The Palmenhaus is located in the gardens of Schloss Schönbrunn. One hundred and thirteen meters long and 28 meters high, it features a central and two lateral pavilions. Each of the three pavilions has another climate and is filled with botanical treasures from all over the world.
Palmenhaus, Schloss Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria
Current city: Vienna
Francesco Ciccolella is an illustrator based in Vienna, Austria.

More Places in Vienna 21

Tenderly covered in snow is oskar kokoschka, the artist that gives name to the square from which you enter the university, it is not out of patriotisme or for promotion that I list this institution here, but for viennas art and creative scene this is a center in its own rights. You can come and visit one of the many different applied art classes, with a little self esteem use most of the facilities, drink a coffe that is cheap and surprisingly good in the mensa or get yourself the cheapest automat-can beer for 90 cents. There are various talks in english if you look for them and in summer there is a good chance you will find a barbecue party in the garden or a film screening. If none of this is the case, there is always a chance to meet people, find a gallery to go to at night, or a room to rent. the library and the magazine reading room are free and well equipped with a great selection of avantgarde cinema, that can be watched on computers.
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The „Kirche am Steinhof“  church is located off the beaten tourist path in the 14th district in the Steinhof Psychiatric Hospital (yes, you heard it right). The interior of the church is beautiful and designed to the tiniest detail by the famous Jugendstil architect Otto Wagner. He used new construction techniques and combined them with the necessities of the patients. For example the seating was designed so that there were no sharp edges.  The bus 48A takes you there directly.
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This tiny family-run Japanese restaurant right at the Naschmarket serves great authentic Japanese food. No matter which dish I tried, I loved every single one of them. Plan a little waiting time, they have only 6-9 seats, but it’s worth the wait.  By the way, take a look at the building, it’s the famous Majolica House by the famous Jugendstil architect Otto Wagner.
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One of the biggest parks in the inner city. When I was small, everyone would tell me never to go there, for it was considered the drugs-park of vienna. growing up I realised that it was mere exageration and this beautiful park became my favourite. there is the vienna river running right next to it, for sure it is not the cleanest, but for me it gives an amazing element of urbanity to the whole area. The river is loosing itself in a dark viaduct-like opening, and saga has it that in this tunnels at other times rave partys would take place. the park itself is beautiful, sourrounded by the city, with the fabulously hideous hotel intercontinental building, and the marble statues leading along the river, that changes it size seemingly daily, according to the weather, next to it you find one of vienna’s most beautiful cinemas, the gartenbaukino, as well as nice cafes, my favorite being the “das kleine cafe”. a wonderful experience is limited to summertime and made me often take the long way round when returning late night: you will find yourself in the middle of all kinds of animals lively running about, 5 hedgehogs, 7 rats, 12 ducks, one badger, mice and a heron. I love to find them there crossing the park.
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The Donaukanal is a regulated water channel running through Vienna. During summertime the canal banks are filled with after-workers, creatives and party people strolling up- or downstream or grabbing a drink at one of the many bars.
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