Daijin is an old diner. More than 100 years since this restaurant was founded. As soon as it open at 4pm, retired old people occupy the seats. They leave just after one or two bottles of Ochoshi, they never stay long. The booze served is only beer and hot sake with a good smell of cask that is specially made to order by sake maker Kamozuru from Hiroshima. Seafood is caught in the local sea. Fresh. After 6pm, salaried men take the places of the elderly. After 8.30pm, the owner’s wife start to press customers to go home and people obey her without complaining. 3 mins on foot from Fushimi metro station.
Daijin, Sakae 1-5-6, Naka-Ku, Nagoya, Japan
Current city: Nagoya
Junku Nishimura was born in a small coal-mine village in 1967, in Yamaguchi prefecture, western Japan, where he lived until he was 18. Then entered college in Kyoto where he studied Latin American affairs. After college performed as a club DJ, worked as a construction worker and he got a job with a cement manufacturer, worked at tunnel construction sites across the country as a concrete expert. Then he got a Leica and began photographing the places he worked. After 18 years working, he quit his job and photographed countries and regions wandering around the world. He now works as a freelance photographer. 

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Heiwa Park is s a cemetery of 150 hectare with a large pond and lawn field, its near my residence. Heiwa means peace. I like taking a walk with my camera watching people worshipping, fishing and playing easy baseball. In spring, so many people enjoy sakura blossom with a bento (lunch box) and booze. I think ‘people’ in the cemetery is also looking forward to be with us every year. 20 mins of foot from Higashiyamakoen or Hoshigaoka metro stations.
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The Takohachi restaurant serves local Nagoya food ‘miso-kushikatsu dinner' (fried pork on skewers with miso souce). Takohachi has been functioning 60 years as a restaurant. Most of its customers are born and raised in this neighbourhood, so you'll see a child, his parents and his grand parents enjoy a meal together. Takohachi is located in front of the Nittai temple where Shaka’s bone is enshrined. Beware, Friday and Saturday nights are closed. 2 mins on foot from Kakuouzan metro station.
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The bar of bars. I often drop by for a last drink. Dark light, thick counter, nice music and Irish whisky makes me so relaxed. There is another small room at the back and parties are held here irregulary. I spin vinyls, cutting and scratching for these parties. People are sitting back and relaxed, sometime dancing to their favorite old school tracks. 1 min on foot from Kakuouzan metro station.
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Yamayamado is a bar with a gallery and the owner is an alpinist. Artists, writers and people from TV comes here night after night. A beautiful affable siberian husky welcomes them. Most of them know each other. I like watching their relationships which seems a little bit complicated, that includes me. The owner is so generous and drinks like me. A 'Closed' sign is always hung in front but, don’t worry, it’s open. 5 mins on foot from Kakuouzan metro station.
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