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Madeleine Lithvall is a Stockholm based illustrator and the creative director of M Lithvall; a multi-disciplinary creative agency specialising in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty sectors. With a theoretical and practical background from London, Sydney and Stockholm, she has a comprehensive understanding for the industry. Her work is characterised by humor, craftsmanship and an uncompromising focus on sustainability.
Current city: Stockholm
Madeleine Lithvall is a Stockholm based illustrator and the creative director of M Lithvall; a multi-disciplinary creative agency specialising in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty sectors. With a theoretical and practical background from London, Sydney and Stockholm, she has a comprehensive understanding for the industry. Her work is characterised by humor, craftsmanship and an uncompromising focus on sustainability.
A 500-meter long (quarter mile) walking path with a magnificent view of Lake Mälaren, City Hall, and Riddarholmen. Bring your take-away coffee and walk the path at least once every season to notice the different scents and colours of Stockholm.
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A beautiful island far out in Stockholm archipelago where you can recover from the hectic city life. Fill yourself with new inspiration from the nature and the rich cultural history the island offers. In 1908 Bullerö was bought by the painter Bruno Liljefors and became his private summer retreat and studio. He regularly invited his famous friends for week-long food-and-drink-orgies and hunting treks. Historians say that it was in fact these party trips that popularized the archipelago as the summer destination for Stockholm’s it-crowd; everybody who was anybody wanted to host bacchanalian parties on a private island of their own. If you don't own your own boat, you can catch a ferry and stay in one of the cottage houses that you can rent.
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Meadow Mountain is a sweet little spot for ski or snowboard touring, paragliding and snowmobiling in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. The skiing down is quite mellow so it's a good option when the snow pack in Colorado is still unstable or when you're a beginner at ski touring. Pack a backpack and trek all the way to the hut where you can camp for the night. Then, ski down the mountain again the day after.
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Another beautiful area to go ski touring with a breathtaking view. The elevation is high up so you'll e guaranteed snow. The skiing is varied with more mellow or steeper so make sure to read the bulletin before getting out in the outback.
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Spring always arrives earlier to London, and London shows its most beautiful face during the spring. If you live in London, or if you come to visit, bring your training shoes and take a morning run along river Thames in Chiswick. Between Barnes Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge, there's a great trail on both sides of the river. And if you take the run in March, you might run through this wonderful Alice-in-Wonderland cherry-blossom landscape.
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Looking to update your ranch and cowboy wardrobe? Yep, this is the place to go. Stepping in to Rockmount Ranch Wear feels like stepping right into a western movie. Here, you'll find anything you need to adopt the ranch and coyboy style. And the store itself is so much fun looking through with all western paintings, furnitures and of course, wearables.
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Ember Hostel is located in Cap Hill just a short walk from the state capitol, downtown bars and an awesome music scene. Capitol Hill was once the home of Denver’s elite and today consists of historic mansions, such as this. Ember Hostel was certainly an experience above all expectations. The mansion is decorated in retro style with so many details to look at. If you want to hang out at the lounge to perhaps get some work done, choose any of the many corners to curl up in. They also provide supplementary coffee, tea and fresh water. You can choose to stay in the dorm room, consisting of 16 bunkbeds, or you can stay at the private deluxe room for 2 with a queen bed. When you've found your buddy travellers, grab them all and jump in to the 10-people jacuzzi at the backyard. Or sit by the fireplace and drink beers and chit-chat. The staff is so friendly and at your service 24/7. They helped us with lots of local tips to restaurants, breakfast places and bars. Again, this was definitely over all expectations and I can definitely recommend staying here if you visit Denver.
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If you go sailing in Croatia, you usually start from a large port next to the old city of Trogir, but most people forget to take time to explore this small town. I can strongly recommend spending a day in the city and stroll around the narrow alleys and eat delicious sea food and ice cream. Trogir is a harbour city that must not be missed while being in this area of Croatia!
