About Mariana
Mariana Malhão is currently working as a freelance designer and illustrator based in Porto. At first glance her work seems to be meant for children but if you look twice you may find some hidden messages.
Current city: Porto
Mariana Malhão is currently working as a freelance designer and illustrator based in Porto. At first glance her work seems to be meant for children but if you look twice you may find some hidden messages.

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Olga Noronha, a 21 years old, London based portuguese jewellery designer, has been relentlessly examining the relationship between bodies, attitudes and surroundings, both in the wearer’s and the audience’s points of view. Olga’s creations are never mere ornaments, but are art pieces that celebrate the marriage of sturdy mechanics and delicate anatomies. Constantly challenging and exploring the relationship of interactivity, Olga illustrates the connection between ‘to see’ and ‘to be seen’. Wishing people not to be apathetic towards her work, whatever the reaction – good or bad, Olga welcomes doubts for they may lead to surprise.
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My name is Catarina. I like plants, but I do not know much about any of them. Currently working on a self initiated project to discover some more about those wonderful beings. I love vegetables and eggs are my favourite food of all the time. I always drink orange juice in the morning. Ice cream is amazing, and I ́ve recently discovered avocato. I ́m entering a whole new level on food experience. I made myself a club (“ColorClub”), and I ́m a dedicated member, almost as the peopleof Scientology. In other subjects, I love my work. I’m interested in graphic design, visual culture, education and values, as well as analog photography. My self-iniciated projects always appeal to some kind of social issue that bothers me. When I feel the need to share and complain about something, I usually do so by travelling to a new country, making a serie of photographs and then creating a whole project around it. Some examples of those are “There are people who have a group, and there are others who do not.” and “Complete Love”. I forgot to mention that I am completely crazy about traveling. Thank you for getting to know me a little.
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Fashion designer, art director and undergraduate architecture student. Owner of a watchful and curious look, I have interest in experimentation of diverse techniques and combination of unusual materials. Crafts are one of my passions and I find numerous possibilities of transforming discarded objects in a fasionable and sustainable way. My interests go from fine arts to architecture and cinema. In my free time I enjoy cycling observing the city, and cooking - as I nurture a passion for pasta and meetings around the kitchen table.
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Oscar Maia is a Communication Designer and Art Director based in the city of Porto, Portugal. He’s been actively working on great projects alongside wonderful and talented people since 2008. Specialised in developing creative strategies applied in print, editorial, branding, and web design projects, he works on a freelance basis with a wide range of clients dedicated to the cultural and commercial fields. His work is recognized as being aesthetically simple and bold, with a steady balance between great attention to detail, typography and composition.
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Michel Charlot is a Swiss industrial designer born in lausanne (1984). After graduating from the Ecole Cantonale d‘Art de Lausanne (éc a l) in 2009, he worked for Jasper Morrison ltd. In 2011, he set up his own practice, and started developing products for companies such as NAVA Design, L&Z, Belux and Vitra. He aims at creating cost driven intuitive products in a constant quest for efficiency in conception, production and design. Since january 2013 he teach industrial design at École Cantonal d‘Art de Lausanne (éc a l) in Switzerland. Actually living and working in Porto.
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