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South Willard is both elegant and laid back. Let's call it High Folk. It functions as both an art & design gallery and boutique. It's extremely well curated with a heavy focus on ceramics by artists both known and newly discovered. Peter Shire, Ruby Neri, Jason Meadows.., work by artists I have known and admired for decades can be found here and acquired in a means considerably more approachable than through the other galleries that represent them. South Willard is a friends and family affair and the experience feels warm and welcoming. Have fun. 
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Yes- I'm going to anger some people by sharing this hidden gem with you. It is very special and I expect hate mail.  They have been serving Japanese comfort food since the late 60's and is the last gasp of a neighborhood in Boyle Heights that was once predominantly Japanese. No frills. Just a warm and loving environment- a place to escape and eat spicy tuna rice bowls and sip miso with your Japanese Grandmother. Shhh, don't tell anyone. 
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Adi Goodrich is a Los Angeles based artist and designer best known for her colorful, iconic set designs. Her work encourages the viewer to look further into commercial imagery to see the craftsmanship and historical reference that is prevalent throughout. Attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and La Sorbonne in Paris, Goodrich's work is inspired by the history of art, architecture and design. Goodrich's portfolio is a range of multi-media work which includes large-scale set design for advertising and film, site specific murals, tour visuals for musical performances, photography, furniture design, sculptures and homewares. Alongside her commercial work, Goodrich finds importance in education and has exhibited and lectured in cities worldwide including, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Cincinnati, Minneapolis and Sydney. Adi is half of Sing-Sing, a creative studio. When two heads are better than one, Adi Goodrich and Sean Pecknold collaborate on various projects in the arenas of photography, animation, children's books, films and other independent creative projects. Sing-Sing.co
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 I believe that jewelry should be a characteristic of the wearer; as distinct and individual as the person who wears it.  Always earthy and metal prominent, my form of design is to present a contemporary take on traditional items. Whether the project is to repurpose inherited pieces, design a custom item, or simply add to our collection, the process is very intentional. Since Sustainability and small-scale production is my main focus, our pieces are never mass-produced or ready to ship and I take pride in the intimacy of creating made to order pieces.  
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We are shaping tomorrow’s diverse cultures. Happening Studio is an international design studio, cultivating global minds with local sensibility. Specializing in identity design as a studio foundation, we output a wide range of work, from screen-based experiences to printed reading experiences.  Often working with small to medium sized cultural institutions and museums, Happening Studio function as a design mediator and facilitator between in-house design, marketing staffs and high level stakeholders.  Since 2019, the studio went fully remote and worked from 3 different continents to further establish their design practice and research. As a result, the studio carries a flexible working conditions, offers an in-depth understanding of client needs within global to local landscapes that are diverse and meaningful. 
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Editor, fledgling entrepreneur
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