Not the crowded hot, sweaty beach of mid-day. The best time to go is when the sun is low in the sky. A specific kind of blue light is created and on calm days you can hardly tell the difference between the water, air and land. 
The Beach In The Evening, Miami, United States
Current city: Miami
Liza Sylvestre was born in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her summers were spent climbing trees and her winters were full of snow and many layers of sweaters and jackets. Sylvestre’s early life and adolescence was defined by a significant and progressive hearing loss. Communication became increasingly dependent on small details that she became sensitive to. This simple physical fact created a very distinct lens through which she processed the world, and continues to process the world. She moved to Miami in 2006 where she shares a home studio with artist Luis Diaz. Her paintings and drawings grow out of simple things: single marks, a gesture hinted at with an overlapping of color. They require both spontaneity and control and a belief that beauty hangs somewhere in the balance between those poles. Sylvestre also runs the blog Hardrainlight.

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Being a big fan of Jim Drain before moving to Miami, I knew of this artist run alternative art space that he and Naomi Fisher currently operate together. They have amazing shows and host a myriad of lectures, readings and screenings throughout the year.
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Had a quick stop over in Miami en route to Mexico, and I knew the perfect place to go- The Wynwood Walls. Graffiti art has become quite a fixture in our modern day cities and it's been fascinating seeing more graffiti artists showcased in museums and galleries around the world. Coming from LA I see quite an array of artists in the city as Los Angeles is such a creative mecca for artists. Having said that, with all of our painted walls and exhibitions, Wynwood Walls is definitely one of the best spaces I've seen showcasing street art. All the walls are flanked with beautiful murals, painted by some of the world's leading street artists like Shepard Fairey, Tristan Eaton, and Audrey Kawasaki. Besides being a photo-op hot spot, it's also a very relaxing environment with plenty of spaces to sit and relax in while enjoying the artwork.
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A lovely park along the bay in the Mimo area of Miami. Lots of open spaces, enormous mature banyan trees that provide lots of shade and a creek full of crabs and little creatures that scurry about. Plus it has these amazing trees that appear to also be part vine. They are pretty magical looking, full of texture and great for art inspiration. 
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This small French bakery on the outliers of the Design District is charming with it's oversized yellow umbrellas for a nice Sunday brunch outside or a quick stop for an espresso and the most delicious almond croissants in town.
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Simply the best way to get around Miami. You see more, you smell more, and if you're lucky enough to have a boyfriend that drives scooters like I do, you can ride on the back and take some really great video footage.  
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