For Adults and Kids a good reason to get the “out of the city feeling” although you are still in the middle of it! Free entrance with NYC ID!
Bronx Zoo, 2300 Southern Boulevard, New York, United States
Current city: New York
Helga Traxler, born 1984 in Austria, also known as Photosalonhelga – is a Freelance-Photographer with a Masters Degree in Visual Communications. Helga has worked with clients such as: New York Times T-Magazine, New York Magazine - The Cut, Ryan McGinley Studios, Rauschenberg Foundation, Walter Schupfer Management, Mac Cosmetics, Sweden Unlimited, Bullett Media, Conrad Rosett, Mango, Ebay, Allianz, amm. Through the experimentation with the medium she is blurring the boundaries between fashion and art. Helga is known for her cautious, calculated approach and varied photographic style with strong attention paid to details and colour schemes. Her focus is squarely on people. Helga is based in Brooklyn/New York City.

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Make sure you know the size of your party when you arrive, or the formidable looking bouncer may give you a hard time at the door (they prefer no standing inside, all parties must be seated), but once you’re in, the drinks are fantastic and the staff is friendly and accommodating. In addition to cocktails, Pouring Ribbons features an impressive selection of Chartreuse.
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I discovered the Frick my first week in New York, during a heat wave in August. The galleries were surprisingly empty, with only the occasional visitor strolling through the rooms, gently creaking the floorboards. I stood for a while in front of the Bronzino, a portrait of a boy standing against a background of green drapery, and then sat in the courtyard for a long, cool hour.
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It starts when a friend implores you to eat downstairs at La Esquina, the subterranean brasserie branch of Derek Sanders's Mexican axis of Kenmare Street. The food’s cheaper and probably better at the walk-in-only cafe around the corner from the restaurant’s entrance—a door disguised by a taqueria counter and a sign that reads “Employees Only”—but there’s a certain category of New Yorker who thrives on having what others don’t. A reservationist will ask you if you’ve “dined with us before,” and in general, it takes knowing someone in the industry, smooth talking, or (velvet-rope flashback) looking good and confident at the door, to waltz in at prime time. The reward is dining in a Mexican dungeon as styled for a Vogue shoot, complete with metalwork, distressed stone walls, and water dripping on the back of your neck (though the owners can probably thank the air conditioner for the added atmospherics). Making up the grinning crowd at secluded booths and in private cells (?): a healthy mix of models, cougars, and maybe John Mayer picking his way through red snapper ceviche, cauliflower and avocado taquitos, grilled octopus tostados, or a plate of tuna tartare with a tamarind glaze. If the food sounds light, you’re right; it’s playing to the delicious crowd.  This is, what "The New Yorker" wrote about this fantastic place!
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Get a piece of the south back with a chicken biscuit from Pies & Thighs.
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Elsewhere is a converted warehouse space that serves as a music venue, art space, and bar. I recently went here for the first time to see Yaeji spin her latest EP, EP2. The walls were banging, the light design was unreal and even when in the back, the space feels intimate AF.
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