The majority of creative agencies in Paris are located along Canal Saint Martin so everyday the banks of the canal are full of artists and creative people enjoying their lunch break. If one is lucky enough to be around the canal on a sunny day its the best place to enjoy a drink.
Canal Saint Martin, Quai de Valmy, Paris, France
Current city: Paris
Theo Gennitsakis is a Paris based illustrator and art director, two years ago he founded his own agency La Surprise. Theo has worked for major brands such as Nike, Hermes, Adidas, Chanel and Motorola to name a few. His main inspiration are girls as he think they are the most beautiful thing in the world.

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Opened in 2011 by the people at Magnum Photo Agency (their Paris bureau is a few streets away), Le Bal is an institutional exhibition space dedicated to the documentary image. For the most part that means lots of photography exhibits but they like to mix up the shows with videos and especially books. They hold conferences with a great line-up of guest speakers and screen documentaries and other films at the nearby Cinéma de Cinéastes. Be sure to check out the bookshop where you can browse through their connoisseur’s collection of high-end photo books and limited edition zines. Le Bal Café is a great place to meet friends for a quick drink or sit down and taste Anna and Alice’s Anglo-French cuisine. And if you’re wondering why it’s called Le Bal, the space was once a dance hall cum brothel in the roaring ‘20s.
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Posted by Tom Moglu
There's a few secondhand clothes stores in Paris, but always immaculately selected, expensive and fashionable. Guerrisol however is a huge, dirt cheap jumble sale. Stock seems to rotate daily in each of their four stores, and prices fluctuate on the hour. Sifting through endless rails of synthetic jackets at €3 can suddenly reveal a hidden gem.
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62m2 phosphorescente painting on concrete in the hall of a building in the 18 arrondissement, Metro Stalingrad. You can see it from the street. I made it with the architect Takami Nakamoto, discover more over here
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Posted by Candice Milon
Two wellknown japanese cafeteria, close to the Louvre and the Palais Royal. Gyoza and Lamen served all day long. The one Rue St Anne is more traditionnal, chiefs are cooking in front of you. Often packed, in case there is a long waiting line, go to the one Rue St Honoré, you will eat the same!
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Paris, unlike London, Brooklyn and err Chester, isn’t famed for its zoo. That’s because there isn’t anything quite as big here, but if its quality as opposed to size you’re looking for then the zoo in the Jardin des Plantes won’t leave you disappointed. There are about 1800 animals here, a third of which are endangered species, like the Amur leopard, pictured. The reptile house has big snakes and snap-happy crocodiles. There are even kangaroos and some other animals you wouldn’t have thought hardy enough to adapt to the cold chill of the Paris winters. The only drawback is the monkey house, which is a rather forlorn place with depressed-looking chimpanzees and gorillas gazing through shit-stained glass cages.
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