I’m not much of a bar-person, but if and when I do go for a drink, I love to come here. It’s simply the best brown café in Amsterdam. A little off the beaten track, in the middle of a residential neighborhood, you’d really have to go out of your way to come here. Nienke, the proprietress is what we call in Dutch “een topwijf ”. With her warm heart and no nonsense attitude she makes you feel right at home, whether you’re a regular and part of the bar’s furniture, or just pop in occasionally, just like myself.
Cafe L’affiche, Jacob van Lennepstraat 39hs, 1053 HB, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Current city: Amsterdam
Corriette Schoenaerts is an artist who works primarily with photography. She works in the fields of autonomous, fashion and commercial photography refusing to draw any finite distinctions between these fields.

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De School is my favorite spot in Amsterdam. It opened in January of 2016 on Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat. The place, which used to be a technical school, is more than a nightclub: it’s a restaurant, a café, an exhibition venue, a gym, and many more things. It's owned and run by Post CS BV — the same crew that ran Trouw and Club 11. The nightclub has a capacity of 700 people, and it's located in the institution's former bicycle storage area. The program focuses on local DJs, who are allowed to play extended sets, but international guests also regularly stop by. The ambiance there is so enchanting that it's hard for me to leave even when I can't feel my legs anymore. It's super dark, fog all over the place, super loud, flawlessly music and introspective humans dancing like there's no tomorrow. Who could ask for anything more?
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Unfortunately it’s not in Amsterdam but De Pont, museum of contemporary art is worth the 1,5 hour trip with the train. The building itself is beautiful, it’s a former wool mill but also there collection is worth seeing!
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My favourite and neighbourhood bookstore. With a good selection of books and a balanced selection of magazines. If possible I buy my books here. I want to support small business. 
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The Oostvaardersdijk is huge dike that protect the polder of Flevoland from being flooded. It's near the city of Almere that was founded in 1975 on the just recovered land of the Flevopolder. It is a great place to see the skyline of Amsterdam and look out over the Markermeer, the former Zuiderzee. When you turn around you can look down in the polder on an impressive group of modern windmills, in the distance you see the city of Almere. This is Holland at it's core: endless flats with the endless skies you know from Seventeenth century painting. You can drive the Oostvaardersdijk north to Lelystad and cross the lake to Enkhuizen and back to Amsterdam. On the way you drive past Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, a large area of marshes and wild land in the Flevopolder, where they introduced wild horses and prehistoric cattle.
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I love how small this place is, but it offers such amazing quality in cheeses, meats, wines, bread etc.  You can also have lunch here.  Definitely worth picking up fresh food here!
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