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George Benjamin Douglas is an award winning illustrator and artist. His work sits most typically within the spheres of self-publishing, printmaking, editorial design and poster design.
Current city: Edinburgh
George Benjamin Douglas is an award winning illustrator and artist. His work sits most typically within the spheres of self-publishing, printmaking, editorial design and poster design.
An old military drill hall and now a community arts centre, Out of the Blue has everything. Here you drink artisan coffee and browse an exhibition. You can see live music. You can drop your kid off at aerial dance and grab a beer. You can learn to play guitar or make jewellery here, go shopping at a kilo sale or flea market, or get your work printed at the city's best risograph studio. And it's a beautiful building.
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My favourite bar in the city. It's filled with fish, beautiful cycling memorabilia and great bottled german beer. Conveniently a perfect sun-trap outside at five o'clock, the staff are really chilled and the locals are quiet characters. It's also worth checking out their sister bar, The Tourmalet, just off Leith Walk.
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The roads in Edinburgh are dreadful and it can be pretty treacherous as a cyclist, so this is a rare treat. An old railway tunnel and now part of Cycle Route 1, This is your exit ramp from Edinburgh to the beautiful coast of East Lothian. It goes on for freakin ages and there's nothing like freewheeling at high speed through it on a sunny day, coming out the other end with Arthur's Seat in view and the countryside ahead of you.
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Not just a cafe but a bakery too, Falko is one of the city's most charming places to eat and drink. Edinburgh is known for its independent cafes, but Falko is maybe the only one where they don't play music and the bread makes you pee your pants with joy. Also worth cycling down the Innocent Railway and visiting their seaside ice cream place out in Gullane.
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Though there's a thousand spots in Edinburgh that have a great view of the Old Town, Inverleith Park has the best one. A lot quieter than most of the city's other big parks, this is a great place to go read a book on a summer's day and is just a stone's throw from the Botanic Gardens. Additional features: rugby posts and a nature pond where you can refreshingly see swans nesting peacefully instead of acting like angry assholes.
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The Water of Leith Walkway runs all the way from Balerno - South-West of Edinburgh - to the port of Leith. It's a ribbon of green snaking right through the heart of the city, taking you right by the Modern galleries, Stockbridge, Dean Village and many other beautiful districts. Always quiet and tranquil, at any point of the journey you'd be forgiven for forgetting you're in the heart of a capital city.
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Mexican and American goods a gogo. This shop is now legendary. Hot sauces, pickled chillies, hams, cheeses, beans, chips, beers, tequila, wines, soft drinks, wrestling masks. They also host a chilli cook-off throughout Tollcross each year.
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Alex Gibbs was born in the James Paget hospital of Great Yarmouth. He now however is a painter who lives and works in Edinburgh. Above is a photo of him trying to look cool and below are some photos of some places he likes in the city. He does not like writing in third person.
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Duncan Cowles is a BAFTA Scotland Award winning documentary filmmaker whose short films 'The Lady with the Lamp', 'Soft Toffee', 'Radio Silence', 'Directed by Tweedie, 'Isabella', 'Alexithymia' & 'Taking Stock' have been selected for various film festivals at home and internationally winning a selection of awards, and gaining thousands of online views.
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Print and publication based designer and student based in Edinburgh.
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Emerging artist and designer based at Custom Lane in Edinburgh. His work has been known for its unusual marrying of materials and experimental use of traditional processes.
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Jaco is founder and creative director of Jaco & Co. They are primarily an interior design and build company working in the hospitality and commercial sectors. They conceptualise bars and restaurants from their very inception, providing a full brand identity service that manifests in print, on screen and 3D, surface-driven environments.
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