Old Hotels in Ciudad Vieja with little windows are the best for foreigners love stories. This particular hotel makes my mind go back to some Hotel Chevalier’s scene. You can hear the people in the streets talking and passing through, little kids playing soccer. The beach is so near you can smell the river.
Ciudad Vieja, Bartolomé Mitre, Montevideo, Uruguay
Current city: Montevideo
Gabriela Rouiller is a visual artist and a fashion photographer based in Uruguay. Her work can direct or precise in content or heavily influenced by her imagination. Having a passion for traveling, thriving from her interactions with people and her surroundings, she has this sense of looking beyond the present day when seeking inspiration which can be seen in her work, essentially, captivating viewers with the allure in her narration she exhibits. Gabriela has been published in fashion and photography magazines and is currently working on several projects, and in her online magazine, Flur Magazine.

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West of the city you can find beautiful gardens and parks in a zone called Prado. All surroundings are green with nature colors and smells. In this area you can find the Botanic, this is a special place to me and my inspirations.
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Flowers in September is one of the most beautiful sensations I have in Montevideo. I love the atmosphere...near the beach or in the parks... the wind flowing and mixing the colors... reds, yellows, blues. This is the most inspiring moment for me in the city and my photography integrating subjects with nature is all I do in my work....
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I live in a city near the river... with sand. It's like a beach all around Ciudad Vieja to carrasco. This is the view from my old apartment near Montevideo's port, were little boats and yachts lay at night.
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This is a typical afternoon in the most famous vintage fairy in Montevideo: Tristan Nervaja. Here you can find antique objects, photographs, disks, animals and vintage clothes. Sunday mornings searching for little treasurs between the people is neat.
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