Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración is a building with history. It is located in Amaniel street, one step away from Conde Duque Center, in a building that in 1891 would be the first Mahou beer factory in Madrid. It was designed by José López Salaberry, an architect who was intensely and extensively linked to the new city planning of Madrid in the beginning of the 20th century. Forms part of the city’s historical essence and it is in direct relation with the neighborhood, so that since its beginnings, it is thought as a center which is dynamic, open to society and in charge of disseminating and preserving its art treasures.
Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración , 29 Calle de Amaniel, Madrid, Spain
Current city: Madrid
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The city’s old slaughterhouse, now an art centre. It’s a monumental project that somehow manages to survive the financial crisis. They organize interesting exhibitions, talks and other activities. The perfect excuse to go for a walk around the southern side of Madrid.
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For those who like looking without truly seeing, walking without thinking and see themselves as mere useful cogs - benches are, in fact, useless objects in a big city. However, for many Spanish people, benches are the last paradise for contemplation and hope in places where there is no time for such 'waste'. Benches are an invitation to stop. They are a place to turn our backs to cars, buses and motorbikes and watch inwards. Benches take us to invisible places inside our heads. They help us watch passers-by as if we are watching a movie. A movie featuring real, everyday characters. And those sitting are actors as well. They become both audience to and player in a huge live theatre. The drama is built frame by frame, minute by minute. This is the way that life passes for those who contemplate the invisible. The bench helps us to look outwards to the city and inwards to ourselves, and to watch the great cinema that is the city. And a city like Madrid is full of amazing stories. foto by Eneida Serrano
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Great exotic restaurant with a nice vegetarian option menu. Try the chocolate fondant and coconut ice-cream it’s delicous! 
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Conde Duque is a contemporary creation center, a nice place to go to see concerts and expositions. It always has an interesting program going on. Every year several design and dance festivals are held and in summer you can enjoy a summer cinema. Conde Duque has become an essential pillar of Madrid’s cultural activity. It is proud to be one of the city’s three large metropolitan cultural centres, alongside Matadero Madrid Contemporary Arts Centre and CentroCentro. Conde Duque can be found in the university district, or Universidad, right in the centre of Madrid. Universidad is an area that stands out for two great reasons: for its wide and rich heritage and for its concentration of cultural activity.
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Nice little Kiosk with a good selection of independent magazines.
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