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Candice Milon is a french photographer. She is graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Marseille. In 2006, she moved in Paris to study studio photography at the Gobelins. She is represented by Figure. Profile image by Julia Champeau.
Current city: Paris
Candice Milon is a french photographer. She is graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Marseille. In 2006, she moved in Paris to study studio photography at the Gobelins. She is represented by Figure. Profile image by Julia Champeau.
Old building of funeral parlour that became in 2008 the 104, a place dedicated to creation. Artists workshops, concerts, exhibitions, theater, bars, restaurants, bookshop and also Emmaüs…
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A paradise for a rest : waterfalls, restaurants and bars (crazy parties at the top of the hills in Rosa Bonheur) As soon as the sun is shining people are going there to share a drink or a meal, lying on the grass surrounded by blazing green.
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Promenade along the water, two cinemas face to face linked by a riverbus, bookshop, bars (specially BarOurcq 68 quai de Loire), restaurants, theater barge…
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Two wellknown japanese cafeteria, close to the Louvre and the Palais Royal. Gyoza and Lamen served all day long. The one Rue St Anne is more traditionnal, chiefs are cooking in front of you. Often packed, in case there is a long waiting line, go to the one Rue St Honoré, you will eat the same!
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The typical bistro in the heart of Belleville. Warmfull place where a bunch of people meet : a delicious mix in an easy going ambiance.
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Sophie Dries Architect is a Paris & Milan based design studio run by the architect Sophie Dries since fall 2014, when she was 28 . She has been collaborating for several years with multiple luxury interior design & architecture offices in Paris such as Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Pierre Yovanovitch or Christian Liaigre.   Sophie Dries Architect has designed stores and offices in Istanbul, also been renovating some luxury apartments in Paris and currently works on several projects in France and Italy. Sophie Dries has realised a numbered edition furniture line, launched in Milan for the 2016 Salone del Mobile and shown since at PAD London, 2017 Collective design fair in New York with gallery l’Éclaireur (Paris/Los Angeles), but also in collective shows in Brussels, Beirut and Rome.
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Worldwide freelancer
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Linda Bujoli lives and works in Paris Photographer and visual artist, Linda Bujoli studies light and its many variations. Through photography, she captures light’s broad range of effects to visually sculpt a body, a face or an object. She endeavors to construct aesthetic domains in which disciplines are combined to form a single, collective dimension. Driven by the desire to touch all five senses, Linda Bujoli conceived of and produced LAND ME, a multi-sensory work incorporating music, image and sculpture, in collaboration with the musical group AIR. This prior project, exhibited at Espace ArtStudioK, the Parcours Saint-Germain and Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille, now finds its natural extension in the artist’s current work. Playing with the technical processes of the photographic apparatus, Linda Bujoli delivers pictorial intention that manifests itself through chromatic variations, visible vibrations, luminescent traces and evanescent impressions – resulting in a veritable “writing of light”. Having been invited by the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) to create a livre-objet commemorating Michel Drucker’s 50 years of television, Linda Bujoli now presents to you CALL TO LIGHT, an artistic display that showcases the very essence of photography.
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Pablo lives and work in Paris.In 2011, after an internship in Steven Harrington's Studio, he cofounded Super Groupe, a graphic laboratory where illustration and it's applications lead.Through multidisciplinary such as video clip, motion design, animation, installation, Pablo's images are directly influenced by pop iconography, where you can meet dinosaures, street brawls and damsels in distress. He is also the third man of Solide, graphic design studio.
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Music lover and feminist, Marine Neuilly is the founder of La Chatte De Françoise, a brand that connect with inspiring artists to make limited editions about femininity and sexual freedom, through clothing, photography and printed paper. Her latest publication "Beauty's Only Skin Deep" is out now and available on her website -->
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