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Victoria Bee is an Image and props Maker. Specialized on crafted illustration, window display and stop-motion props. Originally from Belgium.
Current city: Berlin
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Victoria Bee is an Image and props Maker. Specialized on crafted illustration, window display and stop-motion props. Originally from Belgium.
This museum of photography is really great, and the highlight for me after the inspiring exhibitions is the good coffee and great cakes at their coffee place. I find myself there almost every second week for a drink and a slice of cake. The food is perfect, the ambiance is nice and it's really alive as a lot of people are coming directly from the running exhibition. At the entrance you can find an interesting bookstore and the best photoautomat of the city right outside. Last but not least, it's only some meters from the Helmut Newton Fondation ( which doesn't have a nice coffee place itself yet ).
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A very nice little second-hand bookstore, including a shelve with international books in French, English, and Spanish too. Always nice people to meet and a great selection of art and cook books, for affordable prices.
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A small but never-the-less great museum for photography-lovers. It’s there that I fell in love with dear Helmut. Mr. Newton was this man who loved women bodies, dramatic stagings, and his wife. An original who was down-to-earth and respectful despite living a glamorous life. After every visit I feel inspired, more confident and proud to be a woman and own my body. You will find at the Helmut Newton Fondation a collection of his photography work, personal belongings, and condolence letters wrote to his wife after he passed away. In addition of that, a space dedicated to June Newton’s work, a little cinema room as well as two temporary exhibitions for contemporary artists ( check website for more infos ). Helmut Newton will remain one of my human and artistic crush, I can only recommend to pay yourself a visit there to learn about his work, his life, his love. p.s.: and it’s some hundred meters only from the C/O Gallery.
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Lisa Wassmann born and raised in WestBerlin, Germany in 1981, where she still lives and works. She has been a professional photographer for over six years. While during the last few years she traveled the globe for her photoshots, she now puts her focus on a new photographic project which contains her intimate personal view in and about the extremly fast changing city Berlin, which is beautiful and sad at the same time.
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I document with photo and filmcamera aspects of life in different appearance form. Based in Berlin and Zurich and on the move.
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Jen Osborne is a Canadian photographer whose work has been published and exhibited internationally. She was raised on Vancouver Island, in small-town Courtenay. Her career as a photographer was started by a yearlong work contract with Fabrica, the United COLORS of Benetton Research Centre, in 2008. Jennifer has an interest in portraying people who feel a need to escape. Jennifer has exhibited in group shows at various venues including: Arles 2010, Aperture Gallery, The Museum de l’Elysée, Studio La Città, Azzedine Alaïa, Art Basel Miami, Catalog Gallery and CarréRotondes. She was named one of Canada's top emerging photographers in both 2010 and 2011 by the Magenta Foundation. Jen is also a part of the ReGeneration2 book publication and traveling exhibition. In 2012, she was the recipient of the Pride Photo Award under the “Chameleons” category for her work in Vancouver, Canada, and she placed 2nd in Photovisa IV’s “The Face” competition. Jen currently resides in Berlin, Germany, where she continues to work as a freelance photographer and produces personal work.  
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