As the name suggests, it’s all about compatibility. Vienna-based curatorial couple bring their creative interests together two artistic positions at a time, supplementing the dialogue with the saunter-friendly atmosphere of Vienna’s 7th district.
SIGNIFICANT OTHER, 24 Burggasse, Vienna, Austria
Current city: Vienna
Artist, curator and art enthusiast – born in Ukraine, studied in Czech Republic, Scotland and Iceland and currently finds her creative home in Vienna. Exhibited, among other, in the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art, National Center for Contemporary Art Moscow, LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz and Meetfactory Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. Has a soft spot for sculpture, puns, houseplants, oversized jewellery and filling out questionnaires.

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Vienna’s 7th district, called Neubau, is one the city’s hippest neighborhoods. If you want to stroll along the trendy streets of Vienna, have a drink, do some shopping, grab a bite to eat than I would recommend to walk along Kirchengasse, Zollergasse, Lindengasse and Neubaugasse. Looking for some Austrian souvenirs? Here some suggestions: - Get a pack o freshly roasted coffee at the „Hornig“ roaster/coffeeshop.  - Minus Plus hair salon produce their own organic hair products called „Less is more“.  - „Mühlbauer“ hat store is an over 100 years old family business, with a great choice of handmade hats and headgear.  - At „Geschirr Niessner“ you can get one of the famous pastel enamel pots from Riess, manufactured in Lower Austria. - „Sonnentor“ sell organic teas and herbs grown by Austrian farmers. You’ll find plenty of nice coffeeshops and small restaurants along the way.
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I love visiting places that offer a totally different idea of urbanity and experimental concepts for urban (mass) housing. The Wohnpark Alterlaa, built from 1973–1985, is such a project. Hop on the subway to get there and I recommend that you take an extended walk through the area and the surrounding park.
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Palmenhaus is a café, brasserie and bar inside a 1901-built greenhouse located in the Viennese Hofburg palace gardens. You can enjoy your coffee unter the massive steel structure on the light-filled inside of the greenhouse or – during summertime – on the outside terrace overlooking the Burggarten gardens.
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Posted by Nika Kupyrova
A newcomer to the Vienna art scene, GOMO bravely takes on a relatively art-unpopulated area near the main train station. Exhibition and performance program revolves around a distinctive aesthetics of the space (an old garage) and a large yard with plenty of greenery is used extensively and with gusto in all seasons.
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The edges of Vienna are striped with forested roads that canopy villas between the trees. One such 'mini palais' belonged to the famous Austrian architect and urban planner, Otto Wagner. To know Vienna, is to recognize the hand of Otto Wagner virtually everywhere in the city. His own self designed family residence would perhaps have been demolished or forgotten had it not been acquired from certain desertion by the artist Ernst Fuchs in 1972. Now pause, and imagine what would happen if a renowned founder of the Viennese school of Fantastic Realism happened to possess such a historical Jugendstil gem; and then decided to outfit it completely with his own imagination, while still maintaining the original visual emotion of the late 19th century. That is The Ernst Fuchs Museum. Even from the street, beneath its' awning of green, the bombastic entrance demands more than a glance. The interior is no less nor different. (The place is so trippy that even my tripped out kids tripped out in the most beautiful way). It's a haze of opulent romanticism married to parasomnia and aesthetic wonder. Simply put, it's a dream.
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