This funny design objects store is located in Ruzafa, next to the “Estación del Norte” train station. It’s interior design belongs to Masquespacio, and it invites the visitors to join a pop universe inspired by the 80’s Memphis geometric aesthetics. It’s main claim are original valencian design souvenirs, that try to run away from the typical random travel gifts. Gnomo is the right store for those who want to get a nice and original gift from Valencia. You will find jewelry, postcards, illustrations, paper craft and decor.
Gnomo, 32 Carrer de Cuba, Valencia, Spain
Current city: Valencia
I’m an art director who works and lives amongst Valencia, Barcelona and Ibiza. I’m very inspired by pop culture, naïve imagery, The Pink Panther, horror and B movies plus the ironic side of the kitsch aesthetics.

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Ubik is half cafeteria and half bookstore. It’s a very cozy place, perfect for gathering around with friends, having an artisan beer or read one of the books from it’s shelves. Ubik is a multicultural point where gastronomy, literature, expositions and sometimes live music get thogether. It’s cheap and in it’s menu you’ll always find fresh products brought to you straight form the Ruzafa market.
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Great spot for lunch or Almuerzos in the middle of the Alameda garden. It's a small kiosk with both indoor and outdoor seating. La Pergola has become a classic destination, serving sandwiches for over 30 years — the bombón is their star sandwich. I will never forget the joy on my boyfriend's face when his sandwich arrived with chips INSIDE the sandwich and then the look of delight when he took his first bite.
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Picadilly is the right club if you want to have fun without any hint of pretension. It’s the funniest club in Valencia without a doubt. It has a gay-friendly ambient and an interior design that reminds of the 80’s discos. It has 3 rooms and you can listen to a big repertoire of hits from any decade. It goes from Abba, Eurythmics, Madonna and Donna Summer to nowadays hits from the underground and mainstream music. One of the rooms is a “silent disco” with a very curious approach. You get a pair of inalambric headphones as you enter the room, and you can choose up to three different sessions to listen to. It's a very comic situation because if you take the headphones off you can see the rest of the people dancing and singing the session they have chosen, being in a room without music.
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The Latex Club could be considered, in a good way, as the dark version of its neighbor Picadilly. Entering this club is like tele transport yourself into the Tron movie universe, where darkness and luminescent circuits surround you to the rhythm of techno and industrial music sessions. I recommend this club especially for the lovers of good electronic music, due to its resemblance with Berlin club nightlife. Every Friday Latex transforms into Club Gordo. It’s the same space but it hosts different sessions that they define as “Advanced music, techno and dark house. Nothing fresh. Nothing commercial”. The interesting thing about this party is it’s DJ's secret lineup and their warning: “No photos. No videos. Yes to anything else”
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Getting in this sushi restaurant is like entering a Kioto street from a minimalist perspective. The interior design by Masquespacio Studio is inspired by the japanese architecture of traditional houses and streets, recreated with the presence of wooden structures. An impressive origami flowers installation hangs from the ceiling, reminding the visitors the look of the japanese traditional sakura trees. The contrast between wood, concrete and paper, and the ambient lighting create a very warm and cozy ambient. Besides the excellent menu, it is not surprising that Nozomi has been considered one of the 10 most beautiful restaurants worldwide on 2015.
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