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I am an interior designer and ceramic artist based in Milan. I graduated with a degree in Art History from Goldsmiths’ College London. Photo credit Debora Mittelstaedt
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I am an interior designer and ceramic artist based in Milan. I graduated with a degree in Art History from Goldsmiths’ College London. Photo credit Debora Mittelstaedt
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It's a very laid back bar located in Chinatown, that serves also food. I have designed this bar with Roberto Marone, who is one of the owners and we took inspiration from our various travels. It's a very cozy, almost homely place and a perfect spot to hang out. 
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I am an art director and set designer. I believe that there is a strong correlation between the worlds of design, art and fashion. That in order for you to create innovative and lasting ideas you must approach projects with a fluid and artistic mindset, as opposed to a more strategic or business-minded thought process.
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Lisa Carletta is a Belgian Director and Photographer based in Milan. She completed a Master in Fine Art at Royal College of Art in 2017 where she developed digital work and 3D animation. Recurring themes in her work are often taken from her personal life, in which memories of her own experiences take a central role, revealing common human insecurities and anxieties.  Lisa’s work fabricates a fantasy world where nothing is what it seems. 
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Based in Milan, Italy, Emiliano Ponzi’s bold textured illustrations employ repetition, a judicious use of line, strong graphic compositions and the use of conceptual metaphors to define and communicate the concept at hand. His illustrations appear in advertising, magazines, books, newspapers and animation, for clients that include The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, Louis Vuitton, Moma NY, Cartier, Der Spiegel, Penguin Books, Hyundai, Esquire, and Amnesty International. Italian clients include Armani, Bulgari, Gucci, Martini,  La Repubblica, Feltrinelli, Lavazza, TIM, Pirelli, Ferrari and the Triennale Design Museum. Emiliano has received numerous honors including the Young Guns Award from the New York Art Directors Club and the coveted Gold Cube from The Art Directors Club of New York. He has won multiple medals of honor (gold and silver) from the Society of Illustrators New York, and award recognition from Society of Illustrators  Los Angeles and the 3×3 Magazine Pro show. Awards of excellence have appeared in Print, How International Design Award, Communication Arts Illustration Annuals and American Illustration Annuals. “10×10”, his first monograph (Italian-English edition), was published by Corraini (Italy) in 2011 and sold out of both first and second editions. His first picture book “The Journey of the Penguin” was published in fall 2015 by Penguin Books for it’s 80th anniversary. His second one “ The great New York subway map” will be published by the MOMA of New York next February 2018. He is considered one of the finest illustrators of his generation.
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Enrico Magistro, born in 1980, is the owner of Quadro together with his sister Elena. He studied Marketing and Graphic Design in Milan and London and has always worked in the plumbing market since her first steps in her father's company. In addition to brand management and communication, she deals with products and collaborates with designers to create increasingly solid and aesthetically functional collections.
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