What distinguishes the Wolfsonian from any other museum is it’s unusual collection of design objects and ephemera dating from the late 19th century to mid 20th century. It’s mission is to use objects to illustrate the persuasive power of art and design, to explore what it means to be modern, and to tell the story of social, political, and technological changes that have transformed our world. It encourages people to see the world in new ways, and to learn from the past as they shape the present and influence the future.
The Wolfsonian, 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami, United States
Current city: Miami
Mylinh Trieu Nguyen is a designer based in Miami, FL. Her work explores ideas of distribution, collaboration and curation through new and appropriated systems and frameworks. Her projects mediate the space between subjectivity and objectivity, while continually striving to recontextualize the familiar and mundane. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California she slowly made her way east, stopping in Minneapolis, MN as a design fellow at the Walker Art Center and most recently completing her MFA in Graphic Design at Yale University in New Haven, CT. She currently is the Art Director at The Wolfsonian-FIU, a museum of design and art in the heart of Miami Beach.

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Simply the best way to get around Miami. You see more, you smell more, and if you're lucky enough to have a boyfriend that drives scooters like I do, you can ride on the back and take some really great video footage.  
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Many people flock to Miami during the winter months to escape the cold. For James Deering, Vizcaya was home away from home. Built with the help of his friends and 1,000+ workers during the early 20th century, the Renaissance Italian and French influenced architecture and gardens make for a transformative experience.
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a more than 150,000 objects beautiful Miami’s Art Deco collection 
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Had a quick stop over in Miami en route to Mexico, and I knew the perfect place to go- The Wynwood Walls. Graffiti art has become quite a fixture in our modern day cities and it's been fascinating seeing more graffiti artists showcased in museums and galleries around the world. Coming from LA I see quite an array of artists in the city as Los Angeles is such a creative mecca for artists. Having said that, with all of our painted walls and exhibitions, Wynwood Walls is definitely one of the best spaces I've seen showcasing street art. All the walls are flanked with beautiful murals, painted by some of the world's leading street artists like Shepard Fairey, Tristan Eaton, and Audrey Kawasaki. Besides being a photo-op hot spot, it's also a very relaxing environment with plenty of spaces to sit and relax in while enjoying the artwork.
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When it comes to food, Miami can be really fussy and expensive. Being from Los Angeles I've been spoiled with amazing and affordable Japanese food. The Japanese Market is a little difficult to locate at first. It is on the ground floor of a nondescript office building in North Bay Village. Although it's small compared to it's California counterparts, the market meets most of your Japanese culinary needs. You would never expect by the size and location of the sushi bar to have such delicious food, but as they often say, looks can be deceiving.
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