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London-based Italian graphic designer
Current city: London
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London-based Italian graphic designer
One of my favourites when I'm after some fine wine - quite area by a small park, cosy atmosphere intimate small place. You can also bring along your own bottle and refill it with good wine or olive oil for a reasonable price. 
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Simply the best place in town if you like Traditional Basque cuisine. Bit pricey though.
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Quanto Basta is right behind the Duomo cathedral in Lecce, in the heart of the historical centre. It's an award-winning cocktail bar that keeps the intimacy of a small room filled with locals. The staff is friendly and warm and exceptionally talented. Very relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere that goes along perfectly for a night-out in the city.
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London based illustrator
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I am a creative director and music producer living in London. Under the name “Klint” I've written and produced music for films and trailers such as Guy Ritchie’s Snatch, The Devil Wears Prada, Seven Psychopaths and The Monuments Men. In 2004 I co-founded Specialten, a music and film dvd magazine and in 2009 File magazine, an online film, art and design publication. My latest project is citylikeyou.
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Misha Milovanovich is a Belgrade-born artist living and working in London. Misha works across several mediums, from sculpture to painting and live art. Characterised by vivid colour, optical movement and energetic visual cadences, Misha's visual work fuses a diverse repertoire of images and forms. She often features discarded shards of consumerism - unloved icons of disposability and careless consumption.   Misha's work is often a symphonic  abstraction. Her colourful, densely layered works are held in a state of tension between order and chaos, rational structure and spontaneity. She combines depth and surface relief, orchestrating bold contrasts of form, texture and space in her pictures. An intimate colour palette of bodily fluids - red, pink, white, black, yellow and brown - animate the writhing forms and the refracted memories of cartoonish cultural production.   A cultural polymath, Misha is constantly engaged in observing society and it’s distortions of desire, lust and attitudes to the body. Traditional techniques have been studied and absorbed and although her work is partly conceptual, it's execution always reflects these hard won technical abilities. Misha's main subject matter is emotion, so naturally her work is highly personal and biographical in ways that create a direct, emotional response from the viewer. Empathy and the universals of human experience - passion, nostalgia, desire and disgust are inescapable in her work.   Misha is herself a ‘displaced’ person, having left Serbia for London in her late teens she still carries within her a ‘stranger’s perspective’ and perceives the world as an outsider, someone ever alert to the non-verbal subtleties of communication.   Misha's artistic progenitors include her mentor Martin Kippenberger, Wassily Kandinsky  and Phillip Guston as well as contemporary artists Gilbert and George, Keith Tyson, Robert Pruitt and Jim Lambie.
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I'm a freelance Designer & Illustrator based in East London. I bring a bold and impactful approach into each project, no matter how big or small the job is. My work is very varied, from branding, editorial, retail design, typographic work and also illustration. I have over 11 years design experience working in London. I'm also a member of Puck Collective & a part-time design teacher. If you have a project, want to collaborate, or want to just say hello please get in touch. Let's get together and make things happen.
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