Going out in Chueca, the gay neighborhood of Madrid and grab a beer in the bars around is fun. One of my favorite programs is going to tranvestite´s concerts there.
Chueca District, Libertad, 34, Madrid, Spain
Current city: Madrid
Anaisa Franco is an artist creating electronic sculptures that interconnect the physical with the digital; she is interested in re-signifying concepts of psychology by providing behaviors, imagination and feelings for the sculptures. She has been working and living between Spain and São Paulo, Brazil, where she came from. She studied first Visual Arts in São Paulo, and then moved to England to do a Master in Art and Technology, since then she started traveling around producing works in Medialabs and residences for artists.

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Conde Duque is a contemporary creation center, a nice place to go to see concerts and expositions. It always has an interesting program going on. Every year several design and dance festivals are held and in summer you can enjoy a summer cinema. Conde Duque has become an essential pillar of Madrid’s cultural activity. It is proud to be one of the city’s three large metropolitan cultural centres, alongside Matadero Madrid Contemporary Arts Centre and CentroCentro. Conde Duque can be found in the university district, or Universidad, right in the centre of Madrid. Universidad is an area that stands out for two great reasons: for its wide and rich heritage and for its concentration of cultural activity.
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One of my favorite cafes in Madrid, near Plaza de España, and where they make the best palmeras in Madrid.
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Though you might say the city is full of colors, from Velazquez's tones of greys to Miro's vivid strokes and shapes. From Goya's darkness to Picasso's blues, Rastro's potency and variety of people and fabrics, or even shop windows for tourists full of Sevillanas and colorful magnets - the biggest canvas is above all of us. It's hard to beat the intense blue of Madrid's sky. I have no idea if Giotto has been here, but I'm pretty sure he was inspired by Madrid's sky to paint Padua's chapel's ceiling. The smoothest blue of Madrid's sky lies in contrast with the dryness and ocre buildings and landscape gives me torticollis. The colors may vary from mediterranean sea, Yves Klein Blue and Pantone 293C. It doesn't matter how it's defined - it is, for me, a boost of cheerfulness in any place and mindset I find myself in. I won't be able to touch or reach the blueness of this sky, but it touches me. Deeply. And I happily allow it.
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A bar and bookshop to enjoy a glass of wine while reading a book or to read a book while drinking a glass of wine. They show a careful selection of contemporary literature and artworks downstairs, from where you can spy on the people upstairs because the ceiling is made of glass.
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One of my favourite places to enjoy a beer bathed in orange lights and layered walls. They used to give concerts downstairs. Unfortunately they got recently banned due to boring local regulations - hopefully, live music will return soon amongst their palm trees and tropical lights.
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