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Alagoano based in São Paulo.
Current city: São Paulo
Alagoano based in São Paulo.
Botequim Paulista feels like the only place to go when you feel like meeting up with your friends or something like it. It's traditional boteco, with tables in the street, the two owners as waiters and very see-what-happens food - ovo de codorna, sliced calabrezza and peanuts.
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Museum Floriano Peixoto - was ones the Maceió cityhall, now works as a museum with a nice and pretty unkown amount of art pieces by early XX artists from Alagoas, filled with historical furniture and oppulent spaces.
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Maceió been as hot as the world allows it to be - even if it doesn't look like in the picture beside - it's not the first choice to be when you are wondering where to go. What makes me love it, is the whole diversity. You can get anything you are/or not looking for. A nice place to get different material to work with.
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It might not look like it, but Ponta Verde beach is placed right in front of a avenue with intense traffic all day. But it doesnt really matter as long as you can stay watching the sea - and wonder why you're in a car when you're supposed to be as much wet and tanned as this place allow you to.
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Popfuzz is a cultural collective working with music and arts in Maceió and now have become along with the kitchen in their house at a suburbia neighborhood, one of the most awaited places to be when you want to dance and have fun with their kitchen parties.
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More Illustrators

Katrin Rodegast is an award-winning paper artist, illustrator, designer and art director based in Berlin, Germany. Her tactile objects, sets and scenarios are produced from paper, products, graphic elements or everyday materials in her studio at Alexanderplatz. This unique and directly engaging style of illustration is commissioned by international clients for advertising, magazines, brochures, websites, apps, shop windows or animated films.
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Born in Kolkata, India I moved to the UK as a teenager and to London when I got into Central Saint Martins to study illustration. I'm still here 27 years later so I guess I'm a Londoner now.
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Seryoung An is an Artist and Visual Image Maker. She is interested in communicating and interacting with a large audience through her work. Her projects start from a personal narrative that leads to visual narratives on paper. The scenes from the narratives she creates are usually a representation of herself and her experiences. She gets inspired from everyday objects in her surrounding world, the ongoing civilisation, current affairs and nature. She creates books posters and stationery based on images made from hands-on techniques such as collage, linocut, watercolour painting, acrylic and gouache. 
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Designer and illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil. He do not consider himself an artist, but a person with artistic skills. Mixing medias and techniques in a continuous researching process looking for a true and original drawing style, or maybe just an excuse to keep drawing.
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I'm living my dream of working as a freelance illustrator in the San Francisco area, where the redwood forests, dramatic cliffs, and occasional whale tails are a source of constant inspiration. My first book, 'Wendell the Narwhal' was published by Simply Read Books last year. Clients include Penguin Random House, Usborne, American Greetings, The Seattle Symphony, and others. As a certified California Naturalist, I hope to use illustration as a tool to educate and inspire others to fall in love with the natural world. 
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