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Alex Labriola is the founder of Al Stampa, a creative studio that specializes in branding, illustration, and letterpress.
Current city: Amsterdam
Alex Labriola is the founder of Al Stampa, a creative studio that specializes in branding, illustration, and letterpress.
I love how small this place is, but it offers such amazing quality in cheeses, meats, wines, bread etc.  You can also have lunch here.  Definitely worth picking up fresh food here!
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Mussels, french fries and gin & tonics... need I say more?
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A tiny record shop that has all the character you'd want.  They also sell produce out front which gives it even more character. 
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A beautiful museum, outside of Amsterdam, surrounded by nature.
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Best brunch I've had in Amsterdam :) Love their bloody mary, and negroni.  Also great for dinner! It's owned and run by Australians so it's super laid back and beautifully designed.
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We love having ramen here - it's a beautiful space, feels a bit like being back in NYC, and the food is incredible. There are two locations, the one in De Pijp is bigger, so easier to get a table, but the other location is very cosy, so get there early if you go to that location.
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Posted by Alex Labriola
One of the best dinners you'll have in Amsterdam! The wine and ambiance are amazing - get the small rotisserie chicken, what they are known for!
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To get out of the hustle of the city, my husband and I love to bike down to Amsterdam's Forest to see the goat farm, or picnic in the sun.  There are also little spots to swim :)
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Owned by Thomas Gravemaker, this letterpress studio is something to see! You can book a class there, or purchase prints.  I personally print my own jobs here with a studio pass :)
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Open Monday mornings and Saturdays all day, there's always something to find at this market.  Lots of vintage items, the most gorgeous florals, and fresh food for making an amazing dinner that night.
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My works can be described as ‘post-graffiti art’. The approach, attitude and application of my designs are heavily influenced by graffiti and street art. I am fascinated by today’s zeitgeist but am also critical about it. Street art is an art movement in which many inspiring things are happening and where I feel at home. With a spray I can visually express what I cannot do with a pencil. However, I would like to go deeper than the sometimes superficial appearance of graffiti and street art and highlight those aspects that make the viewer think. I would like to express my thoughts visually, either in a clear statement or in an experiment with a still unknown outcome, which can lead to something new.
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I am a graphic designer and DJ from Buenos Aires, now living in Amsterdam. I run an independent design studio called Format Wars.
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Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen is a partner at Halal and head of the documentary film department, Halal Docs. Halal is an established Amsterdam based film production company & photography agency with a big creative team, connected to people and networks all across the world
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Waste Textiles Artist. Femke van Gemert, 1969 After a career in commercial fashion Femke decided to change the way to create things. Now she designs wall hangings and rugs that are unique, handmade and fully sustainable. By focussing on a single colour she re-uses textiles in abstract works. The beauty of imperfection and deterioration over time are always visible in her creations. The composition she creates radiates a certain mood or longing laden with fragments of the former characteristics of the used textile pieces. In the creation process Femke thinks about certain societal or environmental issues, these are reflected in the titles. In commissioned work clients can donate their own discarded textiles. This improves the personal involvement the owner has with the piece of art. This way Femke wants to revaluate textile waste that is omnipresent in our fast consuming society. The wall hangings improve acoustics and are suitable for homes, offices and public buildings. The love for textiles combined with the urge to explore the possibilities of discarded fabrics form a long lasting source of inspiration and a way to express opinions in Femke van Gemert’s life.
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