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Hey ho, my name is Jo.  I’m an illustrator based in Wroclaw, Poland, collaborating with the clients around the world, such as The Guardian, ELLE Italia or Opéra National de Paris. Can’t live without traveling, palm trees and prosecco.
Current city: Wrocław
Hey ho, my name is Jo.  I’m an illustrator based in Wroclaw, Poland, collaborating with the clients around the world, such as The Guardian, ELLE Italia or Opéra National de Paris. Can’t live without traveling, palm trees and prosecco.
One of the most magical places in Wroclaw, just two steps from my studio. Small park in the very centre of the city, quiet and full of greenery. Beautiful in every season and every weather. The old-fashioned merry-go-round reminds me of Paris. Can't imagine my Wroclaw without that spot.
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"Karawan" means "a hearse" in Polish. And sw. Antoniego street used to be full of funeral parlours. Got it? Now the area is full of great cafes and bars and this one is unique. Good wine and good atmosphere. Makes you feel like in Berlin. Boo!
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Posted by Joanna Gniady
After long hours at Reina Sofia museum time for going to Outer Space. It's called NuBel and it makes you wonderfully dizzy. Or, better, go there just before the museum - drink some wine and go to admire Guernica in 3D.
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Reina Sofia museum is always a good idea. And it's never enough of Picasso's Guernica as well as the other modern art gems. Save some hours for visiting and then look round the corner and have some wine at NuBel.
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Rooftop party with such a view. Should I add anything more?
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Spanish artist Jaime Hayon is sometimes called Almodóvar of design. So if you like "Kika", colours, Spanish culture and dreamy aestetics, you must visit Barceló Torre de Madrid and stay there for a night or just have a drink in a golden bar.
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One of the best falafels in the city. And really cool interior, just look at that chandelier. Perfect place for Saturday lunch.
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Posted by Joanna Gniady
Well, it was my long-hidden secret but I will share it with you. Cobra - that's a place! Think twice before you go there because you'll come for a coffee and will stay forever. Phantasmagorical in every way.
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Among numerous art galleries in Paris, this one is seriously worth visiting. Very inspiring place with lots of great exhibitions. Yes, too much coolness and beauty in Marais can make you dizzy, but we like it, don't we?
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It's always good to check out what's happening in Fondation Cartier. They have lots of really good exhibitions of modern art, and the gallery itself is very beautiful. Perfect for seeing works you already know as well as discovering new artists and inspirations.
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Picasso + an awesome view - it will make you jump with joy. One can see lots of "Picassos" everywhere but to see what he created in Antibes, you must come to Antibes. Happy fauns, smiling squares and lots of really cool paintings, drawings and pottery - a truly unique experience.
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Paradise for all Henri Matisse admirers and everybody interested in art. Great museum, situated in a beautiful seventeenth-century villa, full of paintings, drawings, sculptures and even almost 200 objects that belonged to the painter. So inspiring!!
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My favourite café in Florence, where you can not only drink coffee (if you lucky enough, you'll get it in ToiletPaper mug), but also buy some designer objects (including ToiletPaper gems) or flowers and plants, and, in the evening, listen to live piano music, sitting at the loooong wooden table. Everything five minutes from the Santa Maria del Fiore.
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Naoshima is one of the most breathtaking places I've ever visited. It's an art island, full of wonderful museums and art objects immersed in stunning, calm and paradise-like nature. Rent a bike and enjoy all that beauty. If you are Yayoi Kusama's or Tadao Ando's fan, you know what I mean.
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Located inside the Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theater, a well-known hub of traditional Japanese culture, the Forever Museum of Contemporary Art, Gion-Kyoto (FMOCA) is a place that moves all your senses. Walking barefoot on tatami (smelling really good) you are in the middle of a world where time both stops and rushes into the future. Old Japanese theatre (with the beautiful stage) and modern art - isn't it a dreamy combination? I was lucky enough to see Yayoi Kusama's amazing exhibition there that lasts till the end of February 2019 (be quick!). What is more, the museum has a lovely garden that you can contemplate either from the inside or from the outside, with a red umbrella. Ah, what a place!
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If you have that famous I-see-faces-everywhere thing, look twice. The Face House really exists in Kyoto, created by Kazumasa Yamashita in 1973-1974. Don't miss it - it's something really faceinating!
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I'm a British animator and illustrator currently living and working in Hastings UK. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2014, I have enjoyed much success with my films screening worldwide at festivals including official selection for SXSW, Tribeca, Annecy Festival, LIAF, MONSTRA, and Rooftop Films. Hastings is an inspiring and wonderful city to live in. I never know what I'm going to find there next...
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Straight from the 'Wild West' of the Netherlands Joren Joshua (1990) serves his pertly and playful illustrations for the cool. In graphic balanced settings lanky characters pass by to reflect on daily life, in a humorous way. Strongly influenced by graffiti and printing techniques Joren tries to make his mark on commercial and personal projects. Doesn't matter what form or scale.
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Tabitha is a Berlin-based designer with a background in fine arts, design, fashion, and marketing. Drawing from the cumulation of her experiences, she's learned to approach art with a critical eye and find beauty in the simple and seemingly mundane.
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creative, crossover between art and design
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Claudia’s work is based on her personal experience as a heterosexual woman in modern world dating, and her view on female sexuality along with humour and sarcasm. Behind her colourful cartoon-based images, there is always a simple message or a lighthearted joke. The caption is a very important element to the imagery because she believes a piece of good work is not only visually interesting, but it also needs to serve a purpose.
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