Contemporary Art Gallery in the center of Copenhagen focusing on mainly international, abstract, minimalistic art. 
Sunday-S Contemporary Gallery, 6 Amaliegade, Copenhagen, Denmark
Current city: Copenhagen
Art Collector and Gallerist in Copenhagen. 

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The former shipyard at 'Refshaleøen' is a great place to explore. Go for a walk through the big beautiful industrial buildings, and visit the many newly opened cafes, beer breweries, and restaurants
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When in need of some inspiration The Design Museum is an obvious choice living in Copenhagen. What is not that well known to the visitors is that the Design Museum has a great poster collection not open to the general public. If you plan your visit and make an agreement with the Museum beforehand, you will be able to visit the collection archived in the attic above the Museums’ library (which is also a must-see, but expect to be ‘shushed’). The Design Museum has since its founding in the 1890s collected posters, and the collection documents commercial, cultural, and political developments in poster history both in Denmark and around the world, from the boom in posters in the 1800s to today. And all of the stars of poster history are represented. The curator of the department will be able to find posters relevant to the subject you are interested in, and is very knowledgeable of both printing techniques and cultural history.
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Whenever I feel uninspired I visit the (now genericly named) Design Museum, formerly known as Kunstindustrimuseet. Sort of the V&A of Copenhagen. An old museum filled with gorgeus fabrics, weird artifacts and a cozy library filled with books about arts & crafts from around the world. If you're still uninspired after a visit here you're not able to. Don't forget to have lunch in the beautiful center garden surrounding by the overgrown buildings, statues and old trees.
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An area in Copenhagen that has gotten quite a lot of attention because of its experimental public space and planning is Superkilen, a park in the north west of the city centre. Designed in a collaboration between the arts group Supeflex, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Topotek1, this park feature an eclectic mix of features, such as a fountain from Morocco, sculptures from Japan and large scale Russian signs. The area this park is located in, Nørrebro, is quite diverse, and the designers set out to reflect this by treating the park as ‘a world exhibition filled with interesting things’, and to represent the nationalities of every local resident. The park is divided into three areas: The Red Square, The Black Market and the Green Park. The Red Square is decorated with red-toned geometric patterns, contains cafés and feels modern and urban. The Black Markets’ ground are painted with white lines that creates almost aerodynamic patterns that curve around the benches and fountain. The Green park is a park for walking the dog, picnics and sports. Bring your camera as this area offers some great photo opportunities!
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Just 25 min by train from downtown Copenhagen lies an old and beautiful forest and country area inhabited by wild (but friendly) deer. It's a vast, mysterious space for getting lost in and perfect for spacing out on mushrooms if you bring friends. Stay away on Sundays as it fills up with screaming children and zombie parents. Grab an ice cream on your way back at Bakken, the old David Lynch-ish fairground located at the outskirts of the forest.
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