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Looking for a place to relax and rewind in Sicily? Then, this is the place for you. Diamond Resort is a 5-star hotel situated just between the vibrant beach town Giardini-Naxos and the picturesque tourist resort Taormina. Here, you can go for a swim in any of the 2 outdoor spa swimming pools, practicing your swing at the pitch golf court, go for a workout at the indoor gym, spoil yourself with spa treatments, enjoy some seriously great Aperol Spritz cocktails... yea, you name it. The rooms are air conditioned and clean with fluffy beds. Once you walk in through the gates to this resort, you immediately relax. The only downside is the food at the hotel. It's nothing special at all and extremely expensive. Luckily enough, there are local Sicilian restaurants just around the corner by the beach walk, so you're better of strolling down the street and get yourself some local Italian food instead for a much more reasonable price. It's just a short walk down to the beach walk and the hotel has a private beach spot. However, the beach is better in the town of Giardini-Naxos, so I preferred the swimming pool. The hotel is surrounded by a breathtaking view with the vulcano mountains facing one side and the ocean the other. After spending a few days at this resort, I felt like a new person.
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An ancient theatre up in the mountains of Taormina that I visited in summer 2017. The theatre is a magnificent spot both for its own architecture and history as well as for the view over Sicily.
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Stepping in to the vibrant shop Scriptum in Oxford is like stepping in to a shop in Harry Potter. If you ever need a visionary prop – imagine... anything, this is the place to visit.
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A gorgeous, summery café, bar and restaurant located in an old ruin at Fårö, Gotland. During daytime, you can chill in one of their hammocks, eating local ice cream, and during evenings, order a jug of sangria, look out over the meadows where cheep run wild and enjoy the live music. Every now and then, they also do BBQs and paella evenings – delicious! If you're around for one of those events, don't miss out on it!
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When most people think of Croatia, they think of southern Croatia, areas near Split and Dubrovnik. In 2015, I went to Istria in northern Croatia where the tourism isn't as widely settled yet. Of course, there's still some tourism going on, but there's a different, more genuine feeling to Istria. And if you dig in to their history, you will notice there's so much Istria can tell you. Rovinj is a small city located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, a popular tourist resort, an active fishing port and definitely one of the most picturesque cities around the Mediterranean. Hop on to a boat from Pula and visit Rovinj for a day tour, or spend a night in the town at a private accommodation. Stroll around the narrow alleys and just enjoy all the pastel architecture. Then, I can recommend having some local sea food for dinner, which is the Adriatic speciality.
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The beach walk along Rue Du Lac between Clarens and Montreux is a real beauty. It's filled with early 20th century Art Noveau architecture, statues, parks and of course, the magnificent backdrop of the Swiss alp mountains. If you go skiing in the alps, a day trip to Montreux is definitely worth the time! But make sure to bring your own picknick, the prices at the restaurants along the beach walk are unreasonable.
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If you're around Verbier or any of the nearby 4 valleys, and if you're in to ski touring, drop out the backside from Mont Fort and get ready for your life's hike. This mountain landscape is absolutely breathtaking and the snow is fantastic. Although, make sure you're fully geared up for the backcountry, have read the weather and avalanche reports and that you go out with a good team that you can trust. Ski to live another day!
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After a day of skiing in Steamboat resort or out in the surrounding backcountry, take the car or a shuttle bus to the natural hot springs just outside Steamboat downtown. It’s a gorgeous and incredibly relaxing outdoor natural spa where you can bath in differently heated pools. Jump in between the hot pools and the cold river for some extra blood circulations. They also provide massage and you can stay over night at the springs. However, I recommend staying in downtown or by the ski resort and go up to this beautiful spot for a couple of hours in the afternoon or evening. I went there during winter and I’m sure it’s as amazing during the rest of the year. 
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Contemporary artist.
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British illustrator living in Denver
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I am a photographer based in Denver, Colorado. Having spent several years doing commercial and editorial photography, most of my current work consists of self-assigned documentary projects including the 100 Abandoned Houses project, which documented abandoned houses in Detroit, Michigan, where I grew up and spent the majority of my years. Now residing in Denver, I've found myself living in South City Park, with access to the City's largest urban park, and a wide range of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and museums.
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