About Cindy
Cindy is a painter living in Portland, Oregon.  Cindy captures the good old days in her sentimental paintings of characters from her past.
Current city: Portland
Cindy is a painter living in Portland, Oregon.  Cindy captures the good old days in her sentimental paintings of characters from her past.

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Leah Nash and Christopher Onstott are an award-winning photography & videography duo based in Portland, Oregon. They specialize in real people commercial, editorial, corporate, education, and travel photography. Both originally photojournalists, Leah and Christopher take a moment-driven approach, capturing authentic imagery whether in life, at work, or on set. The result is graphic, storytelling, portrait and lifestyle photography that is full of color, light and intimacy. Not averse to dancing (her), telling bad jokes (him) or listening intently (both), their goal is to leave their subjects a little bit better than they found them. All the while creating a wealth of images that look and feel spontaneous. They feel darn proud to work for brands like Apple, Charles Schwab, Microsoft, Chase Bank, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, The Oregon Symphony, Marriott, and Portland State University. They also shoot for a variety of editorial clients including National Geographic Traveler, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, NPR, and AARP.
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COLOR / STORY Brandi Katherine Herrera is a multidisciplinary artist, poet, and translator, whose work in text, image, and sound explores the poetics of space. She is the author of Mutterfarbe, a full-length work of color theory, experimental translation, photography, and poems using Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Zur Farbenlehre as a primary source; and Natürlicher, a chapbook-length work of color theory, experimental translation, and poems (both Broken Cloud Press, 2016); a co-author of MAR, a collaborative artist book + limited-edition chapbook of photography, marrings, and poems (Lute & Cleat, 2018); and the co-editor of The Lake Rises, a Witness Post Series anthology of poems (Stockport Flats, 2013). Her work is held in the Seattle Art Museum’s permanent collection, Yale University’s Faber Birren Collection of Books on Color, UCLA’s Louise M. Darling Library, University at Buffalo’s Poetry Collection, and Reed College’s Special Collections & Archives, and has been featured in a number of solo + group exhibitions, performance series, and publications, including: the Seattle Art Museum, Cube Gallery, 23 Sandy Gallery, Creative Mornings, Poetry Press Week, Pure Surface, The Volta, Octopus Magazine, The Common, Poor Claudia, Word/For Word, Thru Magazine, Borderlands Texas Poetry Review, and Womenspeak PDX.
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Global Design Director, Nike Sportswear
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Veronica Martin is a writer based in Portland, Oregon. Her interest in the historical leads her to work with archival material (objects, ephemera), and to research gestures of the past (how people dressed, prepared food, etc., movements lost as technology and tastes changed), examining how this ecology of the past appears and asserts itself here and now. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Vestoj, Kinfolk, Hesperios Journal, Design Week Portland, and other publications. In 2014 she wrote and edited a column for Tin House’s blog, The Open Bar, about the intersection of fashion and literature, called Your Slipcase is Showing.
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Anna Shelton is a photographer and musician living in Portland, Oregon. Her images veer toward nature and nostalgia, with a surreal bent, and she has yet to photograph with a digital camera. She is currently pursuing certification as a horticulture therapist, and working on a photo/writing collaboration with Miki Johnson for LPV Magazine.
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