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Kyle Pellet is an artist and illustrator who was born, raised, and currently resides in San Jose, California. He spends his time preparing to be humiliated, creating things he hopes to God are of value to somebody other than himself, asking questions that probably have no answers, and feeling bad for his shortcomings.
Current city: San Jose
Kyle Pellet is an artist and illustrator who was born, raised, and currently resides in San Jose, California. He spends his time preparing to be humiliated, creating things he hopes to God are of value to somebody other than himself, asking questions that probably have no answers, and feeling bad for his shortcomings.
Rollo’s is a block away from the house my mom grew up in. I don’t know how old it is, but it’s been there longer than I’ve been around. That neighborhood looks almost exactly as I remember it looking 20 years ago. I like that. They make blueberry donuts better than any place I’ve found.
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Posted by Kyle Pellet
I don’t think I’ve tasted a better donut than those made at Stan’s. Aside from the top-notch donut quality, the shop itself is beautiful – it looks like an old-fashioned diner that hasn’t renovated or updated anything since 1983. There’s a photo of the guy from Smashmouth on the wall, and I don’t know why. Unfortunately, the woman inside said I couldn’t take any pictures of the inside of the shop.
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O’Henry’s is about half a mile from where I grew up. It’s located right across from what used to be a huge IBM plant (a space now occupied by a huge Hitachi plant and a half-assed strip mall). Everbody I grew up with would agree this is the best donut shop around. O’Henry’s has the best glazed donuts around, which taste blissful if you get them early in the morning (6am-7am).
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The donuts at Donut Wheel are always excellent, but the best thing about this place is that it’s open 24 hours, and is relatively safe. Most other 24-hour joints are in sketchy neighborhoods. I like to get a buttermilk donut and a cup of coffee, then paint all night long on one of their wobbly tables. Some of the best painting sessions I can remember have been at the Wheel.
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Posted by Kyle Pellet
Manley’s has good donuts, the couple that run the shop are real nice, it’s open until mid-afternoon, and it’s very low key. You can get a crumb donut, a cup of coffee, then sit and let your mind clear on a Sunday morning if you wanted. It’s also soothing to watch all of the old people come in, read their newspaper, and grumble to themselves.
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La relación de Lola Giardino con la cerámica empezó en 2011, como medida para alejarse un poco del ordenador y encontrar en otros formatos una oportunidad para dar forma a sus creaciones. Después de probar distintas opciones, se enamoró de los materiales y la técnica, tanto que, un año más tarde, creó su propia marca: NonaBruna, gracias a la cual, disfruta de la imperfección haciendo piezas únicas con sus propias manos. Sus piezas se venden online en su página web y han salido en publicaciones internacionales como Vogue, Time Out, Freunde von Freunden y Kinfolk, entre otras. Además del espacio que le sirve para crear, NonaBruna también es el lugar desde el que Lola invita a todos a ‘Jugar con barro’, un taller para explorar la creatividad y materializarla. Lola se define como multifacética porque le resulta imposible quedarse con una sola etiqueta: es diseñadora, ceramista, fotógrafa, directora de arte, web designer, cocinera, coach y emprendedora. Y como parte de este concepto, es también es fundadora del Laboratorio Creativo.
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Romina De Novellis is a performance artist, born in Naples, grown-up in Rome, lives and works in Paris since 2008. Her work is represented by Galerie Alberta Pane (Paris/Venice), Kreemart (NYC), D.A.F.NA. (Naples).
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Cécile Giovannini is an Swiss-Italian artist living in the swiss Alpin region of Wallis, Switzerland. She’s working in the medium of painting, illustration and comics using chromatic narration. Her pictural work as been shown in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Tunisia. In 2013 she is a prize-winner of the price young Swiss artists. She worked for numerous customers in the middle of the music, fashion or edition. 
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Linda Bujoli lives and works in Paris Photographer and visual artist, Linda Bujoli studies light and its many variations. Through photography, she captures light’s broad range of effects to visually sculpt a body, a face or an object. She endeavors to construct aesthetic domains in which disciplines are combined to form a single, collective dimension. Driven by the desire to touch all five senses, Linda Bujoli conceived of and produced LAND ME, a multi-sensory work incorporating music, image and sculpture, in collaboration with the musical group AIR. This prior project, exhibited at Espace ArtStudioK, the Parcours Saint-Germain and Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille, now finds its natural extension in the artist’s current work. Playing with the technical processes of the photographic apparatus, Linda Bujoli delivers pictorial intention that manifests itself through chromatic variations, visible vibrations, luminescent traces and evanescent impressions – resulting in a veritable “writing of light”. Having been invited by the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) to create a livre-objet commemorating Michel Drucker’s 50 years of television, Linda Bujoli now presents to you CALL TO LIGHT, an artistic display that showcases the very essence of photography.
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Carolin Wanitzek is an independent scenographer and set designer from Germany. She designs three dimensional installations using various materials. Working in the field of scenography she blends graphic design, set design and photography to develop concepts for extraordinary worlds. Her work is published in digital media, magazines and catalogues. She also constructs designobjects which appears in interior design and public places. Currently she is working for national and international clients like Hewlett-Packard, Vodafone, Spiegel Verlag and the BASF and is partner at OUI R Creative Studio.
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