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Matt van Leeuwen is a Dutch Graphic Designer. Currently Design Director at Mother Design, NY.
Current city: New York
Matt van Leeuwen is a Dutch Graphic Designer. Currently Design Director at Mother Design, NY.
To have the best lunches like a 'fried peanut butter sandwich', lounge or book a room for a few days in the heart of the city, visit 'The Ace Hotel'. Ease down in the couches, order a Brooklyn Beer and relax. A great place to meet up.
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Moma is worth a visit, but for a more lively Art experience ánd for free, one should visit Chelsea. A colony of 400 Art Galleries, showing the best in contemporary art. Running straight through is the high line, a 1 mile long linear park, build on a former railroad-spur, worth the walk.
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Its an image imprinted in everybody's mind: the background for hundreds of movies, ads and commercials. Actually standing on a saturday-night at Time Square, hearing dozens of different languages of tourists around you, and being fully emerged with the sounds and light, slightly frantic and crazy… You are in NY.
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Easing in the park, the city facing you and traffic honking its way over the Brooklyn Bridge. Best enjoyed on a late-summer afternoon/night.
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Since September this year, the very best place to hear an authentic voice, keeping Wall Street sharp.
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Marta Caro is a Barcelona-born graphic designer and art director currently living and working in New York, USA. Coming from a classic graphic design background, her work spans from interactive, branding and editorial design to art direction. Nowadays she works at The Line as lead designer. Say hi! hello(at)martacaro.com
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Interior Architect and Furniture Designer out of New York, originally from Copenhagen. Love all the stuff that surrounds us! Photograph by: Christian Larsen
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I am an Animation Director and Designer ◈ NYC.  Nathaniel Milton has spent a lifetime trying convey the stories that he was born with through moving pictures. His animations, which are at turns ethereal and poetic and then scientific and biographical, bring the intangible into focus. His work lives in the high realms of magical strangeness, blurring the lines of what is possible when we remember that everything is magical. Working through his own dance with mental illness, Nate gives us Eli, a portrait of the depth, beauty and incomprehensible vastness of the human mind. Nate’s work makes the heart feel soft, gives shape to dreams and whispers on that small feeling we all carry somewhere which tells us that nothing is as it appears. Nate grew up in Cumberland, RI and attended SVA. He currently resides in Brooklyn. He has created and produced an Animated Series for Facebook Watch. Four of his short films have become Vimeo Staff Picks. He's also directed editorial and commercial work for HBO, Airbnb and NPR. 
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Lila Barth is a recent graduate of FIT's photography program. Working entirely in film, both 35mm and 120mm, she uses her lens to cast her subjects as characters, finding settings that are cinematic and realistic. She blends fine art and documentary photography to create a reality that is represented at its aesthetic peak. 
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Wade Jeffree is a New York-based Designer and Art Director whose practice is based upon creating long-standing collaborative partnerships built on honesty and purpose within the fields of art, culture, and commerce. He believes in a life where work and play are forever intertwined. As of 2016, he runs a studio with his wife Leta Sobierajski from Brooklyn, New York.
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