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Peter Schäfer is a Designer from Germany, who currently lives in Paris. A city like a tight, snobby sinkhole with an ancient absorbing charm of generations of legendary artists, energetic places, fantastic Pain au chocolat and fashion.
Current city: Paris
Peter Schäfer is a Designer from Germany, who currently lives in Paris. A city like a tight, snobby sinkhole with an ancient absorbing charm of generations of legendary artists, energetic places, fantastic Pain au chocolat and fashion.
A quite special museum and soulfood in the 9th arrondissement packed with Moreau's work, who established and decorated it himself, so that his works could be gathered and displayed the way he wanted. He lived and worked there all his life long, and was ready in 1896… Two years later he died at the age of 72.
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A small market open Tuesday to Saturday in a beautiful hall at 39, rue de Bretagne in the 3rd arrondissement. People come here for lunch as much as for shopping. It is the oldest market in Paris and it takes its name from an orphanage, established in the sixteenth century, who collected the lost children and wore red. Especially the Japanese cookshop and the Cous-Cous are worth going there.
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You enter La Fidelity and will find a very classic Parisian Brasserie, probably almost empty. Maybe one or two people at the bar. In the middle of this place you will find the stairs that go down to the cave. Have fun!
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A Place/Shop/Studio/Universe in the 3rd arrondissement. BLESS was founded 1997 by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss. It is a project that presents ideal and artistic values by products to the public and it is my current working place.
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Scénographe Set Designer & Prop Stylist Experte  "tendance déco" sur TEVA Déco
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Paris-based artist Cassandre Montoriol’s traditional gouache drawings are the toast of the fashion publishing world. Her expressive, hand-drawn aesthetic is reminiscent of travel diaries, fashion illustration and textile design, which is perhaps why her feminine style is so often commissioned within the glossy pages of high-end fashion magazines. Recently Cassandre has been illustrating leafy city scenes and the interiors of shops from tiny, cluttered bookstores to towering, gleaming malls. “I make colourful and figurative work, Cassandre says. “Interior scenes, nature, landscape and people.” bio @Agent Pekka  photo @Jean-marc Pau
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Clo’e Floirat is an author and illustrator. She began her rigorous training in New York, fleetingly leaving France to then attend the Design Academies of Reims and Eindhoven, Netherlands. This led her to Berlin, working with architects specializing in art spaces for another five years. From working with Robert Wilson as well as Rufus Wainwright in New York for several years, her interests have recently culminated in her graduation from the new master in Critical Writing in Art at the Royal College of Art, London. She has become known for her signature drawings - a combination of drawing and writing with a critical orientation, into what she calls drawing Crit’writing - that cast a critical, humorous and refreshing look on the world of contemporary art. Clo’e is a regular contributor to various publications, e.g., art press, Frieze, Intramuros, l’Officiel Art and the World of Interiors. She is a special guest at Monumenta - Grand Palais in Paris since 2011, where she draws and writes along side major contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Daniel Buren, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. More recently Art Brussels has invited her for a live critical drawing installation on the walls of the art fair. In 2016 Kamel Mennour feat. Clo'e Floirat. A unique collaboration to take a closer look at his 2016 gallery program resulting in a solo exhibition at Kamel Mennour gallery - rue Saint André des Arts Paris 7ème. In March 2016, Clo’e released her first book Pas mal pour de l’art with Marabout editions - Marabulles. This new publication constitutes a unique portrait of gallery and museum-goers, drawn with humor and perceptiveness. Selected clients: Colette, Hermès, Illycaffè, La Ville de Paris, Pierre Hermé, SNCF, MAH!, Emeco, Ketel One, Droog Design. Selected publishers: art press, Marabout, Gallimard, Frieze, Designo, Intramuros, l’Officiel Art, the World of Interiors, Eyrolles.
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I'm a director from New Jersey bouncing between Paris and LA. NY is still my favorite though :p
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