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Fashion and advertising photographer Eudes de Santana, born and raised in Brazil, studied and lived in Barcelona, Spain and now based in Berlin, Germany
Current city: Barcelona
Other cities: Berlin
Fashion and advertising photographer Eudes de Santana, born and raised in Brazil, studied and lived in Barcelona, Spain and now based in Berlin, Germany
In addition to its unique architecture, this place is my favorite spot to skate in barcelona. There i can feel the wind and the sound coming from the sea. It's relaxing and refreshing and at the same time i'm putting my energies out while skating.
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A great place to find cool books and magazines. Maybe one of the best in barcelona. They also have a space for exhibitions that they often fill with amazing stuff.
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This place is right beside where i live. It's a really nice mixed space with art gallery and café, perfect for a drink with friends and also to enjoy their very well selected exhibitions.
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I first came to this store, bike and barber shop to photograph its owner, a well known rapper from Barcelona. It's a nice place to find some good hip-hop classic records, buy a bike and also have your beard or your hair shaved.
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Although i don't like the crowded beach in the summer, i enjoy it very much when the night comes or also during the grey days of the fall/winter. It can be any beach, and it's amazing to be there with friends to drink some beers, have a picnic and it becomes much cooler when i have this gem only 10 min walking from my home.
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Joan Tarragó is a Barcelona based visual artist. His career started 17 years ago when he moved to Athens for a school internship. Since this time he became modern nomad of everyday life, always on the move between Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Biarritz, NY, Richmond, Miami, Thailand, Bulgaria, Gambia, Copenhagen, etc... He is in an interdisciplinary journey between illustration and graphic design, two-and three-dimensionality. He believes illustration is no longer bound by the flat format, but very often inspects and develops space. With his projects he tries to build bridges between art and design, where illustration, graffiti, street & communication all play an important role. Joan illustrates his fantastic animal's world and characters, holy scenarios filled with symbolism and curious lines and textures. He currently lives in Barcelona and keeps spreading his world through his studio taking part in mural festivals, preparing new exhibitions and collaborating with brands and non corporate organizations.
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Architect and designer
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Illustrator and designer living in sunny Barcelona.
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I’m Barcelona-based graphic designer and art director. I work on both printed and digital media, focusing on art direction, corporate and visual identities, books, magazines, web design and typography. My field of work also includes conceptualization, signage systems, development of campaigns as well as other media communications. In recent years, I have worked for studios such as Folch, Clase and Firma. Currently, I am Head of Design at Séptimo, a branding and design office based in Barcelona. I also cater to national and international clients across an open range of fields providing freelance art direction and graphic design. Some of the most renowned clients I've worked for as freelance are Nike, Lacoste or Bershka.
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