As the name suggests, it’s all about compatibility. Vienna-based curatorial couple bring their creative interests together two artistic positions at a time, supplementing the dialogue with the saunter-friendly atmosphere of Vienna’s 7th district.
SIGNIFICANT OTHER, 24 Burggasse, Vienna, Austria
Current city: Vienna
Artist, curator and art enthusiast – born in Ukraine, studied in Czech Republic, Scotland and Iceland and currently finds her creative home in Vienna. Exhibited, among other, in the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art, WIELS contemporary art centre, KARLIN STUDIOS - FUTURA, National Center for Contemporary Art Moscow, LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz and Meetfactory Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. Has a soft spot for sculpture, puns, houseplants, oversized jewellery and filling out questionnaires.

More Places in Vienna 25

This bar is in the foyer of the viennese popular theater. the name as well as the interior refer to the socialist direction, but if one imagines a dusty place full of missent ex-marxists it nowadays really is just a place with the ambiance of another time, that houses parties and changing clubs. I love the curtains, the fact that it is in the middle of the city and that one really feels a heavy ancient mood, that is forever related to the image of imperial vienna. it is this certain amount of pretentious pomp that makes going there, regardless of what club it is, surreal and nice.
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This thermal bath is located a bit outside of vienna but you can find a train to get there and its well worth it. there is 5 different basins, the one pictured being called forest-basin. There is no chlorid in any of them, the architechture of the entrance and the grand basin is amazing and you can see a most peculiar rest of a fomally rich culture of bathing traditions: cabins, that are permanently rent to guests that spend most of their summer there within the bath’s area. While you swim and dry you will walk by a family having their lunch in one of these 25 square meter universes, or watch men playing cards on the balconies, before taking another swim. The pools are located on different niveaus and you will have to find your way through a pretty little forest to reach some of them.
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There is one thing finally that is good about vienna’s small size, to reach the river danube and its two side arms in summer, when its boiling hot, takes only few minutes. All the life is transferred from the center to the river banks, swim and barbecue in summer, ice skating in winter. If you exit the subway at Neue Donau station you will see the small tower of viennas biggest mosque that is located on the danube island. You can go there and visit, if you are lucky, you will be offered dryed figues and dates and you can watch the prayers repose themselves lying on mattrasses in the cool.
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The Kunsthistorisches Museum is Austria’s largest art museum. Its picture gallery houses the collections of the Habsburgs. There’s everything from Brueghel to Velásquez and Vermeer to Caravaggio. I especially recommend getting lost in the Egyptian and Near Eastern collection though.
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The „Kirche am Steinhof“  church is located off the beaten tourist path in the 14th district in the Steinhof Psychiatric Hospital (yes, you heard it right). The interior of the church is beautiful and designed to the tiniest detail by the famous Jugendstil architect Otto Wagner. He used new construction techniques and combined them with the necessities of the patients. For example the seating was designed so that there were no sharp edges.  The bus 48A takes you there directly.
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