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After spending close to nine years in the UK, I am now based in Sweden, currently working as a Senior Designer at KurppaHosk in Stockholm.
Current city: Stockholm
After spending close to nine years in the UK, I am now based in Sweden, currently working as a Senior Designer at KurppaHosk in Stockholm.
Great area on the shore of Kungsholmen in Stockholm, just a couple of stops from the city centre on the tube . Ideal for a swim or summer (or winter for that matter) barbecue with friends.
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Run by a bunch of sound people, VILLA has some great contemporary and affordable art and is always worth a visit.
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A safe bet for some cultural stimulation on the island Skeppsholmen in the centre of Stockholm, great location with a nice book/design shop.
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Posted by Oskar Kron
It's been at the same address for the last 80 years apparently and serve some classic swedish food like köttbullar and isterband. Being swedish I guess could I either avoid or cherish this, but I choose the latter.
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I am a product designer, illustrator and art director. Currently Lead Designer at Spotify. I split my time between Stockholm, London and New York.
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Photographer from Stockholm, represented by Acne Photography.
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My name is Torbjörn Kihlberg and I work as a Designer at The Studio. We combine marketing and design to help brands define their positions, create a unique voice and build sustainable values. I have been studying graphic design and digital strategy, as well as communication and leadership during my learning journey. What I love most about my job is the possibility to develop people, their communication, as well as building strong and interesting brands. I'm very driven by developing my own skills and learning new things and I get very inspired by my incredible colleagues, our interesting clients and entrepreneurship. Everything is possible with the right mindset. I'm always aiming to develop on a personal level, which is one of the reasons why I love traveling and meeting new people. I believe you learn something new from every single person you meet, and that visiting new places gives you new perspectives in life.
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Stina Persson is from Sweden and currently resides in a sunny apartment surrounded by trees in Stockholm with her family. Stina draws her inspiration from people and faces around her, from nature, from objects she finds in thrift stores, as well as imperfections and the almost - but not quite - beautiful, to create a fusion of edgy yet traditional imagery. Stina’s extensive client list includes Louis Vuitton, Sony Music, L’Oréal, Redken, H&M, Coca Cola, Absolut Vodka, Godiva, Bloomingdale’s, UNIQLO, DKNY. As well as publishing and editorial clients such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, and Nylon Magazine
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Madeleine Lithvall is a Stockholm based illustrator and the creative director of M Lithvall; a multi-disciplinary creative agency specialising in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty sectors. With a theoretical and practical background from London, Sydney and Stockholm, she has a comprehensive understanding for the industry. Her work is characterised by humor, craftsmanship and an uncompromising focus on sustainability.
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