The Spirit is a cocktail bar in the hearth of Porta Romana, in Milano. An hidden gem, they say. At first sight you might not see the door. You need to be curious and adventurous to get in. But it’s worth it! Once inside, custom made velvet sofas, extravagant mirrors and games of sparkling lights will lure you down in a world of illusion and magic, where the perception of time and the world outside fades away. Surrounded by rare bottles from all over the world, you can savor the unusual mixed ingredients of our crafted cocktails, have a sip of long aged spirits from exotic lands or just have the barman tailor your perfect serve. Experience The Spirit!
The Spirit, 15 Via Piacenza, Milan, Italy
Current city: Milan
DOMENICO DE CHIRICO: ITALY, INDEPENDENT CURATOR. Domenico de Chirico is an independent curator from Italy. Born in Bari in 1983, he lives and works in Milan. From 2011 until 2015 he was a professor in “Visual Culture” and “Trend Research” at Milan’s European Institute of Design (IED). He collaborates with a number of international artists, galleries, institutions, art fairs, art prizes, and magazines worldwide. He has been artistic director at DAMA Fair, Turin since 2016. He was also a visiting tutor at Goldsmiths, University of London (2018). Upcoming exhibitions and researches (2019/20): Accademia di belle arti di Urbino, academy of fine arts located in Urbino, Marche, Italy (guest lecturer); Bienvenue Art Fair, Paris (prize jury member); Fotopub Festival, Novo Mesto, Slovenia (guest lecturer). Exhibitions in various venues and cities, among which: Turin, Milan, Berlin, Munich, Lisbon, Miami, Brescia, Istanbul, Florence, Venice, Rome, Prague, Mallorca, and so forth.

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Even the most unconventional tourist would never leave Milan without visiting Piazza del Duomo. Well, since you’re there you must have a traditional “aperitivo” (to get before lunch or before dinner) at the Bar Zucca where Verdi and Toscanini used to go, back from the Scala Theatre. We never sit at the nice small tables located apart, we like to enjoy our Rabarbaro Zucca standing in the crowd of the bar - just try it.
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Absolutely delicious pastries and one of the best cappuccino in town.
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Workspace, restaurant, and exhibition place. located in the design Area from Milan. 
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One of my favorite historical building from Milano, 
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The Brera Gallery was officially established in 1809, even though a first heterogeneous collection with educational purpose existed already from 1776 – and then increased in the following years – alongside the Accademia di Belle Arti, requested by Mary Therese of Austria to offer the students the opportunity to study lofty masterpieces of art close up. Brera become a museum to host the most important works of art from all of the areas conquered by the French armies. So unlike other important museums in Italy such as the Uffizi, Brera did not start out life as the private collection of a prince or nobleman but as the product of a deliberate policy decision. Paintings confiscated from churches and convents throughout Lombardy with the religious orders’ dissolution began to pour into the museum in the early years of the 19th century, soon to be joined by artworks of similar provenance from other areas of the Kingdom of Italy. This explains why the collection comprises chiefly religious works, many of them large altarpieces, and accounts for Brera’s special aura on which later acquisitions have had only a minor impact.
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