The Palmenhaus is located in the gardens of Schloss Schönbrunn. One hundred and thirteen meters long and 28 meters high, it features a central and two lateral pavilions. Each of the three pavilions has another climate and is filled with botanical treasures from all over the world.
Palmenhaus, Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria
Current city: Vienna
Francesco Ciccolella is an illustrator based in Vienna, Austria.

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Vienna has three mountains, “house-mountains” as we call them in german, in fact they are more like 3 connected hills that house the famous viennese vinyards, beautiful forests for scary winter midnight visits and restaurants for autumn walks. one can find cheap wine and great traditional food in the green. for me and my friends, taking the bus from the city to go up there has become a ritual in a way, a symbolic voyage to clear our head up there in the fresh air while watching vienna from above. the names are Kahlenberg, Cobenzl and Leopoldsberg. The bus 38A accesses them all, (start from station Schottentor) in summer picnic is a good idea. if you happen to have a car or take a cab at night, the stars are bright from any meadow and you can watch and listen to the city youth drift in their cars on the big public parking space.
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The edges of Vienna are striped with forested roads that canopy villas between the trees. One such 'mini palais' belonged to the famous Austrian architect and urban planner, Otto Wagner. To know Vienna, is to recognize the hand of Otto Wagner virtually everywhere in the city. His own self designed family residence would perhaps have been demolished or forgotten had it not been acquired from certain desertion by the artist Ernst Fuchs in 1972. Now pause, and imagine what would happen if a renowned founder of the Viennese school of Fantastic Realism happened to possess such a historical Jugendstil gem; and then decided to outfit it completely with his own imagination, while still maintaining the original visual emotion of the late 19th century. That is The Ernst Fuchs Museum. Even from the street, beneath its' awning of green, the bombastic entrance demands more than a glance. The interior is no less nor different. (The place is so trippy that even my tripped out kids tripped out in the most beautiful way). It's a haze of opulent romanticism married to parasomnia and aesthetic wonder. Simply put, it's a dream.
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An art space as an alter ego of a yoga studio in an inconspicuous apartment block next to The Donau river. Sophisticated architectural resolution in concrete and wood encourages this unusual symbiosis as does the curator Flora Peyrer-Heimstätt’s relentless site-specific approach and attention to detail.
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This thermal bath is located a bit outside of vienna but you can find a train to get there and its well worth it. there is 5 different basins, the one pictured being called forest-basin. There is no chlorid in any of them, the architechture of the entrance and the grand basin is amazing and you can see a most peculiar rest of a fomally rich culture of bathing traditions: cabins, that are permanently rent to guests that spend most of their summer there within the bath’s area. While you swim and dry you will walk by a family having their lunch in one of these 25 square meter universes, or watch men playing cards on the balconies, before taking another swim. The pools are located on different niveaus and you will have to find your way through a pretty little forest to reach some of them.
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The Kunsthistorisches Museum is Austria’s largest art museum. Its picture gallery houses the collections of the Habsburgs. There’s everything from Brueghel to Velásquez and Vermeer to Caravaggio. I especially recommend getting lost in the Egyptian and Near Eastern collection though.
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