly staff.
Hi*Rise, 2162 Larimer Street, Denver, United States
Current city: Denver
I am a photographer based in Denver, Colorado. Having spent several years doing commercial and editorial photography, most of my current work consists of self-assigned documentary projects including the 100 Abandoned Houses project, which documented abandoned houses in Detroit, Michigan, where I grew up and spent the majority of my years. Now residing in Denver, I’ve found myself living in South City Park, with access to the City’s largest urban park, and a wide range of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and museums.

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Coffee and Booze is on the logo. That about sums it up. Located on Colfax, Once called "the longest, wickedest street in America", Colfax is now home to several hip establishments, with Hooked on Colfax located just down the street from the Bluebird Theater, and the Atomic Cowboy. Hooked on Colfax serves a variety of local beers along with locally roasted Pablo's coffee. With wifi, a roll-top door, and a basement, Hooked on Colfax is a great place to get some work done, while enjoying great coffee and beer.
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Built in 1880, Denver's City Park is over 300 acres of trails. paths, ponds, and lakes, and is also home to the Denver Zoo, and the Museum of Nature and Science. It's a great place to play a game of soccer/football, go for a run with the City Park Running Club, go for a morning walk, or enjoy jazz Sundays in the summer. Modeled after English pastoral gardens and Central Park, City Park has winding paths, wide open spaces and great views of downtown and the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
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Looking to update your ranch and cowboy wardrobe? Yep, this is the place to go. Stepping in to Rockmount Ranch Wear feels like stepping right into a western movie. Here, you'll find anything you need to adopt the ranch and coyboy style. And the store itself is so much fun looking through with all western paintings, furnitures and of course, wearables.
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One of the best reasons to live in Denver, is the proximity to the Rocky Mountains. My favorite view is from the balcony of our previous residence located in Denver's Golden Triangle. With an unobstructed view of Mt Evans and the foothills, it doesn't get much better. Not much symbolizes the American West more than mountains, and with Denver located a short drive from world class mountain biking, skiing, and hiking, the views of the mountains are a daily reminder of why you live here.
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Surprisingly, Denver has a good art scene, including several very good museums, from the quirky Kirkland Museum, to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, the Denver Art Museum, and the new Clifford Still Museum. The Kirkland Museum, houses the works of Vance Kirkland, along with a display of international decorative arts, and a history of regional art. The Denver Art museum consists of several unique buildings, with the latest designed by, in part, by Daniel Libeskind, and is known for it's collection of American Indian art. The Museum of Contemporary Art, a three story glass clad structure, is home to a collection of modern art and photography, as well as a wonderful rooftop deck and cafe. Finally, Denver's newest museum addition is the Clifford Still Museum. In 2004 Patricia Still choose Denver to be the home of a museum containing over 2400 of his works, or approximately 94% of his total output. Located next the the Denver Art Museum, and just a short distance from both the Kirkland Museum, and MCA Denver, an entire weekend could easily be dedicated to art in the City of Denver.
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