Grand Central is big and beautiful and it also periodically hosts free cultural events - poets at typewriters custom-composing poems on demand - or Alvin Ailey dancers performing in Artist, Nick Cave’s horse suits!
Grand Central Station, 89 East 42nd Street, New York, United States
Current city: New York
Johanna Goodman is an Artist and Illustrator whose work seeks to explore a range of themes in popular culture including the role of the individual in fashion, in history, and in the artistic imagination. Her work draws its inspiration from Magical Realism, Surrealism, and Symbolism and references such cultural artifacts as talismans, idols, and totems. Goodman’s work can be seen on posters installed in Subway stations throughout NYC, on skateboards, magazine covers, textiles, ceramics and a gallery wall near you. Her work has been featured in Marie Claire in France, The Guardian in London, Farhenheit Magazine in Mexico, Ms. and Bust in the US and on design blogs like Trendland, Colossal, Vice’s The Creator’s Project, The Jealous Curator, and the Fox is Black.

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I LOVE going to the movies, so the concept of a dinner-movie theater is pretty darn dreamy. Nitehawk screens the best in independent film, both past and present. This includes a brunch film series; a “Lil Hawks” series (for smaller cinephiles); a “Midnite Movies” series, and more... What a thrill it is to see film classics up on the big screen that you may have missed on their first run. We’ve watched Woody Allen’s 1973 “Sleeper” while eating waffles and seen Buster Keaton’s silent film “The General” with a live band! In addition to their main menu and freshly popped-popcorn (but, of course!), Nitehawk’s staff always offers up a cocktail, main dish, and desert inspired by the flicks currently showing. Sadly their fish tacos, have disappeared from their main offerings, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they may read this and (please!!) bring them back.
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It starts when a friend implores you to eat downstairs at La Esquina, the subterranean brasserie branch of Derek Sanders's Mexican axis of Kenmare Street. The food’s cheaper and probably better at the walk-in-only cafe around the corner from the restaurant’s entrance—a door disguised by a taqueria counter and a sign that reads “Employees Only”—but there’s a certain category of New Yorker who thrives on having what others don’t. A reservationist will ask you if you’ve “dined with us before,” and in general, it takes knowing someone in the industry, smooth talking, or (velvet-rope flashback) looking good and confident at the door, to waltz in at prime time. The reward is dining in a Mexican dungeon as styled for a Vogue shoot, complete with metalwork, distressed stone walls, and water dripping on the back of your neck (though the owners can probably thank the air conditioner for the added atmospherics). Making up the grinning crowd at secluded booths and in private cells (?): a healthy mix of models, cougars, and maybe John Mayer picking his way through red snapper ceviche, cauliflower and avocado taquitos, grilled octopus tostados, or a plate of tuna tartare with a tamarind glaze. If the food sounds light, you’re right; it’s playing to the delicious crowd.  This is, what "The New Yorker" wrote about this fantastic place!
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At independent record label RVNG’s Commend Records you can shop for vinyl from artists like….along with an eclectic mix of clothing, ceramics, and more.
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Its quite a trip out there but so very worth it if you wanna have the very special beach-experience! You can go there by car and then take the ferry either to Pines or Cherry Grove (I would prefer Pines!) or you do all by public transportation - there a "getaway tickes" for 36Dollars and the transfer works really smooth - may even be faster than by car!
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It's hard describe the experience of walking across a bridge in New York, but let's say, people wise, it's where you are likely to see a jogging hasidic woman pushing a baby carriage trying to avoid being run over by a fixed gear bicyclist barreling down at 60MPH.
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