It is in the city centre. This former navy area is now partly open for the public. In summer you can swim in the canal there and have a great view on old Amsterdam, the Scheepvaartmuseum and the dead heart centre of Amsterdam. I like it most in winter, silent, grey, a place to mesmorize, walk alone around, meet a local who is walking his dog, than and have a coffee in pension Homeland, the restaurant hotel there. In central Amsterdam the space is rare, and what is there is overrun with tourists and full of local traffic, the trams, a million bikes, cars and pedestrians. That is why I like this place so much, super quiet space in the centre of Amsterdam.
Marineterrein Amsterdam, 5 Kattenburgerstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Current city: Amsterdam
Waste Textiles Artist. Femke van Gemert, 1969 After a career in commercial fashion Femke decided to change the way to create things. Now she designs wall hangings and rugs that are unique, handmade and fully sustainable. By focussing on a single colour she re-uses textiles in abstract works. The beauty of imperfection and deterioration over time are always visible in her creations. The composition she creates radiates a certain mood or longing laden with fragments of the former characteristics of the used textile pieces. In the creation process Femke thinks about certain societal or environmental issues, these are reflected in the titles. In commissioned work clients can donate their own discarded textiles. This improves the personal involvement the owner has with the piece of art. This way Femke wants to revaluate textile waste that is omnipresent in our fast consuming society. The wall hangings improve acoustics and are suitable for homes, offices and public buildings. The love for textiles combined with the urge to explore the possibilities of discarded fabrics form a long lasting source of inspiration and a way to express opinions in Femke van Gemert’s life.

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Just a fantastic spot on the edge of the city. Its connection of the Amsterdam-Rijn Canal to the IJ, Amsterdam’s big open water, that was once part of the North Sea, but now dammed in by the Dutch. Sometimes it’s just a relief to leave the prettiness and the cuteness of the Amsterdam canals behind and experience some space. Few people come out here and in summertime it’s just a delightful spot to have a picnic and watch the boats come in.
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We love having ramen here - it's a beautiful space, feels a bit like being back in NYC, and the food is incredible. There are two locations, the one in De Pijp is bigger, so easier to get a table, but the other location is very cosy, so get there early if you go to that location.
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Ex theatre, ex d.i.y squat exhibition space, the W139 has now evolved into an official playground for contemporary art. Most works are made site specifically and are not for sale. This creates an exciting platform for experimentation. This gigantic space; absurd oasis in the middle of the invasion of sex toys, plastic pizzas & weed souvenirs of the Red Light District, is a must see. The openings are legendary and gather all the art kids in town. I use to work here as a host, as a barman, and I even designed their invitations from 2007 to 2008. All of my friends work or exhibited here, and it's one of my regular stops when biking around.
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Eclectic brewery for IPA's, music and art.
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