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Planten un Blomen, it's a beautiful botanical garden in Hamburg, Mitte. Lot of spots where to sit and watching quietly the nature as well as a lot of path to walk. The Japanese garden is a place must to see as well as the Glass House of the tropical pants.
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in Hamburg it's a must to find THE "hamburger". I suggest this nice place, Heimat Küche is the restaurant of 25h Hotel. from its window you have s great view of the HafenCity area and teh Elbe river. After lunch you can enjoy an long digestive walk on the new pedestrian area where you can spot, among the others, the magnificent Elbphilharmonie, 10 year to complete the construction of this beautiful building and almost €800 of costs.
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Museumscafé im Jenisch Haus: take a walk along the Elbe river, reach the Jenisch Park, at the middle of the green meadow you will see a white dice, that's the Jenisch House, stop by for a coffe or a tea and a slice of cake. Perfect place for a break with a sunny day even better with a rainy day. Close by there is the Ernst Barlach House, museum of the expressionist sculptor Ernst Barlach.
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The Wohnkultur66 showroom is located in the historical slaughterhouse in Hamburg Schanzenviertel. It's a furniture store specialized in Scandinavian design. One of the few places in the world where you can find some ebautiful pieces of Ib Kofod-Larsen, one of my favorite design master
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More People in Hamburg 12

Jon is an animation director and illustrator. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.
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Helena Ravenne is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Hamburg, Germany.  She studied Design in Nuremberg with the focus on Illustration.  Important ingredients and inspirations for her art she finds listening to music. She is also influenced by her work for different fashion brands, for example Acne Studio.  The Scandinavian simplicity is an important characteristic of her personal style and work.  Minimalism also shapes her lifestyle. Another source of inspiration is her home office, which she shares with different plants from all over the world.  Her work is available for sale in selected concept stores and online shops (www.monboy.co)  (https://theprintableconcept.com)
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Sarah Bernhard lives in Hamburg where she works as an account planner in an advertising agency and a free-time photographer. 2008 she graduated from university having received an M.A. with distinction in Political Science. From 2009 to 2010 she travelled several times to China, doing researches about the chinese civil society and photographing the everyday life in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu.
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Hey I am Vincent Schwenk. I am multidisciplinary designer focused on 3D Animation. Right now I am working in Hamburg as a Freelancer.
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Inga Wilkens (b. 1987) is a painter living and working between Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, Germany. Originally from a small artist village named Fischerhude in Northern Germany, art was all around her when she grew up. Fascinated from an early age by Impressionism and the aesthetic values of Zen, her intuitive use of color and arresting play with shadow strives for simplicity and lucidity. Her oil and acrylic paintings hover towards abstraction and minimalism, yet breathe the clean air and convey the meditative silence stemming from a deeply felt connection with nature. Her works evoke the earthliness of colors or the proximity of a clear night sky, a sense of freedom one only finds in the essence of things. Inga does not so much pre-compose her paintings; she rather creates them intuitively, as spontaneous reactions to the present moment. Her practice values process and embraces the chaotic, yet always maintains a compositional centeredness that never makes her works feel out of balance.
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