Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, a.k.a. TEA, is a place where you can find art in many ways. The architecture of the building itself makes it already an interesting place. There are good art exhibitions of many kinds all year long, and they change constantly. But the arts are also present in the books contained in its library, which is a perfect place for studying or reading (free Wi-Fi included) at anytime, as it opens 24h. There’s a cafe in the same building too, with acceptable prices and menu.
Tea, Av de San Sebastián, 10, 38003, Tenerife, Spain
Current city: Tenerife
I was Born in the sunny lands of Tenerife, holiday destination of millions of people, I grew up there and moved to Madrid when I was 18. Studied Environmental Sciences and discovered my vocation in photography at the same time, and nowadays combine both. A sustainable living is my goal and I’ll do my best for photography to be my way to get it. Tenerife is a great place to visit, though at the same time because of the tourism the island has been distroyed and overcrowded in many areas. But luckily there are still many great places to enjoy the original nature.  

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Possibly one of the most interesting places in Europe, its volcanic landscapes may make you feel like being in Mars. But also El Teide itself, the highest place in Spain, and the view of the other six Canarian islands during clear days makes it an amazing place. If you are a photography and/or hiking lover, this is a place for spending hours discovering its different landscapes and views, and there are many hiking routes around, in the National Park area. The most famous is the one from the bottom to the top of El Teide, from around 2.200 to 3.718 meters over sea level.
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Placed beside the sea, very close to the coastal village of El Medano, is called like that (Red Mountain) due to its particular color, which is because of the iron contained in its rocks. xview from the top, specially the sunrise and sunset over the sea. El Medano is also a nice place to be, famous for its good conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing.
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A protected area on the north-east of the island where you can find a very old rainforest at the top and some beaches at the bottom. This difference between the vegetation, the weather and the landscape from one area to the other one makes it a very interesting place for hiking, and there are many routes for that. The mood in the forest during misty days (the clouds collide against this part of the island) is just magical. The picture was taken while hiking around the top and those colors are because of clays made of different compositions.
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Its name means something like "naked mountain", and it's so true, there are almost no plants growing on it. Placed also close to El Medano village but on the opposite side compared to Montaña Roja, there are a few tiny beaches hidden inside it and also another one in its outer side, closer to the road. Once again, the powerful volcanic appeal... Those hidden bays are a great place to spend the day naked and laying on the sand, specially when there's no one else around and you feel like the king of the place ;) I grew up in El Medano, that's maybe why I appreciate the surroundings that much.
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