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Animator/artist living and working in NYC, actually Jersey City, NJ. I grew up around the south: NC, SC, KY, and then college in Atlanta, GA.
Current city: Jersey City
Other cities: New YorkAtlanta
Animator/artist living and working in NYC, actually Jersey City, NJ. I grew up around the south: NC, SC, KY, and then college in Atlanta, GA.
Studio complex, art storage and some galleries. I curated a 6 month artists residency here, that turned to a 18 month residency, and currently have a studio space in the basement. They do daily tours and have events, spring and fall open house is the best way to get a broad overview, check their website to see what events are happening. You can also get a variety of good Indian food on the walk from the PATH station.
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Our Hero has been open for something like 40 years. It is only open for lunch. The owner Al slices all the meat and cheese to order, then passes the sub along to whoever else is working that day for basic sub toppings. You can get a good sized sub for $5, cash only. I go here enough to where they know my order, I know the price and no one has to say a word. I can be slow if the high school across the street let out recently or someone comes in with an order for coworkers.
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Thriftique has a wide selection of items to buy, good place for collectors. Prices are higher than if you were to come across the same things at Goodwill, but not as expensive as a straight up collectors shop. It's like someone already did the searching for you and sifted through the uninteresting, repetitive things that always seem to be at every thrift store, no firestone Christmas album vinyl records. They had a lot of bootleg concert VHS tapes when I last went, the sort of things you wouldn't know where to find elsewhere.
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This theater was built right before the Great Depression, turned into a mutliplex at one point in time, set to be demolished then volunteers got together to restore/preserve it. It's entirely run by volunteers, they do screenings about once a month as well as some live events, I saw Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile here. There's no other theater like it in the NYC area. They have a fully functional pipe organ. It's hard to get people across the river to visit, but everybody I've convinced to do so has come back for additional screenings. The last thing I saw was a double feature of "Vertigo" and "Mulholland Drive," both in 35mm.
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I was part of a ping pong game here once that resulted in a broken window, which was surprising, because it was the ball, not the paddle that broke a window. I guess it was either a very strong ping pong ball or a very weak window. I've never heard anyone in Atlanta refer to this bar as anything other than "Church." They do some live karoake, limited song selection as the musician is playing live. Ping pong and choir robes are upstairs, lots of different kinds of bars within walking distance.
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Bookhouse is a place I've been I'm not sure how many times. When I was in college it was a default destination. When I visited a couple years ago for about a week, went there multiple times during that visit. Ponce de Leon has changed a lot and is continuing to change with all the Beltline construction, Murder Kroger and the Ponce Cameli's are both gone from across the street from Bookhouse, but Bookhouse remains, with it's tiny parking lot that it shares with a tattoo parlor and The Drunken Unicorn music venue. My friend Barry has artwork up on the wall there, otherwise the decor is largely Pacific Northwestern and references Twin Peaks, which is where Bookhouse gets its name.
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Cinematographer living in Jersey City, NJ.
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