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Lehman Pekkola is a Designer & Photographer, currently producing Visual Content at Pic-Time. Originally from Portland, he now lives and works abroad. Instagram: @lehmanpekkola
Current city: Portland
Lehman Pekkola is a Designer & Photographer, currently producing Visual Content at Pic-Time. Originally from Portland, he now lives and works abroad. Instagram: @lehmanpekkola
A beautiful luncheonette situated in the heart of Portland, MÅURICE is a haven in the city. Blending French & Nordic cuisines, you can't help but slow down, breathe in, and enjoy the finer things in life. You'll find fresh flowers on every table, one of the many touches that make this place special. My favourite place to dine in Portland. Recommendations: the daily quiche, a glass of rosé, and a currant + fennel pastry.
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An eclectic café located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Sheleg is the perfect place to brunch. While it may be hard to choose a place amongst the many wonderful cafés in Tel Aviv, Sheleg offers a classic and simply delicious Mediterranean menu. Filled with antique souvenirs, you feel like you are stepping back in time. Recommendations: black coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, "bread break", and toast with raw tehina + date honey.
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Florence is beautiful, but with the amount of tourists it can be quite overwhelming. Todo Modo is a wonderful place, located near the centre that provides a space to sit, read, and reflect. A bookstore in the front, with a bar/café in the back, Todo Modo is one of my favourites in Florence. The hanging plants, the smell of books, the wood covered interior, all provide a cosy nook to escape to. Recommendations: a glass of chianti + a pen and journal.
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Searching for a place to slow down and breathe in the bustling centre of Barcelona may be challenging, but Bar Cugat provides a solution. A timeless bar situated in Eixample, with an elegant yet low-key atmosphere. While originally only stopping in for a coffee, we found ourselves returning an hour later for a wonderful dinner. Recommendations: classic tapas + vermut.
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Oliver Montiel, creative and art director based in Barcelona. In 2007, after working for different studios and agencies, he and Olmo García founded Bold, an award-winning branding studio that has worked for clients like the European Commission, Barcelona’s Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA), the City Council of Barcelona, the Government of Catalonia and Mercat de les Flors (European House Dance), among others. His passion for editorial design and packaging has helped him direct his career towards projects that focus on the final product as a piece that will increase the brand image and take it forward. His personal projects include teaching in different design schools, editor for Muster magazine and photography. His work has been exhibited in Lisbon, San Sebastian and Barcelona.
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Bendita Gloria is a graphic design studio run by Alba Rosell and Santi Fuster based in Barcelona. After studing graphic design and printing arts, they decided to start their own project in 2007. By now, they have experience in identity, editorial, packaging... but they don’t believe in these kind of tags anymore.
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Illustrator and designer living in sunny Barcelona.
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Mariano Pagella is an argentinean graphic designer & art director; a passionate about typography, colour and composition. He works from his creative studio Vasty, based in Barcelona; a multidisciplinary design boutique that focuses on the creation of imagery, visual expressions and identity, with the purpose to generate exquisite concepts by combining traditional graphic design and craft with a sensitive signature.
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