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Alex Labriola is the founder of Al Stampa, a creative studio that specializes in branding, illustration, and letterpress.
Current city: Amsterdam
Alex Labriola is the founder of Al Stampa, a creative studio that specializes in branding, illustration, and letterpress.
I love how small this place is, but it offers such amazing quality in cheeses, meats, wines, bread etc.  You can also have lunch here.  Definitely worth picking up fresh food here!
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Mussels, french fries and gin & tonics... need I say more?
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A tiny record shop that has all the character you'd want.  They also sell produce out front which gives it even more character. 
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A beautiful museum, outside of Amsterdam, surrounded by nature.
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Best brunch I've had in Amsterdam :) Love their bloody mary, and negroni.  Also great for dinner! It's owned and run by Australians so it's super laid back and beautifully designed.
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We love having ramen here - it's a beautiful space, feels a bit like being back in NYC, and the food is incredible. There are two locations, the one in De Pijp is bigger, so easier to get a table, but the other location is very cosy, so get there early if you go to that location.
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Posted by Alex Labriola
One of the best dinners you'll have in Amsterdam! The wine and ambiance are amazing - get the small rotisserie chicken, what they are known for!
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To get out of the hustle of the city, my husband and I love to bike down to Amsterdam's Forest to see the goat farm, or picnic in the sun.  There are also little spots to swim :)
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Owned by Thomas Gravemaker, this letterpress studio is something to see! You can book a class there, or purchase prints.  I personally print my own jobs here with a studio pass :)
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Open Monday mornings and Saturdays all day, there's always something to find at this market.  Lots of vintage items, the most gorgeous florals, and fresh food for making an amazing dinner that night.
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Illustrator from Amsterdam.
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Amsterdam based illustrator Sue Doeksen (1982) creates worlds that are overpopulated with bright colors, friendly shapes, layered or light concepts and hidden jokes. Mediums ranging from physical, digital, pencil-drawn, paper-cut, and animated. Juggling commercial and personal project balls she is often overwhelmed because there are so many visual adventures to be made at the same time and therefore wishes there were just many more hours in a day.
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Hi! my name is Daniela. I'm a director and animator specialised in stop motion animation. Apart from my work at BLND I use to collaborate individually with other production companies in a more technical way. After all, my favourite part of the stop motion process is working with my hands on the making.
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Fatti Burke is an award winning children's book illustrator from Ireland, currently living in Amsterdam. She has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2013 in the editorial, publishing and advertising fields. Her work revolves around the things she loves – food, home, memes, animals and tradition.  Her first three books that she created with her father, Irelandopedia (2015), Historopedia (2016) and Foclóiropedia (2017), were bestsellers in Ireland. She is currently working on upcoming non-fiction children's books with Penguin Random House, Bloomsbury, Gill Books and Nosy Crow.  Represented by Art Associates Amsterdam
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Hi! I'm a creative, based in Amsterdam. I Love to introduce you to my city : )
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