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Hi! My name is Lianne and I am an illustrator based in Haarlem. I love to go to the museum, art galleries and unique little shops and I will share them with you all, here!
Current city: Haarlem
Other cities: Amsterdam
Hi! My name is Lianne and I am an illustrator based in Haarlem. I love to go to the museum, art galleries and unique little shops and I will share them with you all, here!
This place has the best handpicked natural wines and great, great food. Lovely, friendly and helpful staff. You can easily sit here for hours, have a bite once in a while and try great wines. An absolute must to visit.
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Xoana Herrera is an Argentinian director, designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles, CA, she finished her studies in the University of Buenos Aires. She loves to find ways to create simple solutions, she gives a huge importance to color, shapes and loves create characters. She defines her style by the delicate use of geometric shapes to create joyful characters and colorful backgrounds. Before landing in LA, she worked for a number of different studios in both Argentina and Europe. Her passion for illustration and her exquisite taste makes her one of the most promising artists in the motion graphics world She currently works as an Art Director with the amazing and talented people at Buck.
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Tai Snaith is an artist and author living in Melbourne Australia. She wanders through different ideas and works them out in may different mediums including ceramics, collage, conversations and broadcasting. You may have heard Tai's voice on local cult radio station RRRfm (102.7) or read one of Tai's 4 picture books published by Thames and Hudson. Tai's next project will be part of the exhibition 'Unfinished Business' at The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, opening December 15 and running till the end of February 2018. You can also follow Tai on instagram @taisnaith or @taisnaith_for_kids
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Clo’e Floirat is an author and illustrator. She began her rigorous training in New York, fleetingly leaving France to then attend the Design Academies of Reims and Eindhoven, Netherlands. This led her to Berlin, working with architects specializing in art spaces for another five years. From working with Robert Wilson as well as Rufus Wainwright in New York for several years, her interests have recently culminated in her graduation from the new master in Critical Writing in Art at the Royal College of Art, London. She has become known for her signature drawings - a combination of drawing and writing with a critical orientation, into what she calls drawing Crit’writing - that cast a critical, humorous and refreshing look on the world of contemporary art. Clo’e is a regular contributor to various publications, e.g., art press, Frieze, Intramuros, l’Officiel Art and the World of Interiors. She is a special guest at Monumenta - Grand Palais in Paris since 2011, where she draws and writes along side major contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Daniel Buren, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. More recently Art Brussels has invited her for a live critical drawing installation on the walls of the art fair. In 2016 Kamel Mennour feat. Clo'e Floirat. A unique collaboration to take a closer look at his 2016 gallery program resulting in a solo exhibition at Kamel Mennour gallery - rue Saint André des Arts Paris 7ème. In March 2016, Clo’e released her first book Pas mal pour de l’art with Marabout editions - Marabulles. This new publication constitutes a unique portrait of gallery and museum-goers, drawn with humor and perceptiveness. Selected clients: Colette, Hermès, Illycaffè, La Ville de Paris, Pierre Hermé, SNCF, MAH!, Emeco, Ketel One, Droog Design. Selected publishers: art press, Marabout, Gallimard, Frieze, Designo, Intramuros, l’Officiel Art, the World of Interiors, Eyrolles.
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British illustrator living in Japan
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Kyle Pellet is an artist and illustrator who was born, raised, and currently resides in San Jose, California. He spends his time preparing to be humiliated, creating things he hopes to God are of value to somebody other than himself, asking questions that probably have no answers, and feeling bad for his shortcomings.
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