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Victoria Bee is an Image and props Maker. Specialized on crafted illustration, window display and stop-motion props. Originally from Belgium.
Current city: Berlin
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Victoria Bee is an Image and props Maker. Specialized on crafted illustration, window display and stop-motion props. Originally from Belgium.
A very nice little second-hand bookstore, including a shelve with international books in French, English, and Spanish too. Always nice people to meet and a great selection of art and cook books, for affordable prices.
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This museum of photography is really great, and the highlight for me after the inspiring exhibitions is the good coffee and great cakes at their coffee place. I find myself there almost every second week for a drink and a slice of cake. The food is perfect, the ambiance is nice and it's really alive as a lot of people are coming directly from the running exhibition. At the entrance you can find an interesting bookstore and the best photoautomat of the city right outside. Last but not least, it's only some meters from the Helmut Newton Fondation ( which doesn't have a nice coffee place itself yet ).
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A small but never-the-less great museum for photography-lovers. It’s there that I fell in love with dear Helmut. Mr. Newton was this man who loved women bodies, dramatic stagings, and his wife. An original who was down-to-earth and respectful despite living a glamorous life. After every visit I feel inspired, more confident and proud to be a woman and own my body. You will find at the Helmut Newton Fondation a collection of his photography work, personal belongings, and condolence letters wrote to his wife after he passed away. In addition of that, a space dedicated to June Newton’s work, a little cinema room as well as two temporary exhibitions for contemporary artists ( check website for more infos ). Helmut Newton will remain one of my human and artistic crush, I can only recommend to pay yourself a visit there to learn about his work, his life, his love. p.s.: and it’s some hundred meters only from the C/O Gallery.
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artist and art director
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Photographer living between Berlin and New York
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Born 1983 in Mainz (Germany), lives in Berlin (Germany). He was raised in Sao Paulo (Brasil) and Mainz (Germany). After finishing high school, he attended university. Initially studying architecture, he changed focus and ultimately completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2014 at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule and has since participated in several international shows. He has lived, travelled to and worked in South America, Europe, South East Asia, Western Africa and North America. Thomas Friedrich Schaefer had the opportunity to observe different social and familial environments within distinct communities. Since moving back to Germany, he has tried to assess his memories and his past within his images. He recently finished a long-term photographic project creating and documenting elaborately staged environments that play on the essence of fragmented childhood memories. The project required him to construct staged rooms using technical skills which he obtained early in his studies while studying architecture and engineering. Thomas continues to stage images in his studio in Berlin. His work includes hyper-realistic sets that provide the narrative framework to moments of interpersonal relationship. What seem like irrelevant and forgettable moments take on an importance and poignancy. 
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Hi I'm a stills and motion photographer living in Berlin Germany, but have worked for numerous clients, magazines and agencies on projects all around the world.  “Lars’ cinematic photographs follow a timeless aesthetic driven by his search for authenticity. With great practice and understanding of natural light he is looking for that magic moment that is able to touch our minds and hearts. This way Lars creates a broad spectrum of imagery depicting live in all different shades and colours. There is a naturalism in his visual reaction to people, situations or landscapes, which creates the certain strength and universal beauty of his evocative photography. Whether he is working on a large-scale commercial shoot, an intimate portrait session or a personal project, Lars is able to strip away the artificial, get close to the people and capture something real.”  (J.C.)
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Anna Cairns is a graphic designer based in Berlin, Germany, whose work focuses on print publications, type design, visual identities and web design and development. She also works as a translator in the fields of art and design.
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