Over the objections of most people who live downtown or nearby, CVS is trying to build chain pharmacy it town. So people have gotten together and thrown seed bombs over the fence in a guerrilla gardening protest (spearheaded by Carrboro’s robust and awesome anarchist community).
The Disputed Construction Site For Cvs Pharmacy, Carrboro, United States
Current city: Carrboro
Jerry Stifelman directs his flmmaking collective, CreatoDestructo Imagery and is a freelance writer and creative director for commercial brands that stand for something. He is an authenticity junkie, describing himself as “drawn to pretty much anything that comes a deep and true place, whether it’s funny, ugly, beautiful or ferce.” His commercial work frequently takes him to large cities in other countries, but he loves his little home city of Carrboro, which he describes as “the funkier, gritter, hippier ( and hipper), less posh neighboring town to Chapel Hill, home of the University of North Carolina. It’s an easy place to live, easy to bike everywhere, near the airport, and has loads of culture and the sense of optimism that comes from lots of students at the phase in life where all roads are open and anything is possible. It’s also a place of great style — lots of people expressing themselves without listening to anyone else. It’s also an easy ride to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the beaches.”

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This is the most ALIVE part of the city and it's smack in the center of downtown. Here'll you'll find....Spontaneous drum circles. People lingering for hours over bottles of wine. Some dude dancing alone to music inside his head. Professors hanging out with their students. Hoopers doing their thing (Carrboro is the East Coast capital of hopping). People from different continents discussing politics and arcane academic issues. Musicians from whatever band is in town that night happy to be able to grab a healthy meal. This is the true center of town and a place where you can end up spending giant chunks of the day and night.
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One of my favorite aspects of living today instead of ten years ago is the feeling of all kinds of diverse people creatively contributing to the culture. And this huge independent coffee house embodies this scene. It's usually crowed with creative class types and grad students working away. There's often people from other countries in the midst of skype conversations into their computer screens. And the music completely changes depending on what band the barista is in.
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A former bait and tackle shop taken over by a metal sculptor and BMXer in partner with a local doctor who turned it into a haven for community, creativity and good eats. You can come here, grab a coffee and a fresh tamale, answer emails, bump into five people you know, and grab some eggs from a local farm on the way out. It's the kind of relaxed, cheerfully odd place that seems to thrive in this odd bubble of the liberal American south.
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This is THE bar in Carrboro. It's exactly what it's name says. It is drenched with the kind of cool that comes from not giving a shit about cool. Shimmy up to the bar an you'll be elbows to elbows with members of up-and-coming bands, aldermen, professors and plumblers.
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About 10 miles away, there's a tiny old mill town on the Haw River called Saxapahaw that's attracted an interesting mix of really wonderful, creative people, including Heather and Tom LaGarde who turned this giant old mill foor into a combination ballroom and coffee house. It's an amazing venue for music at night and during the afternoon, it's a giant and quiet sanctuary that feels a million miles away from anything else.
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