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Tom Uferas is the founder of République Studio, an award-winning creative direction and graphic design practice based in Paris.
Current city: Paris
Other cities: Helsinki
Tom Uferas is the founder of République Studio, an award-winning creative direction and graphic design practice based in Paris.
On of the cantine next to the office, yummy!
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Posted by Tom Uferas
Some good and fresh vegetables around here!
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Posted by Tom Uferas
Soft bed linen, beautiful cutlery, nice couchs, affordable kitchen products… 
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Yes we did their branding and website but their talent really worth it! One of the best place for flower creations. 
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THE boulangerie you have to go! A good option for a quick lunch (delicious sandwiches and best black baguette eve).
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Posted by Tom Uferas
Best cocktails in Belleville! 
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Yes, we do love mozzarella and pizzas. The cocktails are pretty nice too. And we also love Olimpia Zagnoli's illustrations :)
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You like homemade pastas? Here is the temple!
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Of course you saw it on the web already, but go play there!
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Posted by Tom Uferas
Another cantine, next to our previous office. 
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A french “bar à vin” in Helsinki?! Yes indeed! Thanks to our friend Niki :)
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Theo Gennitsakis is a Paris based illustrator and art director, two years ago he founded his own agency La Surprise. Theo has worked for major brands such as Nike, Hermes, Adidas, Chanel and Motorola to name a few. His main inspiration are girls as he think they are the most beautiful thing in the world.
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Laurent Duvoux is a french illustrator based in Paris. He is developing a visually naive and colorful universe, creating vectorized illustrations and animations of minimalistic design and structure.
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Tom Moglu is a UK artist based in France, working in abstract paper collage. He has moved around in the last few years via Bristol-London-Cornwall-Berlin-Norfolk and Paris, looking at floors, doors and shores and picking up scrap paper along the way. His background as a painter, model animator, and illustrator informs the balance, colour and tactile nature of the collages. He is currently starting to branch out into ceramics, print and textiles.
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Louise Enhörning is a Swedish artist and photographer. After completing a degree in art history from Uppsala University, as well as studies at Stockholms Universitet and Konstfack, Louise Enhörning moved to Paris, where her career kicked of as a photographer. Her work explores closeness in her relationships with her subjects as well as the physical environment, approaching still life, abstraction, portrait and landscape with the same sensitivity. Her work investigate the world like an scientist. Louise Enhörning has exhibited her work in solo exhibitions at Saatchi, Stockholm; Loyal Gallery, Stockholm; 0fr Gallery, Paris; and Bon Gallery, Stockholm as well as many group exhibitions internationally in Tokyo, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Kansas City, Mexico City, New York and Stockholm. Enhörning has worked with clients such as Another Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Vanity Fair and VOGUE, as well as Hermès and Agnes B. She has also contributed to several books including Shoot: Photography of the Moment, Nylon Street Style and Vice Photo Book.
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Creative thinker & Graphic designer, based in Paris.
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