The Tsukiji Market ( Chuo-ku ) If you want to eat Sushi, you should go to Tsukiji not Ginza. This is the biggest market in the world. You can get better quality fish than anywhere else. The auction and cleaning of big fish are worth seeing. I aways come by the first train, take some photo, eat rice bowl dishes.
The Tsukiji Market, Tsukiji, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Current city: Tokyo
Mariko Sakaguchi is a Tokyo based art photographer who studied at the Hongik University of Art Korea, and at the department of Moving Image and Performing Arts at Tama Art University, Tokyo. Artist Statement: “I am making art works by using photography. I am trying to cross the sense of private and public, and also now and past by taking bath in old style Japanese bathtub and stepping into photography by myself, You can see I take bath anywhere, It means the place you are seeing my works and also the place you are at now are not off-site. The place where you are has possibilities to be the scene of my works. You are not spectator, but party of my work, art. I want to be a part of art with you all.”

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This mountain is known as one of the top one hundred famous mountains in Japan. And is one of the highest mountains in the Tokyo area. I went mountaineering at the end of last autumn, and felt cold at the summit. The views changed as winds pushed away thick clouds, and I felt that winter was just around the corner. Scenery is breathtaking. It is recommended as a mountain comparatively easy to climb.
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The most insane natural wine bar i've ever visited. Sano san knows well the value of Biodynamic and natural wines, he has a little cellar at 11 C where you can find gems opened up to 1 year before. The atmosphere and the way Sano treats his wines and his guests will change your perspectives. The kitchen is also delicious.
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Daikanyama is a fashionable town which attracts young people. There are many stylish cafes. Coconara, a cafe & dining, is the place where they can enjoy art while they are eating and drinking. In the shop, there are tables which various artists have decorated. Artworks of the featured artist are displayed on the walls. You can see my work in this photograph.
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Shibaura House is a unique workshop space in an office district. The building was designed by Kazuyo Sejima, an architect who has often worked outside of Japan. The first floor has self-published zines from all over the world, sent in by small publishers. It's kind of like a park: there are tables and chairs that anyone can sit on while looking at the zines. It's free of charge.
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There are many long-established good Japanese buckwheat noodle restaurants in Kanda. "Kanda Yabusoba" was founded in 1880. Soba is Japanese brown noodle made from buckwheat flour. Generally, it is eaten cold after being dipped in a soy-flavored sauce. Kanda is also famous as a city for secondhand bookstores. You should take a walk to look for the books you like after eating Soba.
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