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Fashion designer Emilie Grubert graduated with a 1st class honors Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design Women’s Wear from Central Saint Martins in london 2008. She lives and work in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Current city: Copenhagen
Fashion designer Emilie Grubert graduated with a 1st class honors Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design Women’s Wear from Central Saint Martins in london 2008. She lives and work in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Assistens Cemetery is one of the only cemeteries in the center of Copenhagen and beside from being a beautiful calm place to hang out, sunbathing and having a picnic, it is the final resting place for many great people through times. H.C Andersen, Søren Kirkegaard, Niels Bohr, Henry Heerup is just a few of them.
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Cinemateket is a really amazing cinema. It doesn’t show any new releases, but always has an interesting program that takes starting point in either a period in the history of film, a director, an actor/actress or another theme.
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This bridge leads from the center to Christianshavn and Amager. Christianshavn is a really sweet and old area, with a canal with lots of boats, nice restaurants and cafes. Right next to Christianshavn is the Freetown Christiania.
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The Cinema Byen’s Lys in Christinia is the best cinema in town. A must see, but they are only open on Sundays at 20 o’clock and no-one knows what they will show, but no matter what, it is worth a visit. The cinema doesn’t have an address but its next to a café called Månefiskeren, and then ask from there.
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Designer at Makers With Agendas
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Anders Arhøj is an illustrator and product designer heading the Copenhagen based studio Arhøj, founded in 2005. The studio works on a myriad of projects from character design, interiors, fabric prints, publications to concept ideas and styling.
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CATHRINE RABEN DAVIDSEN Historical accounts, works of fiction and mythological material combined with personal memory often form the point of departure for the work of Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen. Her activities are characterized by a strong fascination with the material and the urge constantly to experiment with and explore different artistic techniques. From early on she has also drawn inspiration from the history of art and from a variety of textual references associated with Western and Eastern mythology and literature. The traditional hierarchies among art, artist-craftsmanship and design are negated in an artistic oeuvre that ranges wide from painting, drawing and ceramics to costumes and stage design. Cathrine Raben Davidsen (b. 1972) has exhibited widely in Denmark and abroad and is represented in several national and international art collections. Public collections include: SMK, The National Gallery of Denmark, Trapholt Museum of Modern Art, Applied Art, Design and Architecture, Horsens Art Museum and The New Carlsberg Foundation among others. She has created costumes and set design for The Royal Danish Ballet and has received numerous prestigious awards, grants and scholarships. She is educated in Italy, The Netherlands and in Denmark at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Copenhagen.
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Ture Andersen is a Danish photographer who works within the field of commercial and corporate photography for Danish and international companies.  I work with corporate communications, branding, exhibitions and interactive media. I help companies to create an effective and consistent visual communication rooted in the companies’ visual identity and strategy. I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but work globally. Recent projects have included assignments in the Arctic, reportage from gemstone mining in Sri Lanka and Madagascar, ship recycling in india, coffee production in Laos, as well as gem production in Thailand. I travel the world
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46 year old from Copenhagen. Travel and collector art from the world.
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